US Gamblers Rights And Obligations
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US Gamblers Rights And Obligations

US Gamblers Rights And Obligations

We believe it is important for you to know your rights before you start to gamble online or offline. But first, if you want your consumer rights to be protected, only play at state-licensed online casinos and sportsbooks. Using off-shore gambling sites guarantees you nothing. If you get ripped off while using an unlicensed gambling site, there could be no legal recourse at all.

Searching through the laws for all 50 states looking for the answers you need can be overwhelming. However, overall consumer rights should apply to gambling transactions made online. 


Due Diligence is Your Obligation

Before you sign up and make a deposit, ensure that the online casino or sportsbook is legit. Look to see if it is licensed in your state, and also, look for a phone number and mailing address. A physical mailing address will be helpful if you need to create a paper trail.

Before you hit “agree” to the terms and conditions, really read them. Since your money is involved, you want to make sure the terms are fair, and that you do agree with them. The terms will outline all of the vital information, from playing the games, deposits, payouts, and data collection. 

Before you sign up, you can also look for online reviews, to see what real users have to say. Also, check with the Better Business Bureau to see if they have a good rating, and what type of complaints may have been filed.

If you do sign up, before you make your first deposit, look for a user forum. If your gambling site does have a user forum, look through it, to see what type of complaints real users have. 

Furthermore, ensure that their transaction system is secure; however, a secure transaction system is a norm, for legitimate, licensed gambling sites. 

Finally, make sure that the site has a self-exclusion option and a page of resources for responsible gaming. 


Learn the Rules of the Games and Know the Bonus Rules

Since your money is at stake, you need to know how each game works. Also, you need to understand that some game strategies might be against the rules; using these strategies could get you permanently banned.

One more thing that you need to understand is the terms for using bonuses. Every bonus is different, and the terms could change. Not using a bonus correctly could leave you feeling cheated. But, if you didn't follow the rules, it will be on you.


Filing a Complaint Against a Gambling Site

First of all, file a complaint with the casino's customer support. They may be able to resolve your issue, and there will be no need to escalate things. However, save any emails, and write down the dates, times, and names of any customer support representatives you have contact with.

If that doesn't work, try contacting the Better Business Bureau. They'll want to see how you tried and failed, to resolve the issue with customer support. Often, a serious complaint with the Better Business Bureau results in positive action.

If the Better Business Bureau can't resolve the issue in your favor, you can try bringing the matter to your state attorney general. You can find contact information for all 50 state attorney generals here.

As a last resort, you can take the gambling site to court. However, hiring a lawyer is very expensive. Unless your complaint involves a lot of money, it may not be worth it. But, it can't hurt to have a consultation.


You are Obligated to Respect the Terms and Conditions

Violating the terms and conditions could get your account limited or completely banned. Respecting the terms and conditions is your obligation and responsibility. The online casino must also follow the terms and conditions too. If they change the terms or conditions after you’ve signed up, they must notify you.


Don't Cheat

Don't try to use any cheating strategies when you play online. This includes old-fashioned card counting at a poker table or using software to manipulate the system.

If you attempt to hack the website, you will definitely be banned and it's also likely the casino will press charges. The smart thing to do is not cheat and play fair.


Don't Open More Than One Account

Opening more than one account to either abuse bonus offers, or as a way to cheat, will certainly be against the terms and conditions. It will also get you banned, and you could possibly forfeit your funds.


Don't Try to Gamble Across State Lines

If your state doesn't allow online gambling, don't try using a VPN to spoof your location. Gambling sites use robust systems to detect VPN use as well as IP addresses.


Don't Use Someone Else's Account or Credit Card

Do not log in and play on someone else’s account, not even if you have their permission. That could be a violation of the web site's data and privacy policies.

Even if you have their permission, don't use someone else's credit card to make a deposit. If someone wants to give you money to gamble with, they can buy you a casino gift card or a prepaid credit to use.


Do Not Use an Online Casino to Launder Money

If you make your living dealing drugs, selling stolen merchandise, or anything else illegal, don't use your gambling account to launder the money. On top of any cries you may have committed to making the money you want to launder, money laundering is also a crime that could land you in prison.


Gambling in the United States

Gambling is legal under federal law, but there are federal restrictions on interstate gambling and online. The biggest complication is that each state can regulate or prohibit any type of gambling within its borders.

As of 2020, there are only two states where casinos are legal statewide, Nevada and Louisiana. All other states restrict casinos to local jurisdictions, such as Atlantic City in New Jersey, or tribal lands.

