Rockstar Just Opened up the First Casino in Grand Theft Auto Online
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Rockstar Just Opened up the First Casino in Grand Theft Auto Online

Rockstar Just Opened up the First Casino in Grand Theft Auto Online

Grand Theft Auto Online has formally opened the game’s casino, six years after it was officially launched.

Rockstar opened The Diamond Casino & Resort to players on July 23 with its own set of storyline missions.

The casino has existed in the game since it was first put on the market but has remained empty, until now.

The launch was lost for years within the game’s online data-mining and an inevitable detour into gambling law.

Debates started a few years back, arguing whether game-based gambling needed to be regulated in the same way that it is in real life. 

Worldwide debates considering the place that loot boxes hold in the online gambling world are still raging.

Loot boxes are virtual items that are redeemed for online prizes. Many believe they could be dangerous for children, so much so that senator Josh Hawley introduced the ‘Protecting Children from Abusive Games Act’ in May.

If passed, the law will stop games marketed towards children from implementing any pay-to-win mechanisms. All games would be forbidden from selling loot boxes to children. 

In a statement, Sens. Richard Blumenthal endorsed the bill.

He said: “Congress must send a clear warning to app developers and tech companies: Children are not cash cows to exploit for profit.”

Senator Ed Markey agreed. He said: “Today’s digital entertainment ecosystem is an online gauntlet for children.

“Inherently manipulative game features that take advantage of kids and turn playtime into pay time should be out of bounds.”

New Zealand and Belgium regulators also looked into the impact of loot boxes, with Belgium determining that Overwatch’s loot boxes constituted a form of gambling.

GTA has been caught up in the argument for a while now but has finally gone ahead under the fact that it is listed as an M-rated game which means, in a perfect world, it should only be played by adults.

Despite the ability to put real money into the game, users cannot get a cash payout.

Rockstar isn’t the first casino to experience problems this year: Wells Fargo recently sued a tribal casino over failure to repay loans.

The casino went live with a 3.5GB download; it can be found on the corner of Vinewood Park Drive and Mirror Park Boulevard.

Players can purchase both standard and VIP memberships.

It is set to host Three Card Poker, Blackjack, Roulette, slot machines, virtual horse racing, and a lucky wheel.

A Master Penthouse sits on the top of the casino that grants access to VIP lounges, high-limit tables, and a range of exclusive services including aircraft and limousines.

Owning the Master Penthouse will give players the chance to unlock new storylines.

It is hoped that a new range of vehicles, clothes, and tasks will become available in the near future. 

The gaming casino is set to really change the future of gambling in 2019.

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