Three Reel Classics

There's something undeniably appealing about a simple 3 reel classic slot, the old-school-style many people think of when they think of a slot machine. Online Casino Gems has an unbelievable selection of these wildly popular, timeless games. 
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Fat Rabbit

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108 Heroes

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Largest jackpot won online: $120,000

Mermaids Millions

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  • Average Payout : 96.56%
  • Current Jackpot Range: $37,500
Largest jackpot won online: $37,500

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This is an interesting time to play online slots. There are several types of these slot games, and developers keep adding newer, more exciting titles each year. Of all the different slots available to online casino players, those categorized as 3-reel slots are some of the most popular and widely loved.

3-reel slot machines are designed especially for rookies and those who want the most basic and the easiest slots to play. These slots are often found in most land-based casinos, bowling alleys, and bingo hubs.

What are 3-reel Slots?

As the name suggests, these are wildly popular slot machine games with three reels populated by three rows. The so-called classic 3-reel slots feature a single payline which cuts through the middle of the display. The winning combination is usually when 7,7,7 appears on the payline.

As you might have already suspected, the online Classic Slots are designed around the familiar fruit machine games that are found in high-street casinos, games arcades and sports bars across the globe. Some 3-reel slots come with an optional three or five paylines. These are usually available in live-play casino sections.

The appeal of 3-reel slots lies in that they are simple and it is easy to understand the rules and gameplay. This means that they provide newbies with a gentler introduction into the online slots world.

However, the simple nature of 3-reel slots can be a turn-off for seasoned players who are used to the glamour, rich graphics and glitz of the more common 5-reel slots and other multi payline games. Be that as it may, most players often overlook the fact that the classic 3-reel slot machines are potentially easy to win.

When it comes to features, it is worth noting that the 3-reel slots have far fewer number symbols, ways to bet and winning combinations. The advantage of this is that most of these symbols offer considerably higher payouts when the reels land on the payline.

Another draw of 3-reel classics is that they incorporate wild symbols and multipliers which help boost your chances of winning. In fact, in some games, the wild symbol acts as both the multiplier and the wild card.

Even better, there are many different casino software providers who offer 3-reel slots. These include industry leaders like NetEnt, Playtech, Microgaming, IGT, and NYX Interactive. Also, small-tier providers like 1X2 Gaming and SG have a decent variety of 3-reel classics.

Types of 3-Reel Slots

Despite being simple, there is a wide range of different 3-reel slots available for play in both land-based and online casinos. Here are some of the top types:

Classic Slots: This is perhaps the most well-known type of 3-reel slots. They have one similar feature: one payline that appears through the middle of the reels. Like all slots in this category, Classic Slot games come with three reels that spin downwards and 3 rows.

This is the most basic and the quickest playing kind of slot machine. The traditional classics have no bonus rounds, and the player has to click on the “start” or “spin” button to spin the reels and wait for their fate to be determined. If you want to get your feet wet in the world of slots, be sure to play Classic Slots. You’ll have fun and make no costly errors while at it.

Multi-line: There are a handful of 3-reel slots that allow players to play more than a single payline on every spin. These are called multi-line 3-reel slots. They come with the familiar three reels but with three or five pay lines.

Often, this type of multi-line 3-reel slots offers a much bigger jackpot. The winning combination usually happens when the jackpot symbol appears in the extra payline (i.e., payline 3 for a 3-line slot, and payline 5 for a 5-line slot)

Bonus 3-Reel Slots: As we’ve mentioned, Classic Slots don’t have bonus rounds. Enter 3-reel slots with bonus games. In order to trigger the bonus feature, the player is usually required to play maximum coins and for the special symbol to appear on the payline. How much you win will depend on the amount of your bet and where the reel stops on the bonus round.

Progressive: These are 3-reel slots that offer a progressive jackpot. This type of 3-reel slots are commonly available at casino sites. The progressive slots usually have similar structure, gameplay, and ways of winning. To win a progressive jackpot, you not only have to spin jackpot symbols on the payline but also play maximum coins.

Tips for Playing 3-Reel Slots

As easy as they might be, winning while playing 3-reel slots can be tricky. Here are some top tips that will make sure that you maximize your chances of winning and have fun while at it:

Research the game’s RTP when choosing the right 3-reel slot to play. More often than not, the Return to Player (RTP) percentage of 3-reel slots is not available. Good thing, you can find the slot’s RTP if you do a bit of research on casino review and aggregator sites.

Be sure to check out the insights, articles, reviews, and guides to the 3-reel slots to zero in on the approximate RTPs. As usual, the higher the RTP, the more likely it is that the slot will pay out. Most slots of this type have RTPs that range from 80 percent to 98 percent. The probability of striking a jackpot or scooping a big win increases with the Return to Player percentage.

Check out the paytable and read the help file. This is the rule of thumb when it comes to picking and playing 3-reel slots. The paytable, for one, will show you the different symbols and how they pay when they appear on the payline. The help screen will show you instructions for paying, gameplay, and other nuggets of information that may come in handy.

Always play maximum coins. This is not always possible for all players. However, it is prudent to stake max coins on every spin to increase your chances of landing enhanced payouts and jackpots. If you are playing a 3-payline or 5-payline 3-reel slot, be sure to play all paylines to boost your winning odds.

The bottom line is that you should adopt a strategy that allows you to play max paylines and max coins on every spin. This way, you will stand to win the largest possible payout available for the slot machine.

Set your bankroll and stick to it. Most 3-reel slots need players to set a bankroll, which is the amount of real money that you want to risk. In other words, your bank will determine how much more you will apportion towards playing slots. Bankroll management always starts with setting the right loss and win limit. It is also crucial that you carry out thorough research into available features such as coin sizes, max/min bets, and then set your bankroll accordingly.

It’s worth noting that you should set the amount of time you want to play, too. When you hit your win limit, you could get too attached. To lessen that problem, you should step aside from the slot machine, relax and take some time off before resuming play.

By setting the loss and win limits, you will know when to call it quits. More crucially, you should never try to double down on your losses. The best recourse is to cut your losses and hope that the tables will turn when you play later.

Play enough coins to be eligible for enhanced payouts/progressive jackpots. If you are playing progressive 3-reel slots, it is important that you stake enough to be allowed to win the jackpot. This is usually the max coins for most slots games. On a $3-coin 3-reel slot, for instance, you cannot win the progressive jackpot if you wager only $2 or $1.

Don’t stick to one game or machine. Most players often get carried away or waylaid by the prospects of winning at a 3-reel slot machine that has taken their money. That is never the case. The more you stay stick-glued to one machine, the higher your chances of losing. Try as many 3-reel slots as possible, or until you find your “sweet spot.” The good news is that several different kinds of 3-reel slots are a dime a dozen on online casinos.

Pick a slot that is suitable for your playing personality and goals. If you are a player who is after a big win, you may want to go for progressive 3reel slots. That way, you stand a chance of hitting a massive progressive jackpot. However, if you are someone who is after fun and don’t have much to go with, low denomination Classic Slots will fit the bill.


3-reel slots are simple and straightforward to play, which makes them the perfect games for your introductory phase. Nonetheless, even seasoned players can find multi-line and progressive slots fun, engaging and rewarding. Be sure to check out the paytable, research the RTP of the game, and always stake maximum bets to optimize your odds of getting larger payouts.