Mermaids Millions

Released in 2008, Mermaids Millions stood as one of the most popular titles from Microgaming alongside “Tomb Raider” and the legendary “Thunderstruck” for years. Now, with its theme of underwater adventures and mythical mermaids, the game does feel a little dated, but there’s no arguing its rich impact on the slot industry or its gaming history.

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 jackpot Largest paid jackpot:$37,500
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 payout Average payout:96.56%
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 jackpot range Current jackpot range: $37,500
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About Mermaids Millions

Introduced way back in 2008, Mermaids Millions instantly rose to fame as one of the more popular slots offered by Microgaming. 

The already well-respected gaming provider had cemented its place in history with its launch of arguably the most important video slots of all time in Thunderstruck. But just 4 years later, Mermaids Millions and sister slot Tomb Raider: Secret of the Sword slot were shown to the world. 

Although it received praise at the time, Mermaids Millions hasn’t aged particularly well and although nostalgia may still ooze its way out of the slot, it’s the Lara Croft-based game that takes the crown of the era. 

How to play Mermaids Millions

If you’ve not played online slots before, or are simply more comfortable with some of the newer titles available from game providers, it may not be the easiest to get acquainted with Mermaids Millions. 

Actually, even a dog could likely learn online slots with enough time and treats. Nevertheless, even with a historic game, it may be useful to quickly cover the basics for those less experienced gamers, because there’s nothing worse than entering a flashy money-sucker with no idea how it works. 

Betting options 

The first thing that players are going to want to learn is the betting options that are typically found in any online slot, not just Mermaids Millions: 

  • +/-: Allows the player to choose a coin size
  • Select Lines: Allows the player to choose the number of paylines selected
  • Select Coins: Allows the player to alter the number of coins wagered
  • Spin: Allows the player to start the game at the chosen wager
  • Auto Play: Allows the player to spin the reels for a predetermined number of times without interruptions
  • Bet Max: Allows the player to spin the reels at the maximum wager permitted
  • Gamble: Allows the player to start the gamble round
  • Collect: Allows the player to collect their winnings

As with most things in life, nothing quite compares to learning with experience in the game and that’s exactly what we recommend players do to pick up online slots. 

We recommend either wagering low or playing the free games first - but once you’ve wrapped your head around the mechanics, you’ll be in a much better place to wager.  

Ways to win 

Mermaids Millions, typical of a 2008 game, offers just 15 different paylines available to the gamers that find themselves spinning the reels. 

There’s an RTP of 96.56%, exactly in the range that we’d expect from a Microgaming slot, so there’s nothing to worry about there. Players will identify minimum and maximum coins per line of 1 and 5, respectively, as well as a respective minimum and maximum coin size of 0.02 and 2. 

There’s a quoted jackpot of 500, making the game really something worth playing - well if you’re a fan of the aquatic theme anyway. 

Where to play Mermaids Millions

Players shouldn’t find any issues when looking to play Mermaids Millions online with just about every Microgaming casino offering the old-timer. 

However, if you’re wanting to play the game but don’t quite fancy the theme in question, it’s a good idea to track down the Tomb Raider slot released in the same year. With the same system in place, it’s arguably the better of the two sisters (plus it’s aged just a little better, too). 

Bonuses available 

When it comes to the bonuses available, players won’t be seeing the same level that we’re used to in newer games, but rather just a pair of features that we’re waiting on when spinning the reels. 

Wild King Neptune 

King Neptune is the wild symbol in Mermaids Millions and can replace all symbols on the reels (apart from the Mermaids and treasure chests). 

Players will see a tidy bonus if they can make him appear 5 times in a single spin with a huge top payout of 7,500 coins. 

Neptune’s always had a bit of a wilder side. 

The free spins (3 mermaids) bonus 

If players are seeing mermaids appearing on the reels, they’re in for a good time with just 3 (or more) required to send the game into a bonus round. 

10 free spins will be awarded in which players should expect to receive a huge 3X multiplier on any win. Players will also be awarded with the scatter pays immediately before heading into the free spins feature - the more credits wagered the higher the scatter payout will be. 

You can be awarded more free spins if 3 or more mermaid symbols are struck again when playing.

The treasure bonus

Last up, we’ve got the treasure bonus feature, triggered when players find 3 treasure chest symbols on an active line. 

The number of chests that trigger the bonus will determine the number of choices available when visiting the seabed. It’s here that players will be provided with a series of shells where between 3 and 5 are picked for a chance to win prizes.

Like a 90’s game show, players are able to win cash prizes added to their payline wins, but not all shells are created equally. Some will have large cash bonuses and others smaller cash bonuses; it’s down to the player to choose the lucky shells. 

This round can also be triggered when playing the free spins feature. 

What do the players say? 

We always use real player reviews when building up a portfolio of any well-established video slot - after all, it’s the player’s opinion that matters most. 

It makes sense for us to include some of the noteworthy reviews that we’ve found scattered across the web, so that’s exactly what we’re going to do. If we’ve found them useful, there’s no doubt that you will, too!

The pros

As is typical in this world of super advanced slots, it can be a little difficult to find players offering a positive review and good things to say about Mermaids Millions, but that doesn’t mean positive reviews can’t be found.

“Since Mermaids are mythical and possibly shy creatures it is sometimes hard to get them to appear in threes. But the second I hear a high pitched tone followed by a giggle coming from these scatters then let it be assured, that is a signal to win triple on the next 10 spins. The least I always expect on Mermaids Millions is about $8 when after triggering free spins + playing them out and most of what I can get inside are $20 - $30 total on a bet of $0.75.”

“In the Treasure Bonus game, pick 3 chests out of the 12, to reveal cash prizes, to win up to 2500 coins, or 166x the total bet amount. Good, if you can get that much. As for the Free Spins game, again from the many games that I've played over the years, I've gotten only a very few retriggers of the Free Spins game, and my best win to date was only 121x my bet amount.”

The cons

Not all players are feeling the love with Mermaids Millions, with some simply stating luck as their reasoning behind their dislike of the classic slot.

“I had expected much better gameplay from Mermaids Millions, considering that the paytable was good, but I had always ended up disappointed, with not a single withdrawal win over the years. That is actually quite ridiculous because I could always get wins from other provider's games, but almost never from Microgaming.”

“I guess you can't blame Microgaming for re-using the design of this slot, although I think it's another one they have simply milked to death by now. The graphics are colorful and almost comic book style, and despite the game’s age, Mermaids Millions still looks reasonably good to me. Sound effects are quite basic as was common at the time of this game’s release and that is one area that does show the age of the game.”

Bottom Line 

If you’re looking for a cutting edge slot that will blow you out of the water (pardon the pun), then Mermaids Millions probably isn’t the slot that you’ll be looking for. 

Although it’s one of the classic Microgaming slots, it’s one that has lived in the shadows of the arguabl, better Tomb Raider slot released in the same year. With similar play in both, it’s hardly a surprise that the gun-slinging action star gained a stronger following than King Neptune and an army of mermaids. 

We’re not all that sure where the “millions” comes from as this is not a progressive slot, meaning there’s no real chance of becoming a millionaire by playing. But regardless, for a short trip down memory lane, there’s no reason why Mermaids Millions can’t be enjoyed.