Top 5 Ways Virtual Reality Will Redefine the Gambling Industry
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Top 5 Ways Virtual Reality Will Redefine the Gambling Industry

Top 5 Ways Virtual Reality Will Redefine the Gambling Industry

If you’ve been living under a rock for the past several years, be amazed that you can now experience the fabulous casino atmosphere all thanks to Virtual Reality. 

Virtual Reality is the use of advanced technology that utilizes a headset and special goggles with lenses that produce pictures, sounds, and atmospheres that mimic real life as you move in 360 degrees. 

Virtual Reality is commonly thought of as only a gaming headset, but it has shown its many facets and endless options for experiencing more than just a video game. It is now taking over the casino world and ready to show you an all-new experience.

An article by notes that the VR Gambling industry will rise up to 800% in the next 5 years! The number of bets will total over $58.5 million. Even Samsung and Facebook are looking ahead towards a brighter future with VR and how it can transcend us into an immersive experience.

Casinos, like other industries, have taken note of VR developments and are taking their shot at pointing players in a new direction. Let’s explore the 5 ways that Virtual Reality is redefining the world of online gambling:


 1.   A Technology Focussed Generation

Online gambling is taking over the casino world. With the ability to play at home, it’s now easier to play your favorite games. Who doesn’t love not having to drive all the way to the casino when instead you can pop open that bottle of wine at home and find a casino site and start playing?

Virtual Reality is redefining the online gambling experience by bringing the casino to you. Literally to your living room or office room or directly in bed. You will be able to walk around like you normally would and still interact with others.

It’s a non-traditional way to play and casinos are taking advantage of those who grew up playing with game consoles and are enticing them to try the virtual casino.


 2.   Social Interaction

VR is all about the interactive experience as it blends images, sounds, and more in this wildly enticing experience. While you may worry about less human interaction, VR apps feature life-like characters where you can still get a similar feeling.

You will still get that social interaction all humans crave as you can talk to other player’s avatars. The dealers will also have their own avatars.

Yes, there will be limited actions one can take with the technology and it won’t completely replace the real touch of the cards or machines, but it makes for a wicked simulation experience.

As great as Virtual Reality is, real casinos will always have the one-up on social advantage.


 3.   Odds of Winning

If you think that by playing in the virtual casino that your chances of winning are higher, think again. The probability of winning in a live casino or VR one is unchanged. 

There is a very small difference between them and will not change your chances of winning. VR casinos do however, offer more online bonuses and free spins. Don’t forget that each bonus has its own terms and conditions.


 4.   Cost

Like most fancy tech gear, VR headsets can cost anywhere from $100 to $2000. Depending on the brand you buy, the higher end sets like Oculus Rift can be pricier compared to the Samsung gear.

If you take a moment to think about the cost of gas, food, and everything else related to a real casino, it adds up to be the same amount as the VR set.

With the VR headset, there will be the heavy initial cost but it depends on the type of gambler you are and how much you’re willing to spend in the actual game.

5.   Safety

 Not everyone feels safe gambling online or in a casino. Although it is highly unlikely that you will get robbed of your jackpot, there is absolutely no way that is likely in the virtual world. Players can feel safe knowing that even though it may seem like a true world experience, no one will be scamming them. 

The virtual world is generally a safe space. The virtual casinos are licensed and give players a more comfortable feeling. There are going to be illegal VR gambling apps, but as long as you can weed out those from the rest, you should be safe.


 6.   Variety

Since Virtual Reality comes fully loaded with apps and amazing features, it’s no wonder that they would be attracting gamers around the world. This variety of gaming can offer any type of casino experience, whether it be the slots or the tables.

As VR advancements continue, we will see more AI and VR takeover popular industries. These technologies will reshape how we perceive our world and interact with it and the gambling industry wants to be at the center of it all when it becomes the norm. 

Online Casino Gems also points out that iSoftBet, NetEnt, and Microgaming are all investing in VR to bring a deeper and exciting casino experience.

A major selling point for VR casinos is getting people excited about gambling. The entire premise revolves around wanting more players to gamble and try their luck with the vast variety of games.


Is VR a True Enhancement to the Casino Experience?

It sure does give high-roller momentum and more reason to gamble. With online gaming (for best bonuses you can visit Online Casino Gems) becoming aggressively popular and VR moving into the mix, there’s a definite chance that someday we will all be playing in the virtual world.

Casinos will continue to offer players the experience of playing table games, slots, and any other games even in VR.

There’s no way to tell what will happen decades from now, but there is a good chance we’ll be using VR more.

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