Immortal Romance

Immortal Romance is one of the most popular video slots produced by the ever-popular software provider Microgaming. Containing themes of romance and vampires, the slot shot to fame shortly after its release in 2011, telling the story of paranormal characters Amber, Troy, Michael, and Sarah.

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 jackpot Largest paid jackpot:$3,645,000
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 payout Average payout:96.86%
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 jackpot range Current jackpot range: $3,645,000
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About Immortal Romance

Microgaming launched Immortal Slots in 2011, and it was well-received, becoming an instant cult classic. 

The game follows the story of Amber, Troy, Michael, and Sarah, a group of paranormals in a vampire-themed tale of romance. That may turn some players off as your mileage on vampires may vary, but give it a chance and you might just fall in love with the slot yourself. 

With a collection of great features, huge chances to win big, and a respectable RTP, the slot still holds up today as one of the best Microgaming has to offer. 

How to play Immortal Romance

If you’ve not played Immortal Romance or are relatively new to online slots in general, you might benefit from a little bit of a crash course before getting yourself fully immersed in the game.

That said, online slots aren’t rocket science, and you’ll likely find your feet quickly, wading through the jargon and special features with ease. But that doesn’t mean that reading up just a little before playing doesn’t have its benefits.

Betting options 

Before hitting the “spin” button, you’re going to want to sort out the sizes of your bets and there’s a simple method for players to do just that.

A pair of +/- buttons will allow you to set the coin size alongside the number of coins that you’re going to want to bet. It’s these two that will form the total size of your bet, don’t worry, it’s super simple once you’ve had a quick play around. 

The “Bet Max” option will let you set the maximum bet permitted by a single click of the button before hitting “Spin,” setting the reels in motion before landing on a potentially winning position. 

Ways to win 

Typical of Microgaming slots, Immortal Romance will offer players a total of 243 different winning combinations (paylines), more than enough to work with. 

There’s a 96.86% RTP and a minimum requirement of 1 coin per line alongside the maximum of 10. The minimum coin size lands at 0.01 and a maximum of 0.02 with the associated jackpot of 60. 

Where to play Immortal Romance

Finding a place to play Immortal Romance is the easy part, as players will find themselves able to play at any Microgaming casino. 

Bonuses available 

If there’s one thing that we absolutely love about slots, it’s the bonuses and features that we’re seeing when playing the games. 

At Immortal Romance, there’s plenty of different ways to reach higher scoring rounds with each of the following leading to bigger and better features. 

Wild Desire

The Wild Desire feature is one of the best adrenaline-pumping aspects of Immortal Romance and will trigger at random - turning up to five reels completely wild. 

If you manage to achieve the level, you’re in with the chance of a huge 1,500X bonus of your total stake - not bad at all. 

The Chamber of Spins 

Immortal Romance is all about The Chamber of Spins, the feature that can be entered when players find three or more Lion Door Knocker symbols during a spin (find five and you’ll find yourself with a huge 200X bonus on your total stake).

From here, players can enter four different spin features, depending on the number of times the chamber is entered, leading to better features with the increased number of visits. 


First up, it’s Amber, the feature that is always available for players to access when in the Chamber of Spins. 

Players can expect to receive 10 free spins with a 5X multiplier, a solid feature to be sure. But when you see you that it can be retriggered to gain a total of 20 free spins, it definitely steps it up just a little more. 


Moving onto Troy, players will find that it’s not quite as easy to access as Amber, with a requirement of entering the Chamber of Spins a total of five or more times. 

For the repeated visits, players will find themselves faced with 15 free spins with the Vampire Bats feature enabled. This feature turns symbols into 2x and 3x multipliers, but if players find themselves receiving two, they’ll reap the rewards of a 6x multiplier. Thanks, Troy!


Next up it’s Michael, and players will have to work even harder to get to him with The Chamber of Spins needing to be accessed a total of 10 or more times for access to be granted. 

Players can expect to play with 20 free spins with the Rolling Reels feature enabled. That means that players can expect consecutive wins as the multiplier value increases from 2x to 5x. 


Last up, we have Sarah, the feature most difficult to reach with a requirement of a visit to The Chamber of Spins 15 times or more. 

Players will receive a massive 25 free spins with the Wild Vine feature enabled, randomly changing the symbols into wilds. Receiving one, two, three, four or five scatter symbols will translate to one, two, three or four free spins, meaning a total of 29 free spins available from Sarah. 

We love the progressive nature of the slot, showing huge similarities to Thunderstruck II, albeit with a very different theme. And, similar to the legendary Thunderstruck, Immortal Romance comes with an inbuilt memory, meaning that you’re able to leave and come back to the game at a later date with your progress saved. 

What do the players say? 

We don’t trust anyone as much as you, the players, so it makes sense to include some of the honest player reviews that we’ve found helpful from around the web. 

The pros

We always prefer to look for the good in things, so that’s exactly how we’re going to start off the player reviews, with three positive personal accounts of the game. 

“Graceful and beautiful Slot Machine, which will catch your attention and will not let the player stop playing, you want to keep going and gain more and more of all the options that are here. You can choose how many free spins you play to achieve the positions and features you can get high winnings. Common Success.”

“Immortal Romance is a masterpiece slot from Microgaming , I believe it is the best slot from this provider and the most played. Although I am not a big fan of vampire themed slot I enjoy playing Immortal Romance very much.”

“I think Immortal Romance is a game that will never get old. The theme of vampires and love is just a subject that attracts us women, but I think also men even though they won't admit it. ;) There is a great potential of winning huge, even when playing the minimum of the 30 cent bet. I think this game is amazing with it theme and features. Great game.”

The cons

No game is perfect, and to make sure there’s no bias on the site, we’re just as interested in the bad as we are the good. Here are a couple of candid reviews noting some of Immortal Romance’s shortcomings.

“I’m not a big fan of the music like a lot of other people seem to be, and it is essentially just a carbon clone of Thunderstruck II with a few changes here and there. It seems to me that when Microgaming was releasing games like this and Thunderstruck II they were really at the height of their innovation and they have been on something of a downward slope since then.”

“My only negative comment with regards to this game, and in fact all of these similar 243 ways games, is that on a bad day, they will bleed you dry so quickly you won't know what happened - Yes, that is just how it goes sometimes with slots. It’s not a reason not to play the game, but just be aware, the variance is enormous - in order for somebody to win 12,000 x their bet, 12,000 spins have to lose. Just keep that in mind.”

Bottom Line 

If you’re not dissuaded by the theme (it’s great if you give it a chance, trust us) then you’ll find Immortal Romance an absolute gem. 

Similar to the iconic Thunderstruck II, there’s very little to say in the way of complaints - it’s a great game with a great story that we love. With so many chances to win big and a great selection of features, it’s one slot we’re more than happy to recommend.