5 Great Things about the University of Massachusetts Essential Gambling Research
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5 Great Things about the University of Massachusetts Essential Gambling Research

5 Great Things about the University of Massachusetts Essential Gambling Research

No matter your personal opinion on gambling, it’s hard to deny the sheer importance of imposing strict standards and regulations that, among other things, protect gamblers from harm. 

The gaming world brings unique issues and challenges to overcome, such as illicit gaming practices and the potential for addiction and adverse habits. 

Of course, players themselves invest much time in learning how to avoid gambling errors, but the greater gambling environment and the increasing popularity of online casinos means serious, incisive industry-wide research is also required more than ever. 

Thanks to a trend toward legalization of gambling in many states, both the stigmatization and negativity surrounding the gaming world is dissipating. Thankfully, however, more and more universities and research teams are starting to spend time looking into gambling from a scientific point of view.

This is essential for the progress of the gaming world as a whole.

An area of gambling research that has received a lot of attention recently is the long-term effect of gambling on society and individuals. This is such an essential part of gaming to analyze, as the long-term effects have not previously been noted in much detail. This area of study, rooted in academia, will also make a fair evaluation; it looks at both the positive and negative effects on both individual gamblers and the state. 

Studies in other states have previously examined the demand for gambling venues and the ensuing constitutional responsibility of policing them, but this kind of examination that looks at societal effects is long overdue and is certainly new for Massachusetts.  

The University of Massachusetts’s Amherst research team has received a notable grant to help them in their studies. 

In this article, we’re going to be examining five key points about the grant and research that any avid gambling fan should be aware of.


1. The contract was granted by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission

The contract and resulting funding for this particular research were granted to the Amherst team by the Massachusetts Gaming Commission, as noted in this article. This makes a lot of sense, as the research is fundamentally geared toward the Massachusetts community, with studies looking at casinos like MGM Springfield.


2. The numbers in this contract go well into the millions

The amount of money that has been awarded in this contract is quite astonishing, especially considering the fact that gambling is not a widely studied field. As this CDC Gaming Reports article notes, the numbers in this contract go well into the millions of dollars, with $1 million dollars per year being given across three years, with the potential for renewals.


3. The research will be taking a proactive look toward the future

Something that’s great to see with this research effort is that it’s taking a positive, proactive look towards the future. This is incredibly important, as it means that the findings will be relevant for much longer as the world of gambling changes and adapts. This level of research will also form a basis for pinpointing global trends to be aware of. 

What emerges from one state’s research results will be useful for not only Massachusetts, but the whole world of gambling, which is growing exponentially both online and offline. 

It also means that newer forms of gambling (like mobile casinos) will be taken into account as well, which makes the results of these studies even more relevant.


4. General aims of this research include the protection of gamblers

This research team clearly has a lot of aims, but one of the most important aims is to help spot any potential negative aspects of gaming in order to protect gamblers and to keep them safe. This is one of the main reasons for regulating gambling of course, as unregulated gambling can lead to incredibly unsafe and potentially illicit activities.


5. Existing research has already taken place from this team

A final point to note is that this particular team already has some fantastic experience in this particular area of research, greatly contributing toward the industry’s general recognition of sector-wide trends that will impact every state. 

The Amherst team has notably looked into baseline conditions in the area before casinos were involved, and other work in the area of Plainville. It will be intriguing to see the results at the end of this project.



As you can see, this new injection of funding into the gambling research world is sure to be incredibly beneficial, not just for the state of Massachusetts, but for the gaming world as a whole. The more research into the effects of gambling, the better levels of protection and regulation officials can provide to help keep gamers safe and secure.

We’re sure to see even more research in this field as more places around the world start to accept gambling into their communities. While the stigmatization of gaming has been dropping dramatically, gambling has not been fully accepted everywhere yet. Yet, as we move further into 2020, this is bound to change.

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