Visitor from the Lone Star State Wins $1.3M Poker Hand at Nevada Casino
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Visitor from the Lone Star State Wins $1.3M Poker Hand at Nevada Casino

Visitor from the Lone Star State Wins $1.3M Poker Hand at Nevada Casino

Sometimes, it really pays to listen to your friends. Their good advice could literally turn into a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. One lucky lady from the Lone Star State found that out first hand on a recent visit to the Silver State.


Dorothy Boone’s friends back in her hometown of Temple, Texas, thought she should take a family vacation to Lake Tahoe. Gorgeous Lake Tahoe is high up in the Sierras on the Nevada/California border. It’s not only a popular place to gamble, but it’s also a great place to ski the spectacular mountains in the winter and to paddleboard the deep, blue lake during the summer.


Good thing Dorothy took her friend’s advice. Scenic Lake Tahoe has nine hotel-casinos, and fortunately for Dorothy, they made a lucky reservation at a winning venue.


Dorothy hit a Three Card Poker progressive jackpot on the night of February 17, at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe, winning a jaw-dropping jackpot of $1,340,518.


So, if you thought that winning big at casinos was all hogwash and hype, and that the odds were always against you, think again. Casinos have to adhere to very strict rules and regulations--and no matter how much you win, the casino makes a small sum (known as a house edge). So, there’s every incentive for them to play straight and give away vast winnings.

Gaming standards are actually a hot topic and always under scrutiny at all casinos in every state, whether they’re older land-based favorites or hot new online venues. Pretty much every operator seeks to get it right--since falling four of the law is not profitable for anyone.  


So, according to Chelsea Ryder, Caesars Entertainment spokesperson, the lucky Mrs. Boone had been playing for around an hour at the fabulous Caesars casino when she hit a winning royal flush in spades.


Even better, this was the first time Dorothy and her husband had paid a visit to scenic Lake Tahoe. However, the lucky jackpot almost didn’t happen, since their group had originally planned to visit Laughlin, Nevada, instead. Laughlin lies south of Las Vegas, along the Colorado River, and it’s a popular place for families to vacation, with plenty of outdoor fun such as jet skiing along the river. This laid-back gambling town has five luxury hotel-casinos, as well as lots of other activities nearby.


So, if you too are in proximity to a casino, let Mrs. Boone’s story be a lesson to follow your gut and go with the flow; it might just lead you to the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. (Oh, and a little research on avoiding the gambling pitfalls might be a good idea too).


After her record-breaking win, lucky Dorothy said she was looking forward to using her jackpot to buy a new house, as well as taking her grandchildren to Disneyland or Disney World. Honestly, Dorothy, with more than $1 million, you could take the grandkids to both Disneyland and Disney World.


Congratulations, Mrs. Boone, on your life-changing win! Please spend your winnings wisely, and feel free to visit the Silver State anytime! 

Lucky Winners all across the Las Vegas Valley

Lake Tahoe isn’t the only place in Nevada producing big winners. Some of the most consistent wins happen, of course, in Las Vegas. Let’s take a look at some of the most spectacular recent wins across the Las Vegas Valley.


At the Flamingo Las Vegas, Lana Grebby, a native of Twin Lakes, Wisconsin, hit it big with 3-Diamond 7’s Mega Jackpot of $81,851. Wow!


Meantime, at the Fremont, a lucky winner turned a $1.76 bet into a fortune of $31,674.50 on an Abundant Fortune slot machine. 


At the Treasure Island casino, Neil J. hit it big with a $12,500 win on a Crazy Money Deluxe VIP slot machine. Congratulations, Neil!


At the California Hotel and Casino, Shannon was overjoyed to win the $10,000 jackpot on a Cash Machine slot. 


Binion’s celebrated a $5,001.00 winner on a Triple Stars slot machine, and a lucky winner from California hit a $4,000 Royal Flush jackpot playing video poker. Not bad, Binion’s!


At the Four Queens Hotel and Casino, a gentleman who came all the way from Norway turned $2.40, dropped into a Buffalo Gold slot machine, into a hefty win of $4,502.60. While that is not an enormous sum, it’s a hefty multiple of--oh, you do the math!


What’s more, there are winners in every nook and cranny of the Silver State; where else but in Nevada will you find slot machines at the grocery store? Or at the drugstore? Or in nearly every restaurant? The opportunities to win--and lose--are nearly everywhere in this state. In fact, the minute you cross the state line from any direction, you will be coming face-to-face with a casino. It’s what Nevada does best. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


And if you can’t make it to Nevada for your gambling treat? Don’t worry; there are more online casinos than we can even keep up with. All you need is a laptop, tablet or smartphone to join in all the fun.


Online gambling is taking off and hitting the headlines like never before, offering every person in every state--and country--the chance to win their own fortune.  

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