Realistic Games’ Pablo Rubio: Keeping Products Fresh in Online Slots
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Realistic Games’ Pablo Rubio: Keeping Products Fresh in Online Slots

Realistic Games’ Pablo Rubio: Keeping Products Fresh in Online Slots

Senior Product Manager of Realistic Games, Pablo Rubio, recently gave his views on what he thought were the main tips for keeping slot releases fresh and players engaged. When asked to provide a background of Realistic Games, he covered the initial days of the company and his take on the journey so far. 

The company first opened its doors in 2002 meaning that it had been at the core of the industry from the start. Over the course of the last two decades, the company had undergone various changes as it struggled to navigate evolving demands of the gambling market. 

Reiterating what one of the founders of Realistic Games once said, Rubio reported that the company management is happy to create and offer games that no one else would dare. Given this tradition, the company has been a master of creating memorable customer experiences. On the issue of ensuring that games are attractive and fresh all the time, the product manager said that is was a matter of striking a balance between innovations and emerging trends. Although there is no one that could claim control over the performance of a game, it is possible for a game to be successful in terms of reach and effect

The traditional casino setup as we know it is gradually changing – the preference is heavily on online gaming. Some of the features that make casino games so enticing are the nature of games, interactions with the player, social casino games, multiplier sessions, and community jackpots. Realistic Games has an experienced team that understands the needs of players to create games in line with what they need. Due to the company’s belief in innovation, even the seemingly successful game mechanic, has a degree of a differentiating factor. 

In fact, there is nothing new in the world to see and the trick is to do that which one is tasked with diligence.   For everything that exists, it is most likely a tipping point where all the options are on the table. Some games do well while others just debut on the flopping gear – all scenarios are fine so long as those at the helm have given their all. 

The future of online slots technology

As far as the next technological wonder is concerned, everyone is eager to see what the slots of the future will look like. Well, no one can tell for sure because some old games continue to thrive amid a sea of newer and advanced versions. Some games have done well not because the technology they have been built on is superior but because the approach to delivery and distribution is different. One thing is for sure – the online casino is adopting social and community structures.

Based on the high interaction levels of some influencer videos, multiplayer sessions, community jackpots, and social casino games, industry stakeholders can find hints of the direction of the industry. Looking at the gaming scene, the issue of game theme stands prominently. Why do some themes perform better than others? The first factor in play is comfort – it could be a movie or food that one indulges in whenever comfort is needed. It is the same with slot games – even though many people are enticed by new games, they are held back by the comfort of playing a game they are used to. 

The art of storytelling is used in many industries to communicate subject matter and it also works in slot games. Why do you think Aztec and Egyptian games are so successful? A lot of people secretly dream of finding a real treasure map and after going through all the courses, emerge with actual treasure. Slots that offer this kind of experience do better in the market compared to others – most jackpots are won on themed slots. The pattern is now clear that for a slot to be received well in the market, it must have a great story behind it. Obviously, the amount of work put into creating a slot is directly proportional to its level of success. 

What has Realistic Games planned for 2023?

Rubio revealed that the current year’s roadmap is quite ambitious ad this will without a doubt excite loyal players. The plan is to not only increase the number of games created but also the quality of games added to the company’s portfolio. The market might still be warming up to a very engaging chili-themed game in January called Chilli Master, and they have just released a completely renovated keno game, Keno Deluxe. 

There are plans to have another slot released in May by the name, Catch 22. This game promises to offer a completely fresh experience on fishing-themed games, with more fish prices and frustration-free feature experience.

As the year is still relatively new, the idea is to sit back and enjoy what the developers at Realistic Games have in store. There is a long pipeline of games each at a different phase of production – the future will be characterized by release after release. Rubio insists that storytelling is a major component of the games they create. 

Titles such as Fortune Fortress, which is currently under design, have intertwined features and narratives and this is what they aim for in their upcoming games. The siege-themed slot has fixed jackpots and the only way for players to get inside the castle is to accumulate winnings. 


Keeping the range of products fresh for customers is what Rubio and his team have put in all their efforts to do. The company wants to give its players the power to enjoy the games in their own style. By enabling customization, players pick and choose what they feel offers value for their money and time. Without giving away too much, the senior product executive dared gambling enthusiasts to stay tuned to what the brand is preparing for them.

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