SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator Launches New Campaign for Online Casino Axecasino
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SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator Launches New Campaign for Online Casino Axecasino

SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator Launches New Campaign for Online Casino Axecasino

On Thursday last week, the management of SOFTSWISS made an announcement informing the market and industry players that its Jackpot Aggregator would be expanding its client portfolio through its online casino Axecasino. According to the details shared during the announcement, the aggregator decided to launch the jackpot campaign as a way of attracting and retaining online casino players. 

The online casino industry is expanding rapidly and this has been attributed to a general change in lifestyle and life priorities. People have reduced the time they spend on casino houses but they still want to gamble with as much ease, convenience, and transparency. This is why a vibrant online casino presence is necessary. New Jersey has already taken the need a notch further by legalizing the subcategory. 

Axecasino runs its operations courtesy of an eGaming License from Curacao. The brand is involved in the provision of games developed by big brands such as SOFTSWISS. Together with the Jackpot Aggregator, this online-based casino has been running a campaign known as 'Axecasino Jackpot Game', which comprises three independent levels; Standard, Mega, and Colossal.

While looking back on what the collaboration has achieved so far, the team at Axecasino stated what a great pleasure it has been working alongside the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator team. When starting out, the two teams had discussed the greater plan as well as the optimal jackpot settings for the joint project. As the plan appeared to move along well, the teams came to an agreement regarding the design and the next step was handing over the project. 

Towards the end of the planning stage, it was clear that everything was moving as had been laid out. The Axecasino team felt that there was a need to make some changes to the design but time was not on their side. The SOFTSWISS team did not object to this and that is what brought forth the current version. The Axecasino team is grateful for the cooperation they have enjoyed and considers it a great pleasure to have worked with SOFTSWISS. 

When an established business partners with another that is not as popular, the effect is a sudden focus on the new company. People that had previously not paid attention to the small player will suddenly take notice because a big brand did it first. The challenge for most small casino businesses is to convince the established brands to have joint projects. 

The idea of joint ventures and the subsequent success they achieve cannot be underestimated. It is mostly a mutually beneficial deal and involved parties often report increased market share, enhanced business, and increase brand presence. When the market is done by an established brand on behalf of a new one, the speed with which they settle into the market is greatly reduced. 

With so much positive vibe flying around the Axecasino team, one wonders what the other team feels about working on a project with them. Speaking for the team was the Head of the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator, Aliaskei Douhin, who has a strong opinion on the level of success achieved. Douhin is convinced that multipurpose tool has so far achieved "a strong foothold in the iGaming industry not only for the product but also the team that drives such collaborations."

Commenting on the latest partnership, Douhin spoke of how happy the team was for being able to assist their clients to achieve their goals by deeply immersing themselves in the process. Every member of the team is a strong partner who has dedicated their time to supporting their customers by guiding them in every step. They are also actively involved in helping to assimilate fresh experiences and unveil winning combinations. It is not all the time that a casino experience offers a jackpot unless it is within the slots. The players of Axecasino understand too well what their offering is about. 

What is the SOFTSWISS Jackpot Aggregator?

This is described as a great marketing tool that is instrumental in the running of jackpot campaigns designed for online casinos. Based on reports from companies with jackpot campaigns, SOFTSWISS assists iGaming brands to achieve their goals which include acquisition of players, player engagement and retention. 

The success of any casino business lies in its ability to attract as many players as possible, get them to create profiles, and then encourage them to spend real money playing online games. This goes hand in hand with engaging players at an individual level. Players converge in casinos where they are treated as owners and not just patrons. Casinos are definitely in it for the money but this is not what the customer wants to see as their main point of focus. 

There have been recent Jackpot Aggregator campaigns taking place in legalized gambling markets around the US. The most outstanding component about them is the impressive results posted – a rise in the average bet sum per player and other key parameters. Another key indicator of a highly successful gambling market is the number of pending licenses at the regulatory authority offices. 

It is impossible not to speak about problem gambling anytime there is a discussion of betting in general. It is true that gambling can easily grow into an addiction, especially for those that lack a proper plan for playing and spending. What do you do when you realize that you are hooked on gambling? Luckily, there is help out there for those who need it – even for their families. 

Final Thoughts

As the global gambling scene evolves, the market is seeing more brands investing in revolutionary products. The current wave comprises of online casinos that have proven to be as versatile as they are dynamic. The products in the market right now cater to the needs of all types of players so there is no excuse for a New Jersey resident not to have a profile with one of the betting brands.

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