What Exactly Are Progressive Slot Machines?
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What Exactly Are Progressive Slot Machines?

What Exactly Are Progressive Slot Machines?

You’ve heard of them, but can you give a fairly simple description of what progressive slot machines are? 

Well, if you have ever dreamed of hitting a jackpot – and we’re talking about a major jackpot here – then you should consider progressive slot machines. That is because payouts from these little video boxes can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Here is a look at what progressive slot machines are and how they may change your fortunes online or in a casino.


The Word Massive Comes To Mind

There is no secret that most casino games have modest jackpots

In some cases, they may appear to be fixed to the point where they reach a small threshold and then cough up a winning. 

If you watch long enough, you may note that the more people wager, the more the jackpots increase in size. 

With progressive slot machines, the jackpots increase progressively with each play. In other words, each coin or credit you use on a progressive slot machine will feed the jackpot which makes it grow. 

Thanks to the ever-increasing size of this kind of jackpot, casino players are typically drawn to this kind of gambling game. 

One thing to keep in mind is that the growth rate of the jackpot will vary in relation to a number of factors with the main one coming from the type of slot machine you are playing.


The Standalone Progressive Slot Machine

 In the world of slot machines, there is one that stands out as the simplest of the progressive machines. 

There is a jackpot ticker inside of the workings that is fed only by the bets placed on that single machine. This means that the progressive jackpot that is eventually awarded was built by bettors who only used that one machine. 

As far as slot machines go, the standalone is the oldest of the progressive slot machine designs

But the landscape changed considerably when networked slot machines burst into the world of gambling. 

As the term suggests, a number of slot machines are linked together and as a result, are responsible for some really massive jackpots. There are still many standalone slot machines out there and one of your tip offs would be jackpots that rarely go over $10,000.


Local Progressive Slot Machines

These are interesting progressive slot machines in that they are limited to a single casino. 

It boils down to jackpots that are fed by as few as a couple of slot machines to a dozen. 

The second generation of standalone progressive slot machines was these babies that provided casino patrons the first opportunity to win a massive or mega jackpot which can range from $100,000 right on up to a million bucks.


Wide Network Progressive Slot Machines

Any idea what these machines are about? 

They are made up of slot machines that are interlinked from several different casinos – hence the term ‘wide network.’ 

With this kind of set up, the jackpots grow to career-changing proportions because of so many slot machines that are connected to the progressive jackpot network. 

If you have seen jackpots that have gone up to 15-million bucks, you are observing the benefits of a wide network of progressive slots.


Can You Really Win A Slot Machine Jackpot?

The simple answer here is yes. 

But you have to remember that there are some variables that come into play here. 

If you were to do the math, your odds would be at about the same for winning your local state lottery. 

If you play that game at all, think about what you have spent on your weekly tickets and subtract your jackpot winnings to see how you’ve done. 

The magic bullet to progressive slot machines has nothing to do with a slot machine that has been “due for a jackpot” or a lot of time has passed since there was a winner. 

But there is a slight secret connected to progressive slot machines related to how to win a jackpot. 

In simple terms, your chances increase of winning a jackpot in a curve that relates directly to the number of bets placed. So, the more you or anyone bets, the better the chances are of someone becoming a winner. 

Your actual odds of winning a massive jackpot sit at about 1-in-a-million.


What About Online Progressive Slot Machines?

Yah, these are tricky things, in a way. 

With progressive jackpots coming out of casinos you can visit in and around your community, the online community soon jumped on the bandwagon. 

The main difference here is that the wide network system that came from the non-online casinos has produced technology that has given online gambling a real shot in the arm – if it needed it or not. 

The basic premise is the same, more slot machines joined together in a large network translates to mega jackpots. 

The amount that comes from each video play that you do that feeds the jackpot will vary, but the overall results are the same – a growing jackpot that can be won by anyone who is participating in that specific game.



Playing progressive slots is fun because the figures keep changing. 

What may be building up to a fair-sized jackpot can be won in a day or two and start building all over again. This keeps them exciting and gives you many opportunities to win big as long as you keep participating and making bets. 

What makes some gamblers stick to progressive slot machines is the thought that if they win a jackpot, they will win back some of the money they put into the growing jackpot. 

While that is true to an extent, it doesn’t guarantee a win but may make a win feel all that much sweeter. 

Plus, progressive slots are a lot more fun that several of the other casino games you could be playing and not enjoying as much. Looking for a safe online gambling site with the best and latest online bonuses? Visit our homepage for the latest best deals out there.

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