However, most states do have some form of gambling, including lotteries, horse and greyhound racing, and both land-based and online casinos and sportsbooks. 

Before gambling in your state, make sure to check the legal gambling age; this can vary between different types of gambling.



Currently, only three tribal casinos are operating in the state. There are currently two greyhound racetracks in Alabama, and off-track betting is also legal online. Charity bingo is also legal, as long as it's approved through a local referendum. Slot machines using the bingo algorithm can also be found. Alabama does not have a state lottery. Also, online gambling has not yet been legalized in Alabama. The legal age is 19 for every type of gambling. 



Alaska has not legalized gambling, however, a few tribal bingo halls are in operation. Online gambling is not allowed. But, gamblers may place bets on unique events sponsored by a non-profit. For example, the famous Iditarod sled dog race, which is a non-profit, has worked out a way to bet on the race, through Alaska's Charitable Gaming Commission. The minimum age is 19.



There are at least 30 tribal casinos, and 10 tribal poker rooms all over the state. However, while poker and slot machines are legal, table games are not. The state also has dog and horse racing, off-track betting, a lottery and charitable gaming. However, online gambling is not yet legal in Arizona. The legal gambling age for the state lottery and bingo is 18, and 21 for other types of gambling.



The state has two brick-and-mortar casinos with slot machines and table games. Horse and dog racing are also legal. However, online gambling is not yet allowed. The minimum age to play the state lottery and or bet on racing is 18. The minimum age is 21 at the state's two casinos.



Between tribal casinos and card rooms, there are at least 150 casinos in the state. Betting on horse racing is also legal. But, the only legal online gambling in California is parimutuel betting on horses. Online sports betting, casinos, or poker are not yet legal. Retail sportsbooks are not yet legal in California. The minimum age in California is 18 for the lottery and charity bingo, and 21 for casino gambling and horse racing.



Every type of gambling is legal in Colorado. Three towns, Cripple Creek, Black Hawk, and Central City have large casino resorts, and two tribal casinos are also in the state. Online daily fantasy sports, sports betting, and online pari-mutuel race betting are legal. However, online poker and casino games are not legal. Lottery and bingo players must be 18, and casino gamblers must be 21 years of age. 



While horse and dog racing is legal, no racetracks are operating in Connecticut. However, the state has Foxwoods and the Mohegan Sun, two very popular East Coast casino resorts. Both are tribal casinos offering slot machines, table games, and card rooms. Other than off-site horse race betting, online gambling is not legal. The age for playing the lottery and bingo is18, and 21 for horse racing and the casinos.



The state features three horse tracks, each with table games, slot machines, and card rooms. In Delaware, all types of online gambling are also legal. The gambling age for bingo and the lottery is 18, and 21 for sports betting, horse racing, and casino gambling.



Seven casinos owned and operated by the Seminole Tribe are located in the state. These tribal casinos offer slot machines, poker, and some table games; roulette and craps are not legal. Betting on the horses is also legal, both in-person and online. Online sportsbooks and casinos are not yet legal. The legal age for playing the lottery and bingo is 18, and for casino gambling and betting on the horses it is 21.



Other than charitable bingo and the state lottery, gambling is not legal in Georgia. The age to play the lottery or bingo is 18.



There is no gambling of any type in Hawaii.



The state has seven tribal casinos, which offer slot machines. Table games are not legal in Idaho. The state lottery and charitable bingo are also offered. You can bet online on horse racing, but other types of online gambling are not legal. The age for playing bingo or the state lottery is 18 and 21 to play at the tribal casinos.



This state offers every type of gambling imaginable, from casinos, horse racing and lotteries. You can find slot machines in restaurants, bars and gas stations. Online sports betting is legal, but internet casinos are not yet legal. To bet on horse racing or to play the lottery or bingo, you must be 18. To play the video lottery at a casino, you must be 21.



There are a dozen casinos in the state, with slots, every type of table game and poker rooms. Lotteries and horse racing are also legal. Both retail and online sports betting are also legal. But, online casino games are not yet legal. For the lottery, bingo, and horse racing, the age is 18, and for the casinos and sports betting it's 21.



Greyhound and horse racing are legal. And, there is casino gambling at the racetracks. Iowa also has a state lottery and charity gambling. But, the only online gambling legal in the state is sports betting and off-track race betting. The legal age for all gambling is 21 in Iowa.



