Resorts World Las Vegas Inks Ground-Breaking Cryptocurrency Alliance
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Resorts World Las Vegas Inks Ground-Breaking Cryptocurrency Alliance

Resorts World Las Vegas Inks Ground-Breaking Cryptocurrency Alliance

There hasn’t been any new construction project to launch on the Strip for almost a decade. But the launch of Resorts World Las Vegas is going to change all that. Resorts World has been under construction and planning for more than 7 years. However, the resort is finally ready to welcome its first guests on June 24th.

It has already begun taking reservations for more than the 3,500 rooms that are available across 3 of its Hilton-branded hotels. This first ground up resort, the first on the Strip in at least 10 years, comes with a whole host of innovations. The most notable of these innovations is the resort’s dynamic LED façade that’s facing the iconic Las Vegas Boulevard. The 100,000 square foot display is the largest LED display in the country.

Apart from the remarkable display, Resorts World also recently made headlines when it entered into a revolutionary cryptocurrency alliance with Gemini Trust Company. This is the first partnership of its kind with any casino operator in the country that will allow guests at the Resorts to use their cryptocurrency wallets to access services in the resorts’ 3 hotels. With this partnership, Genting Malaysia, which owns the resorts hopes to transform Resorts World Las Vegas into the most crypto-friendly casinos on the Strip.

Plans to integrate cryptocurrency payments have not been officially released yet. However, the management of Resorts World has stated that guests will be able to use a wide range of cryptocurrencies to access services including Ethereum, Bitcoin and DeFi tokens. 

There aren’t very many cryptocurrency casinos in the market. As such, in forging a partnership with Gemini Trust, Resorts World has managed to make itself even more appealing than it already was, especially to the younger, more tech-savvy traveler that prefers anonymity and confidentiality above all else. Even though cryptocurrencies have been around for a while now, the highly volatile nature of Blockchain technology is something that has always warded off casinos and other businesses.

But cryptocurrencies aren’t just a trend as they were 5 or 10 years ago. Today, the Bitcoin and Ethereum booms have continually pushed mainstream retailers into accepting crypto payments and crypto tokens and Resorts World is looking to cash in on this affluent opportunity to diversify itself in the already saturated casino market on the Strip.


So how exactly do crypto casinos work?

Crypto casinos work just like any form of online or retail casino betting. However, most casinos offering crypto only offer the service for sports wagering, online betting, as well as spread wagering and not for traditional casino games like roulette. Thanks to its ability to offer punters anonymity and ease of transfer, crypto is fast becoming the preferred form of payment for most punters. 

Crypto payments are anonymous in the sense that they allow a user to hold several crypto addresses without having to reveal their identity. Because there aren’t many cryptocurrency casinos on the Strip, Resorts World Las Vegas will be able to attract the hordes of tourists arriving looking to spend what’s in their wallets. 

Whether travelers are looking to use their cryptocurrencies or convert their dollars into crypto, being the only casino on the Strip to support this service will enable the Resorts World brand to attract the next generation of gamblers while providing them with a 21st wagering and traveling experience.

Only other 2 downtown casinos accept crypto payments in select areas such as dining, the gift shop, the front desk and reservations- the D, as well as Golden Gate Casino. However, unlike Resorts World which is hoping to welcome all currencies, the D and Golden Gate only accept US dollars.


What other innovations await travelers at Resorts World Las Vegas?

As the first fully constructed hotel on the Strip in more than a decade, Resorts World promises to be one of the most technologically advanced hotels yet thanks to its use of innovative technology across the resort. The primary goal is to provide the modern guest with advanced guest experience that they will be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

To bring this vision to reality, Resorts World has partnered up with tech company UrVenu, which powers contactless, self-service bookings and operations for some of the biggest hospitality brands in the world.

As you may already be aware, the hospitality industry is undergoing a renaissance of sorts and is being forced to completely rethink guest interactions, how shared spaces are used, as well as the risks brought about by high touch surfaces. Resorts World’s partnership with UrVenue will guarantee that the guest experience is streamlined by reducing contact significantly.

The reality of things is that many guests now demand contactless operations and Resorts World will be able to meet this demand without any problems. UrVenue will be available for guests across the resorts’ venues including the pool complex as well as the nightclubs. With UrVenue, guests will utilize interactive 3D booking maps that guests can use to book any experience that they want from any point of the resort thus bundling up their experiences with the single touch of a button.

And it’s not just contactless technology that will make Resorts World Las Vegas the most advanced hotel on the Strip. For gaming, Resorts World has partnered up with Konami Gaming as the resort’s exclusive gaming system management provider. Resorts World will use Konami’s system known as Synkros to streamline while managing all the gaming operations.

Synkros is one of the most progressive systems in the market and no other hotel or casino resort on the Strip utilizes this technology. Reinventing the hospitality experience on the Strip is one of the strategies that Resorts World is banking on to draw in visitors in their masses.


Final Thoughts

The launch of Resorts World Vegas will bring with it a wave of cutting edge technology, conveniences and amenities to visitors that have been waiting for the world to return to its pre-pandemic levels. As more people are vaccinated, the Strip is expected to regain its lost glory as the entertainment capital of the world; and Resorts World Las Vegas will be present to reap all the benefits.

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