What You Need to Know About the Bill to Legalize Sports Gambling in Washington
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What You Need to Know About the Bill to Legalize Sports Gambling in Washington

What You Need to Know About the Bill to Legalize Sports Gambling in Washington

Sports betting has become a hot topic as of late, with many people fervently pushing for it to be fully legalized--and with many others fiercely opposing it. It’s a push-pull almost worthy of a few wagers in itself. 

The gambling world has exploded in popularity in recent years, with more people looking for new and exciting ways to get their gaming fix in countries all across the globe. The sheer number of incisive websites and reviews for online casinos is the clear evidence of that; these kinds of sites work have to flat out just to keep abreast of the many emergent online gambling and betting brands.

American gamblers have been witnessing some particularly great changes recently, especially in the realms of sports betting and gambling. States like New Jersey have become prominent hubs for sports fans and gaming lovers alike, with many fun games and gambling opportunities available.

While many people enjoy a regular table game such as craps or roulette, most bettors equally welcome a chance at sports betting within their own state. And they really just want the same kind of sports betting access that they know other states enjoy.

One state that’s been particularly noteworthy in trying to get on an equal footing is Washington.

This state has been making strides in the gaming world lately, with the bid to legalize sports betting drawing even closer. Local gambling fans and online casinos alike have been watching this story unfold with bated breath, with some people believing that the movement may be passed to legalize sports gambling within the year.


The Movement in Washington State

There’s never been a more exciting time to be a gambler in Washington. All of the right steps are being taken in this state to ensure that sports gambling could be potentially brought into action in a safe, legal and enjoyable way, which is wonderful news.

Of course, it’s abundantly clear that sports betting really shakes up any state’s gambling landscape, but it’s also as plain as day that all bettors would like to have access to betting on the games and sports they love within their own locales. 

Recently, the sports gambling notion HB 2638 was voted to be brought up early by a House appropriations committee. This means that the bill will be looked at by mid-March 2020, toward the end of the year’s legislative session. This is incredibly exciting news for the gambling world and could be life-changing for some local companies, casinos or gaming providers. It’s also going to be of great interest to new online casinos still in the throes of product selection and strategic development. 

As this Seattle Times article notes, one of the most important next steps to take would be to get the companion bill SB 6394 approved by the Senate. This means that this exciting notion could potentially be presented to Governor Jay Inslee in very quick time this year. 

The people backing this bill noted that they’re aiming for a quick delivery of the movement.

Rep. Strom Peterson, D-Edmonds noted in an interview after the recent vote that he wants the Senate-related aspect of this movement to happen in good time. He noted the immense support that the movement had, and how he was valuing communication between all parties relating to the bill above all else, which is very positive to hear.

There has been fantastic support for the movement already, and it has been uniting people from different political parties which has been interesting to see. It’s not always common for representatives from different parties to be interested in supporting the same bill, but the movement to legalize sports gambling in Washington has certainly united a number of people.

Of course, this movement is raising the same objections and discourse that any previous gambling legalization movement has faced beforehand. People are worried that the rise of sports gambling may lead to more people getting hooked on gaming, or that the legislation has not been put together properly. It’s also evident that plenty of casinos and gaming companies have found themselves on a sticky wicket by not getting the legislation in place. As many gaming providers have learned the hard way, losing a license is probably a simpler thing than acquiring one. 

To this argument, however, supporters of the pro sports-gambling movement have been highlighting how beneficial sports gambling would be for the state in terms of revenue, employment opportunities and--most importantly--regulation and protection of gamblers. It seems like a very positive and well put-together movement so far, and it will be interesting to see where the Senate bill takes it next. 


 As you can see, Washington is certainly one of the main states to watch for the American gambling crowd. It seems incredibly promising, with plenty of people backing the movement and the right legal decisions being put into place soon; these can only assist local companies and gambling providers to have all the right foundations for success. 

Generally speaking, it’s set to be a great year for the gaming and sports betting worlds as a whole. As the stigmatization surrounding gaming dies down and more legal, innovative gaming companies start to rise up with the growth of trends such as live-dealer gaming, we’re surely going to see some wonderful developments taking place in these exciting industries. 

Where will the American gambling world be by 2021? Only time will tell. 

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