Three of the casinos in Kansas are run by the state lottery. Also, there are five tribal casinos located on tribal lands. Kansas also has a state lottery and charity gaming is allowed. Online daily fantasy sports and off-track betting are legal. To play the lottery or charity games, you must be at least 18. Casino and racetrack gamblers must be 21.



The state lottery and horse racing are the only types of gambling in Kentucky. The only type of online gambling is off-track pari-mutuel horse race betting. The age for playing the lottery or betting on the horse in Kentucky is 18.



You can find every type of gambling imaginable in Louisiana. The state has casino resorts, charitable gaming, horse racing, and off-track betting. Also, many of the parishes have legalized video poker at truck stops and bars. However, the only online gambling in Louisiana is daily fantasy sports and off-track betting. The legal age is 18 for betting on the horses and charitable gaming, and 21 to play in the casinos, or for lotteries and fantasy sports.



Three horse tracks, featuring slot machines and table games can be found in the state. Maine also has a state lottery and charity gaming. No online or mobile gaming or sports betting has been legalized in the state. To play the lottery, bingo, or bet on the races, the age is 18. For the slot machines and table games at the racetracks, the age is 21.



The state has several resort casinos, a lottery, and horse racing. Charity raffles and bingo are also legal. However, no form of online gambling is legal in Maryland. The state lottery, bingo, and horse racing have a legal age of 18. To play at the casinos, you must be 21.



The state has a lottery, a few commercial casinos, a live racetrack, and off-track betting as well as charity gaming. Online gambling options in Massachusetts include off-track pari-mutuel betting and daily fantasy sports. To play the state lottery, bet on horse racing, or play charity games you must be 18. To gamble at the casinos, you must be 21.



You'll find more than 40 casinos in Michigan, as well as a state lottery, horse racing, and charity gaming. Also, the state recently legalized every type of online gambling. The minimum age for playing the lottery, horse racing, charity games, and casinos that don't serve alcohol is at least 18. The legal age to play in casinos that do serve alcohol is 21.



Several tribal casinos, with video poker, slot machines, and blackjack can be found in Minnesota. There is also a state lottery and horse race betting. However, the only online off-track race betting is available. The legal age to gamble in Minnesota is 18, but a few of the casinos require a person to be 21.



The state has charity bingo and riverboat casinos. However, no online gambling is available. The legal age for charity bingo is 18 and 21 for the riverboat casinos.



The state has over a dozen commercial casinos, one tribal casino, seven poker rooms, a lottery, and charity gaming. However, there is sports betting or online gambling in Missouri. The age to participate in charity gaming is 16, 18 for the state lottery, and 21for the casinos.



You'll find several modest tribal casinos and bars in Montana with poker tables and video lottery machines. The state also has a lottery. But table games are illegal. Online and mobile gambling are also illegal. The legal age for gambling in Montana is 18. However, most places with poker tables and video lottery machines have the age at 21.



The state lottery, charity bingo, keno, and horse racing are the only forms of legal gambling in Nebraska. The state prohibits online and mobile gambling. The minimum age is 18 for betting on horse races and charity games, and for keno and the state lottery, it's 19.



Famous for its fabulous glamorous casinos and sportsbooks galore, every type of gambling is legal in Nevada. Online gambling in the state includes online poker, sports betting, and horse race betting. But, online casinos are not yet legal. The legal age for charity gambling in Nevada is 18, and for everything else, it's 21.


New Hampshire

The state lottery, charity gaming, and horse racing are the only legal gambling in New Hampshire. However, charity games can include poker, and online horse race betting is allowed. To play the lottery or bingo in the state, the minimum age is 18, and for charity poker and horse racing, it's 21.


New Jersey

The state offers horse racing, a lottery, sports betting, and the famous casino resorts in Atlantic City. Also, New Jersey has legalized every type of online gambling, from poker, casino games, sports betting, daily fantasy sports, and horse racing. The legal age for horse racing, and charity gaming is 18. The legal age for the Atlantic City casinos is 21.


New Mexico

Dozens of tribal casinos and two commercial casinos, with a full range of table games and slot machines, can be found in New Mexico. The state also features a lottery and horse racing, and the only online gambling is off-track horse betting. The legal age is 18 for horse racing and the lottery and 21 to play at the casinos.


New York

The state has nearly two dozen casinos, primarily in Western and Upstate New York. There is also a state lottery, horse racing, and charity gaming. However, online gambling in New York has not yet been legalized. To play the lottery and or bet on the horses, you must be 18. The legal age for playing in a casino is 18-21. There is no minimum age in New York for charity gaming.


