PSG Neymar Throws a Twitch Hissy Fit after Gambling Away Millions
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PSG Neymar Throws a Twitch Hissy Fit after Gambling Away Millions

PSG Neymar Throws a Twitch Hissy Fit after Gambling Away Millions

Every football fan around the world has at some point or the other heard of Neymar da Silva Santos Júnior, a famous soccer professional who signed up as a striker for Paris Saint-Germain. A few weeks ago, the soccer legend uploaded a video of him losing a million dollars playing online poker. Although an unfortunate turn of events, the events leading up to the loss were showcased in public for everyone to see. Twitch fans were the first to witness this misfortune which was broadcasted on a live channel. 

Although it was a shock for people to see the football star lose so much money on camera, the fact that the event was even captured in the first place is no accident. Neymar is a regular content creator on the Amazon-owned platform and being on camera was a normal incident for him. Interestingly, this is the player’s way of remaining connected to his fan base on days when he is not out in the field. His appearance on camera is courtesy of an association that exists between him and iGaming operator Blaze, as he serves as its ambassador.

In this latest stream, the PSG striker placed a large bet before proceeding to play an online poker game. Probed later about this move and what impact it had on his finances, Neymar revealed that the money that he had used as a bet all came from his own pocket. There is obviously no way that the public can confirm if what he said was true but it is safe to say that the player was utterly upset by the loss.

Right after the player confirmed that he had lost his money, Neymar appeared like he was about to break down in tears. Like any good friend would do, his friends mocked him for the loss – obviously cheering him up. This often helps because the loser allows themselves to laugh at their situation. Oblivious of what was going on in the mind of the PSG striker, his friends tried to trivialize the situation by playing a distorted version of “My Heart Will Go On,” Titanic’s theme song.

It is seen from the video that the player was able to pull through his emotional state and calm down – he was at some point seen laughing at the misfortune that had befallen him. Perhaps he accepted his fate instantly because he even mocked himself for losing the money by playing an air flute.                                                                                        

Losing sponsorship money

Considering that Neymar is a brand ambassador under Blaze, it is possible that the money he lost had been provided by his employer. Early reports indicate that Neymar used his own money for the bet but analysts doubt that an individual would want to broadcast his betting weaknesses in front of the entire world. It would make more sense if the money lost on camera was actually given to him by his betting sponsor. Due to his engagement with Blaze, the most plausible explanation is that he was given that money to promote the brand. 

Ordinarily, Twitch streamers who major in the slots category have the backing of a sponsor who is believed to pump funds into their accounts. This money is mainly to facilitate the activities of content creators in relation to brand activities. For many brands, empowering content creators this way means that they have enough muscle to represent them in whatever capacity that will grow their business. Whether this is true or not, it is a fact that social media users enjoy watching high rollers living out their lifestyles. 

Most young internet users are eager to see high numbers – perhaps as a motivator to work hard. However, very few viewers will actually go out and wager large sums of money on games. It is glorious to watch another person taking the risks you have always feared and this explains why watching the likes of Neymar do it is thrilling. The sponsors must have factored this when they provided the money to bet – in turn helping players to get over the fear of betting with big money. 

Even before he signed a contract with Blaze, Neymar was popular for his prowess both on the pitch and on the poker table. The soccer pro is no stranger to professional poker to the extent that he has participated in a variety of major poker events. It is not easy being a star in two areas but Neymar has come out clearly to influence young people positively. 

Within the football circles, Neymar is a frustrated man – following an injury he sustained in February, he continues to be sidelined by the management of PSG. He has even undergone surgery to address the injury but he is still in no shape to get back on the pitch. Downtime is quite important for the athlete to fully recover but it can be quite boring – no wonder he is making the most of his time shooting commercials. Currently, Twitch’s Slots category keeps him occupied and is also a source of income. 

Soccer is characterized by many instances of injury and this causes many players to stay inactive for a long time. Any form of injury that causes a player to stay off the pitch for a while must be thoroughly investigated. Adequate time for recovery must be allowed and this is the time for players to bounce back into shape.Neymar is obviously still in the recovery stage but that should not condemn him to a life of inactivity – this engagement with Blaze helps him to stay connected to his fans.

Final Thoughts

In other news making headlines in the industry, Twitch recently banned Sliker and removed him from their payroll. He had before the ban claimed that his account had been hacked. The content creator hit the headlines after taking thousands of dollars from his colleagues and viewers to gamble. Sponsors often shy away from associating with such incidents because they eventually tarnish their positive reputation which could very easily ruin business.

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