VR and Gambling: How the Online Casino Experience Is Redefined by Virtual Reality
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VR and Gambling: How the Online Casino Experience Is Redefined by Virtual Reality

VR and Gambling: How the Online Casino Experience Is Redefined by Virtual Reality

Internet gambling has made huge leaps and milestones since Microgaming launched its debut online casino in 1994. Gone are the days when you had to visit a brick-and-mortar casino to play roulette or spin a slot machine. Today, online casinos offer hundreds if not thousands of varieties of classic slots, table games, scratch card games, lotteries, bingo games and even live dealer games. All of these are playable on a device from the comfort of your own home.

We’ve seen the emergence of mobile casinos, followed by crypto or Bitcoin casinos. So, what’s next for the gambling universe? Turns out, the next big thing in online gambling is virtual reality.

Online casino players have always complained about the lack of realism. Some gamblers miss that feel and look of land-based casinos.

With the advent of cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence, augmented reality, machine learning, and VR, it was just a matter of time before we see virtual reality casinos.

SlotsMillion beat the pack to become the first virtual reality casino to launch VR games back in 2017. Then, VR technology had already made inroads into the video gaming industry. All gambling developers had to do was adopt the same immerse experience that 3D video games offer in online casino games.

While SlotsMillion is one of the most popular online casinos, boasting a selection of over 2000 games, it’s virtual reality games library is still small. It has around 40 virtual reality titles rendered in high definition. Even still, the operator has pioneered a movement that’ll cause a seismic shift across the online gambling community.

Not A First

Despite making the biggest mark in recent years, virtual reality is not actually a new concept. It’s been around for more than 20 years and has been used by aerospace and military even longer to simulate alternate realities.

Fast forward to when Palmer Luckey used 3D immersive technology to enhance the video gaming experience. This ultimately led to the rise of Oculus Rift, which is now part of the social media giant Facebook. Even in the gambling arena, VR has been in the making for several years.

This begs the question: how is VR redefining online gambling?

Authentic Feel of Land-Based Casinos

All industry experts agree: VR will add real-world elements that will improve the overall online gambling experience. This is especially true when it comes to traditionally “social” casino games like craps, baccarat, blackjack, and poker. Thanks to the immersive nature of this technology, players will get to experience the socialization and authenticity they are familiar with in land-based casinos.

Let’s take a run of the mill table game like roulette, for instance. In a virtual reality casino, the players can place chips on the betting table, request value change, converse with others in the room, and much more as they’d in Vegas.

All these VR features will not only make online gambling more appealing but also bring more excitement. Remember, not everyone goes to Vegas wanting to win a life-changing sum. Most of them are after fun, and want the same experience online. That’s exactly what players get from a VR casino; games that are vibrant, fun and exciting.

More than Gambling

What do casinos, whether online or offline, what more? To make players stay as long as possible, they have to keep them continuously satisfied, entertained and content.

This is also the idea behind VR casinos. They want to create lobbies, VIP rooms, and entertainment hubs where players can watch concerts, hang out and get the full Vegas experience. Don’t be surprised to see more and more VR casinos feature social areas, bars, and even concert halls.

VR and Artificial Intelligence will Converge to Spruce Up Online Gambling Experience

The potential of AI might scare some players, but the overall reception has been incredible. Artificial intelligence can help improve gambling experience, deliver better gameplay and reduce fraud. Wherever you sit, artificial intelligence is here, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down.

Sooner than later, we’ll start seeing virtual reality casinos that are operated by next-level AI machines. By excluding human intervention, this can help eliminate lack of trust and transparency, two issues that are often associated with traditional casinos.

From banking and customer service to live-dealing and security, everything will be run on artificial intelligence platforms. These supercomputers will help fix small issues before they turn into a nightmare for players and casinos alike. In one way or the other, this will definitely take player experience to the next level.

New Faces in the Gambling Scene

Players and online casinos are used to familiar software developers like NetEnt, Microgaming, Yggdrasil Gaming, Evolution Gaming, IGT, and the ilk. As virtual reality and augmented reality continue to penetrate the market, we shall witness an influx of newer players.

Already startups such as Gamblit Gaming are trying to create immersive games that are built around human-centered designs. The company wants to reflect what millennials desire in the gambling world. More specifically, they are interested in playing and enjoying the game, rather than gambling or winning. That’s precisely what they want their VR casino games to offer.

VR and Gambling Regulations

Creating the best virtual reality casinos and proper games is not exactly a cheap affair. It’ll take time and effort from all industry players. First off, casino engines or core platforms should integrate more advanced functions and features that will be able to support virtual reality traffic.

Additionally, these VR platforms should be built with the latest trends and technologies like blockchain, big data and AI in mind. For the sake of compatibility and upgradeability, the whole process should be a collaborative work between online casino operators and software developers

Regulation and gambling laws should also take precedence. Thankfully, the licensing and regulatory framework for operating a traditional and VR online casinos are pretty much similar. This has been seen in the jurisdiction in Europe where SlotMillion operates.


With VR in the front-burner, the future of online gambling is brighter than ever. Although it’s happening in baby steps, online casinos like SlotMillion have certainly opened doors to all kinds of possibilities. We’ll continue to see the state of the art games that are not only immersive but also realistic.

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