Paysafe Unveils New VIP Program for USA Clients
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Paysafe Unveils New VIP Program for USA Clients

Paysafe Unveils New VIP Program for USA Clients

U.S. based bettors who have Skrill accounts just got a reprieve from Paysafe for anytime they want to make huge deposits.

A lot is happening in the United States gambling arena and most of it is geared towards improving customer experiences for casino players. One of the latest developments is the unveiling of a VIP payment program that has designed specifically for the US market. The program is a product of Paysafe which is already popular in the online payment space due to revolutionary products such as Neteller, Paysafecard and Skrill. 

The management of Paysafe made the announcement during the second quarter of 2022. According to the information that has been made available to the public, the program is intended to grant access to the holders of Skrill USA digital wallets to a higher limit when making instant deposits. The limit for this category of account holders will be as high as several hundred times the standard amount (the exact amount will depend on individual KYC verification). 

Accommodating the High Rollers

The new VIP program is supposed to be rolled out immediately considering the fact that it has already been tested. It was first piloted with registered PlayUp USA sportsbook players and proven to be an effective tool for managing resources for the high rollers. The introduction of the VIP program for the rest of the US gaming community follows an earlier update that allowed players to transfer funds to and from betting platforms using their Skrill USA account. 

Other features that attracted players to Skrill include 24/7 automated instant deposits (even on weekends). Clients that do not have the Skrill wallet can still recharge their accounts using Credit/Debit card, Paysafecard or Paysafecash, which are both available through most major U.S. retailers. Offering a wide selection of transfer method offers convenience to players that could have depleted funds in one account but are still willing to bet using funds in another account. 

Are you a VIP casino player and desire for there to be a direct method of depositing your withdrawals into your bank account? There is a way! Withdrawals can be made in real time from PlayUp USA to a Skrill USA account and the funds will be transferred directly to a linked bank account. For players who would rather invest their money in cryptocurrency, there is an option to deposit the desired investment directly through the crypto exchange feature on the platform. 

Leaping Forward Through Product Refinement

Regular Skrill users might have noticed that the interface of the service’s mobile application recently changed. The new product offering is now much more streamlined and has centralized crucial data that is required by clients when they need to process deposits. Owing to this adjustment, customers are enjoying quicker and efficient payments through the platform. If you are repeat user of the platform, the application will skip the introduction and land you straight to depositing. This is however optional and is activated by clicking on a “Remember Me” tab on the sign in page. 

According to information contained in the press release provided by Paysafe on the new VIP program, the developers were inspired by the need to cater to wagering preferences of high-roller e-gamblers in America (players who make more than 7 bets in a period of 7 days). The management of Skrill USA is currently engaged in a campaign that will see the program adopted by customers in the entire US region. 

The current deposit limits are alright for low-budget players (beginners and those that have put a cap on their spending). What if none of these scenarios applies to you? Some players gamble as a way of life so such limitations only work to discourage their participation in online casinos. These are either professional gamblers or people who have a high spending cap and prefer to make huge transfers at once instead of making many small ones that add up to the total. 

According to the CEO of North America iGaming at Paysafe, Zak Cutler, a large percentage of VIP casino players in the U.S. prefer making funds transfers through digital wallets than with alternative payment channels. He is excited that his organization has been able to create a product that improves the quality of iGaming for its customers. With a digital wallet, it is not necessary to carry your credit/debit card around because the only requirement to transact is internet and a web-enabled device. With such ease of access to one’s funds, this initiative is expected to increase the uptake of Skrill among the United States VIP gaming population. 

There is no doubt that VIPs play a huge role in generating revenue for many casinos around the globe and their needs better be taken seriously. With this new product offering, Cutler feels that his team has achieved a milestone for taking care of the VIP group. With this solution comes the ability to onboard clients quickly onto the payment system after having passed the due diligence protocols level. The Chief Marketing Officer at PlayUp USA, Kevin Smith, added that the new platform allows frictionless deposits that are fully compliant with regulations. 

Skrill has come a long way from a time when it was known as Moneybookers to the modern day service that many online traders find hard to live without. The service is listed on thousands of websites in the USA and around the world, a testament of its reliability. Major brands in the casino industry that offer Skrill as one of the money transfer options include Caesars Casino, BetMGM, BetRivers, PokerStars and DraftKings. 


Skrill has devised a scheme that taps into a new market segment – the high rollers. This is what every service business should be aiming for in an effort to survive the rapidly evolving gambling market. Even though the feature is supposed to target a specific group of people, it is going to increase revenue because existing players will also want to give it a try. 

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