Yggdrasil and ReelPlay Release Big Bucks Buffalo GigaBlox with Bonus Respins
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Yggdrasil and ReelPlay Release Big Bucks Buffalo GigaBlox with Bonus Respins

Yggdrasil and ReelPlay Release Big Bucks Buffalo GigaBlox with Bonus Respins

Yggdrasil has entered into an agreement with ReelPlay to facilitate the launch of Big Bucks Buffalo GigaBlox, the newest slot in the market. The fresh slot is characterized by Bonus Respins and Mega Coin Symbols. For a leading publisher that is eager to accelerate innovation efforts for iGaming products, Yggdrasil has this time chosen to align with ReelPlay for the purpose of creating a Wild West-themed slot featuring the legendary Game Engagement Mechanic. The mechanic can unlock a win of up to 8,737x the initial stake.

What does the Big Bucks Buffalo GigaBlox look like? The slot is comprised of 6 reels and 4 rows all of which make up 40 pay lines. With an RTP of 96.03%, it appears that the developers intended for the game to reward players consistently. The volatility of the game is medium and this means that this game is not easily addictive due to its moderate payouts. The prospect of making a lot of money leads some players to place large bets in order to scale the benefits. For this game, the risk of immense loss is controlled by the wide range of low bets; a bet could be as low as 0.40. 

Gambling fans will agree that playing the slots is the easiest way of winning the big bucks; not only do players not need to have any special skills but the initial investment is also low. When most slot winners comment on their fortunes, the general sentiment is that they had no reason to believe that they would have such generous payouts from the game. It is easy to ignore slot games in favor of sports betting or poker but the returns can be quite fulfilling. 

The main attraction to slots is the theme and outward features. Players are first attracted to a game because of its appearance before they go to know the name and then the gameplay. Game developers have discovered this and there is a slot game for every theme you can think of. The other great advantage is that slots are available all the time. Whether you ran out of sleep or are traveling for long distances, there will always be a slot game available for you to try. 

Three years of progress

The partnership between ReelPlay and Yggdrasil started at the beginning of 2021 when the developer that had been tasked with creating the original version of the Infinity Reels was added to the register of companies that make up the YG Masters program based on the GATI technology.Festival 10K WAYS, Arctic Sorcerer Gigablox, Thor Infinity Reels, Big Bucks Bandits Megaways, and GIZA Infinity Reels, are some of the gaming titles that have seen the light of day following the collaboration between these two companies from the beginning of this lucrative partnership.

The head of product and programs at Yggdrasil, Stuart McCarthy, has acknowledged that ReelPlay’s position in the market positions it as one of the most successful YG Masters partners for the past years. McCarthy was unable to hide his excitement as he discussed the release of the top-tier slot. Slot lovers will be glad to know that the iconic GigaBlox GEM has the potential to generate large wins, even for the most inexperienced players. 

Unlocking the power of the bonus respins and GigaBox

The Gigabox mechanic guarantees players that they see value for their money as they go on with their games on the reels. True enough, a minimum of a single symbol that lies between the measurements, 2×2 and 4×4, will be seen landing on the reels with every new spin. The scatter ad wild symbols have been included in this reward scheme. If a player desires to engage the bonus respin feature, they have to unlock at least 6 scatter symbols on the reels. When this has taken place, three free respins will be awarded. For any new coin that appears on the reels after this chain of events has taken place, the price multiplier could be anything between 1x to 1000x.

If a coin happens to land in a square formation such as 2×2, especially after the Bonus Respins feature is triggered, all the coins present there are merged into a Mega Coin. Build up the urge to play when you think of the fact that the slot has a multiplier that is worth two times the sum of the multiplier values of all of the combining symbols. Players of the game also report that the game has a Buy Bonus alternative feature which will propel them right to the center of the Bonus Respins feature whereby the Mega Coin will already be engaged.

Other partnerships for profit

Partnerships are a powerful tool in the gambling industry especially because brands collaborate to share markets and registration pools for better gains. Before partnering with ReelPlay on this deal, Yggdrasil has worked with Bang Bang on a similar project. Perfectly timed, the brands scheduled for the two brands to release a new slot in time for Halloween. The theme was obviously spooky and Halloween fans loved it.

The rush to try out new slot games and casino titles in general can be overwhelming because new products are released every day. While it is great to keep up with trends for bragging and adventure, it could also be the gateway to problem gambling. Most betting platforms have tools and materials to empower their players in the identification, control, and management of problem gambling. It took time to collect and assemble such content so it makes sense to make use of them to promote a healthy and balanced betting environment. 


Trying to rush the release of slot games does not work because it robs the process of the human touch. The most phenomenal slot titles are built upon stories and themes that players can instantly identify with. If a slot game manages to thrill its players, it translates to revenues for the hosting casino.

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