The Different Types of Slot Machine Games You May Want to Give a Try
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The Different Types of Slot Machine Games You May Want to Give a Try

The Different Types of Slot Machine Games You May Want to Give a Try

Whether you’re new to the gambling scene or not, you’ll likely be playing a game of slots at some point. This is typically the favorite of casual players and even beginners because it’s a simple yet fun game. You don’t need to take a lot of time to study how it works and it’s great to play if you only want to rely on your luck.

You can also easily tell that slot machine games are the favorites of many gamblers. These days, many online casinos in the USA for real money have a huge selection of slot games. There are even casino sites that would only offer slot machine games. With the many varieties of this game that you can play, it’s simply hard to get bored of it.

However, the truth is that every time we are given a plethora of options for almost anything, it could be hard to choose which the best choice is. When it comes to slot machine games, there are different types that you can choose from and we’ll let you know about the ones online that are popular.

Classic Slots

Classic slots are also called single-slot games and this is the type of game that you should play if you’ve never played any slots before. It’s the simplest form of slots with only three reels. Also, you won’t need to memorize any combinations to understand if you’re about to win or not. To win big, all you need is to land on three similar symbols.

However, since it only has three reels, it’s a game that’s not as rewarding as the other types of slot machine games. The chance of losing everything or winning big is of high variance which can pose a lot of risks. Still, it’s the best option if you want the simplest form of slots.

Video Slots

Video slots are also known as five-reel slots and this is the most popular type of slots that are played on the best USA online casinos today. This is especially the case for online casinos. It’s also a direct and simple type of slot machine game but it’s more rewarding than the classic type.

Since it has five reels, it has more pay lines which increase your chances of winning. It’s also not too complicated even if it has more symbols compared to the classic slots. You just really have to take note of the lines and winning combos to understand if you have a chance of winning while the reels are spinning,

Anyway, it’s something that you shouldn’t be troubled about so much because the majority of video slots these days would have special graphics and sound effects if you’re close to winning. About graphics, this is also something that many players are attracted to and popular five-reel slots usually don’t disappoint. Some of the best five-reel slots are from developers like NetEnt and Microgaming.

Progressive Slots

If you already have quite the experience in playing slot machine games then you’re most likely focused on profiting now. If this is the case, the kind of slots you should be playing has to be the ones with huge jackpots and this is exactly what progressive slots are.

When playing this type of game, every time you place a wager, a part of it goes to the jackpot or prize pool. Most platforms would display how much jackpot is at stake if you are to play and know that the accumulated jackpot is from different operators.

Understand that a progressive slot machine game doesn’t have to be exclusive to one operator. Developers could supply the game to other sites too and this is why the most popular progressive slot games online today could have a jackpot worth millions of dollars. An example is NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slots with €17,861,800 as its highest payout.

Interactive Slots

If you want to play a game that has a storyline while you attempt to win real money, you may want to check out interactive slots. Usually, it would allow you to play slots with multi-reels which means you may encounter different types of slot machine games as you progress.

Just think that this type of game is a crossover off slots and video games which could have great graphics and stories to tell. Usually, when playing an interactive slot machine game, you may trigger bonus stages wherein you could participate in mini-games. These bonus stages could increase your odds of earning more.

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