Popular Online Slot Streamer Trainwreck Leaves Twitch for New Streaming Platform Kick
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Popular Online Slot Streamer Trainwreck Leaves Twitch for New Streaming Platform Kick

Popular Online Slot Streamer Trainwreck Leaves Twitch for New Streaming Platform Kick

Tyler "Trainwreck" Niknam, one of the most well-known streamers on the platform, has moved to a new site called Kick in response to Twitch's recent ban on streams featuring unregulated online casinos. Trainwreck claimed that Twitch has "lost its grasp on reality" and is "going in the wrong direction" in response to the ban when sports betting, daily fantasy sports, and poker streams are still permitted. 

When the restriction on gambling took effect in October, Twitch provided the following justification: "Last year, we blocked providing links or referral codes to sites that offer slots, roulette, or dice games in order to combat frauds and other damages resulting from dubious gaming sites. It became obvious that some individuals were evading those regulations after seeing the effect of the change for the last year—and after speaking with you directly—and that further action was required.

Stake, Rollbit, Duelbits, and Roobet are four websites that Twitch expressly identified as being prohibited on its network when referring to the unlicensed online casinos it is pursuing. These four, and Stake in particular, gained a lot of popularity since individuals could easily wager on them from any location with tight gambling laws because of their usage of cryptocurrency.

As a result of broadcasters such as Trainwreck consistently wagering thousands of dollars in a single session while thousands of viewers watch, the "slots" category has made it into Twitch's top 10. As these channels are available to young and possibly vulnerable individuals, who can be enticed to go into over their heads due to how entertaining and lucrative the streamers make high-stakes gambling sound, Twitch has been under increasing pressure from streamers for enabling them.

To Trainwreck's credit, he does advise his audience against gambling, but he also earns millions because of those audience members. He acknowledged that he earned $360 million in 16 months pushing gambling before Twitch banned unregulated gaming. Not because he had won, but only because he had advertised gambling on his broadcasts.

Not just some startup?

The fact that Trainwrecks is moving to the startup Kick is one of the most intriguing aspects of the move. It seems that Stake owns a portion of the site, which may very well explain why Trainwreck is moving there and promoting its generous income split with streamers.

YouTuber "Coffeezilla," who describes himself as an "internet investigator," tweeted on Wednesday that a subreddit called "KickStreaming" was created by a person who may not have chosen "CalebStake" by coincidence. Moreover, Ed Craven, a co-founder of Stake, has expressed praise for the new streaming service Kick as well as freebies tied to it.

The most blatant piece of proof, however, is a job posting for a "Senior Game Artist" on LinkedIn from the software business Easygo, which states, in part, that Kick is a new initiative founded by the creators of Easygo and Stake.com with new studios in Australia and Europe.

While it hasn't been proven, it seems like Kick could be a streaming website that exists to advertise Stake's online gambling services. Considering this, it seems natural that Kick gives their streamers such a significant revenue split (95%, according to Trainwreck), considering that the company might quickly go out of business if it didn't drive traffic to Stake.

Playing Roulette Online

You can't go to any land-based or virtual casino without seeing roulette prominently displayed. With good reason, it's a classic among players of all experience levels. The "devil's wheel," as it is often known, is a deceptively simple game that anybody can learn to play and master. The fact that roulette is also a game of strategy makes it more than just a game of chance, which is why so many people like it. Winning in roulette requires a specific set of techniques and methods.

Although the game of roulette may seem straightforward at first glance, it is really rather challenging. The further you go into the game's rules and mechanics, the more layers of nuance you'll uncover. If you believe that a little ball, a dash of luck, and a spinning wheel are all you need to play and win at roulette, you're mistaken.

It's correct that you may play roulette without mastering the intricacies of the game's regulations. Experienced gamblers will attest to there being a proper method and a bad way to approach the roulette table. Like other casino table games like baccarat, blackjack, and craps, roulette requires a certain method to ensure victory. You should also learn the rules of the game and get to know its ins and outs. In fact, that's the whole point.

We've got you covered whether you're brand new to the game of roulette and just seeking to learn the basics or an experienced player looking to brush up on your tactics. All you need to know about roulette is included here, including the game's background, rules, and strategy.

How to Play Roulette – Gameplay and Rules

Roulette wheels are typically constructed with 37 or 38 numbered compartments around the circumference of the disk. Thus, they are labeled with the digits 0–9 and sometimes 00 (depending on the version). Each set of numerals is split in half, with half colored red and the other set colored black. It's common for the zeros to be colored green.

A corresponding table, also with numbers and colors, is included with the wheel. The rules of the game are easy to pick up on the first try. You need only gamble on the winning numbers you think have a higher chance of appearing in the drawing. Betting is done by laying down chips on the betting table in front of the desired number(s).

The croupier, or dealer, will then toss a ball into the arc of the rotating wheel. So long as the wheel is spinning, or until the croupier announces "no more bets!", you may keep putting your wagers. The bets already put on the mat are final and cannot be changed.

When the little ball goes around the roulette wheel, your bets will either win or lose. Ultimately, the result will depend on where the ball stops rolling. All 37/38 numbers should have equal odds of being struck by the ball. Bets in roulette, however, go well beyond just placing money on a single number.

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