North Carolina

The Cherokee tribe owns and operates the two casinos in the state. These casinos only offer electronic table games, slot games that require skill and video poker. North Carolina also has a state lottery and charitable bingo and raffles. There is no minimum for charity bingo or raffles, and the minimum age for the lottery is 18. You must be 21 to play at the tribal casinos. 


North Dakota

The state lottery, tribal casinos, horse racing, and charity gaming, are all legal. Charity games can include blackjack. Horse racing is the only form of online betting in North Dakota. Players must be 18 to play the lottery and to bet on live horse racing. For the tribal casinos and off-track betting, the age is 21.



The state has seven racinos and four casino resorts. In addition, there are eight horse racing tracks and the state lottery. The only online gambling in Ohio is off-track horse betting. You must be 18 to play the lottery or to bet on the horse races, and 21 to play in the casinos.



There are five dozen tribal casinos on reservation land in Oklahoma, with many along the Texas border. There are also charity bingo halls, the state lottery, and horse racing. Off-track betting on the horses is the only online gambling in the state. For all gambling, the minimum age is 18, except for gambling in casinos that serve alcohol, then it is 21. 



The state has a lottery, horse racing, and several casino resorts on tribal land. Oregon also has online horse race betting and sports betting. But, online casinos are not yet legal in Oregon. The legal gambling age is 18, and 21 for video lottery machines and casinos that serve alcohol.



The state has a lottery, horse racing, off-track betting, charity gaming, and a dozen casinos, including three luxurious casino resorts. Internet off-track horse betting and online casinos and are available. The legal age is 18 for charity bingo, the lottery, and horse racing. To play in the casinos, you must be 21.


Rhode Island

There is the state lottery, charity games, and two horse racing tracks, one of which offers slot machines and table games. Rhode Island also has both retail and online sports betting. However, online casinos are not allowed. The legal gambling age across the board is 18.


South Carolina

The only legal gambling in the state is the state lottery and charity bingo. The legal age for those is 18.


South Dakota

You can find casinos in the town of Deadwood, on Indian reservations. Sports betting and horse racing are also available. Online gambling is off-track horse racing. You must be 18 in South Dakota to buy lottery tickets. The minimum age to play video lottery machines, sports betting, horse and casino gambling is 21.



The state recently legalized sports betting, and there is a state lottery, but there are no casinos in Tennessee. However, online sports betting, daily fantasy sports, and horse race betting are all legal. The gambling age is 18.



The only casino in Texas is the Kickapp tribal casino near the Mexican border. Other than that, Texas has horse racing, the state lottery, and charity bingo. The only online gambling is pari-mutuel horse betting. The legal age for playing the lottery and bingo is 18, and 21 for the Kickapoo Casino and horse race betting.



Gambling of any kind is illegal.



The state has a lottery, with video lottery machines placed in convenience stores. There are also charity raffles and bingo games. Vermont has no casinos, and no racetracks, but off-track horse betting from other states is legal. Online casinos and sports betting are not legal. The legal age is 18 in Vermont.



Since there are no casinos in the state, the lottery and charity games are the only live gambling in Virginia. There are no horse tracks in the state, but if there were, you could bet on the horses. Fortunately, retail and online sports betting were recently made legal. The state has authorized five commercial casinos which could be built in Virginia, but they have yet to break ground. The legal gambling age is 18.



The state has a lottery, several tribal casino resorts, poker rooms, and charitable gaming. While there are plenty of ways to gamble in-person, online gambling has yet to become legal in Washington State. The legal gambling age is 18, but, at some casinos that serve alcohol, the age is 21.


Washington DC

The nation's capital has a lottery, but that's it. The legal age is 18.


West Virginia

The state has a state lottery, charity gaming, poker rooms, and half a dozen casinos. There is also horse and greyhound racing. Also, West Virginia has legalized online poker, online casinos, and sports betting. To play the lottery charity games, or bet on racing, the legal age is 18. For video lottery machines, sports betting and casino gambling, the legal age is 21.



There are around two dozen tribal casinos in Wisconsin. There are also charity bingo games and the state lottery. While it's legal to bet on horses and greyhound racing, there are no tracks in the state. But, you can bet on races in other states online. Besides race betting, there is no other online gambling legal in Wisconsin. For charity bingo games, the state lottery, and racing, the legal gambling age is 18. But, to gamble in the tribal casinos, you must be at least 21



The state has three tribal casinos, horse racing with off-track betting, and a state lottery. No online gambling is allowed in Wyoming. The legal age is 18.

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