The US Casino Market Is Still Growing. Here’s Why
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The US Casino Market Is Still Growing. Here’s Why

The US Casino Market Is Still Growing. Here’s Why

The simple answer is that it all comes down to the internet. You could point fingers at COVID-19 as contributing to the explosion of online gambling and you wouldn’t be far off the mark. The combination of self-isolation and social distancing created by the pandemic protocols and high-speed internet has resulted in the perfect storm for online casinos to experience a surge of interest and activity. In this article, we will explore this trending change to the gaming landscape and see where it’s going.

New Technology Paves The Way

 In early March 2021, as seen on, a research report from Technavio was released. In it, was information that stated the world of digital casinos and gambling markets are projected to increase by $82.09 billion between the years of 2020 and 2024. That is an indication of serious growth. The majority of that growth and this is a no-brainer, will be coming from the online market. It’s happened overseas and the UK Gaming Commission verifies that the online market is growing at a pace that no one anticipated, projected, or expected. The fact that online gambling is shifting more into the mainstream has also contributed to a shift of sorts regarding how we view gambling as a whole. It is no longer considered taboo. It’s a hobby, or pastime that almost anyone can enjoy and has created some of the most interesting partnerships recently. For example, the notoriously family-friendly entity of Walt Disney Company signed a multi-year partnership deal through its wholly-owned subsidiary ESPN to provide sports betting services to properties owned and operated by Caesars Entertainment. The players in the background that will form the foundation of the Disney/Caesars pact include the online casino and gaming developers such as Scientific Games Corporation, Playgon Games, and sports gambling industry leader DraftKings.

The Live Dealer Option

Speaking of innovation and new technology, one interesting factor is drawing a great deal of attention at online casinos. It is known as the live dealer option. What this does is gives players a much more realistic experience. In other words, instead of gambling at a digital poker table with an automated dealer or bot of some kind, a “real” live dealer is involved. Players claim that this is a closer replication of the true game experience one would have if sitting at a live poker table in Atlantic City, Las Vegas, or wherever your local brick-and-mortar casino happens to be located. Currently, one of the leaders in the live dealer environment is Playgon Games of Las Vegas. They are based out of a state-of-the-art studio and have generated such a demand for their live dealer offerings that the company has chosen to expand by doubling their existing table capacity. This is a good thing and obviously a direction that has grown some legs. You can (pardon the pun) bet that this is just the beginning. Plus, considering Playgon recently inked a distribution deal with SWINTT Malta (a subsidiary of the Giltnor Group of Malta, the Playgon live dealer is going to get a lot of exposure throughout Europe and Asia. 

What They Had To Say

According to Playgon CEO Darcy Krogh, European exposure is going to be much more than just a foot in the door. “This relationship will see us greatly expand the reach of our Live Dealer product and we look forward to introducing our games to their wide base of customers.” SWINTT Chief Commercial Officer David Mann adds, “Live dealer is a staple need for our growing client base at SWINTT. Playgon’s mobile-first approach and unique offering is well aligned with our strategy to bring innovative content to the market.” The agreement between the two parties grants SWINTT the rights to license and market Playgon’s proprietary mobile-first Live Dealer along with their E-Table Casino Games to its iGaming clients.

Playpen Is Also Dabbling In Baccarat

The timing of the Live Dealer partnership was significant as it occurred almost immediately following the soft launch of Playgon’s proprietary Tiger Bonus Baccarat game that the company hopes will gain a foothold in the Asian gaming market. Playgon President Guido Ganschow says, “Baccarat is the world’s biggest casino table game by the sheer amount wagered. I have seen baccarat grow considerably over the last fifteen years and Asian high rollers have made baccarat their game of choice.” He adds, “With our mobile-first approach and the unique gameplay of Tiger Bonus Baccarat we have found a perfect mix between convention and innovation that is vital to gain traction with Asian players.”

Baccarat Is Also Growing Online

Again, with credit going to COVID-19 and the internet, interest in baccarat has increased considerably in a short period. With many new players coming online in markets such as Macau, baccarat has quickly become one of the most profitable games on the planet. Revenues in Macau, as an example, have increased from US$3.19 billion in 2009 to US$15.13 billion a decade later. Add to this the Live Dealer option and it does take much imagination to picture what the future could hold for Playgon and online gaming in general.

In Conclusion

If there has been a blessing to come from the lockdowns and restrictions that have impacted our lives as a result of COVID-19, discovering online gambling could be it. With a market that continues to grow and software developers who have taken the opportunity to create innovative gaming options such as the Live Dealer created by Playgon, there is a lot of interesting things to do online during self-isolation. The attraction to online gaming is so strong that even family-friendly organizations like the Walt Disney Company are getting on board with the trend that seems to be changing the way we entertain ourselves while surfing the web. Digital casino games like poker just seem to have evolved at the right time. What will happen once the world is protected by vaccines? That’s anybody’s guess but one thing is for certain, online gaming is here to stay and will continue to grow for the next several years.


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