Pariplay Adds Slotmill to Roster of Ignite Partners
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Pariplay Adds Slotmill to Roster of Ignite Partners

Pariplay Adds Slotmill to Roster of Ignite Partners

Being an Ignite partner comes with a host of business growth opportunities for developers that not only grant them access to new markets but also lays bare an already established network for distribution. The newest addition to Pariplay's roster of Ignite partners in Slotmill that has since been granted access to all the regulated markets in which Pariplay already operates in. In addition to this, the slot developer will promote its products through the Pariplay’s distribution network on a global scale. 

This kind of agreement is not new; companies have been riding on each other’s networks for a while but the gambling industry model is quite unique. Partnerships like this shave off months and at times years off an organizations journey to success in a new market. They also save new companies a great deal of investment that they would have required to apply for licenses and approvals. Considering that the performance of the service industry is easy to gauge, brands are able to compare performances before they negotiate for partnership deals. 

The world of gaming is evolving rapidly and this means that developers have to constantly invest in the latest tools to keep up with the market demands. Luckily for Ignite partners, this is not something to be worried about; Pariplay has invested in a turnkey development framework that can be used to create innovative games. After a studio such as Slotmill has completed a project, the launch is going to be supported by a full suite of engagement solutions, ensuring rapid absorption by the target market. As Pariplay steps out to revolutionize the gaming industry, the inclusion of Slotmill into this initiative edges them closer to the goals of the Ignite program. 

According to the Director of Partnerships at Pariplay, Callum Harris, the brand is excited to have Slotmill on board their project. It is important that the Ignite program continues to grow by adjoining partners that would propel its vision forward. This new development with Slotmill proves that there is progress taking place and this motivates the team to keep doing what will in the long run benefit the entire industry. 

It is true that the industry has all manner of slots available, but Slotmill’s unique selling point is in the ease of play of the games they create. All it takes to master a game for new players is a few minutes and this too can be bypassed by the ambitious with excellent results. 

The development process at Slotmill is carefully regulated to ensure the production of premium games and a diverse collection. By utilizing advanced math algorithms, as well as applying intuition, functionality and brilliant design options, users are guaranteed of attractive and fair games. Those who have played Slotmill games can attest to their flexibility and simplicity. 

By partnering with Pariplay through the Ignite program, the gaming developer will be able to significantly reduce the costs associated with development, integration, and operator empowerment at the global level. Harris has termed Slotmill as the only option they had to venture into this phase of the company’s growth. 

Harris described the studio as a great partner in their journey to business success. Their focus on creating casino games that are both immersive and lightweight is admirable and that is what inspired the alliance. The studio has also demonstrated attention to detail, a key ingredient in the creation of captivating games. The Pariplay director is confident that having Slotmill on their side is going to benefit the Ignite program massively. 

About Slotmill

The premium casino games provider operates under a license issued by the MGA. Titles that are released by the Slotmill studio, comprising of animations and HD graphics; a popular theme even on the silver screen. It is no wonder that Pariplay saw the developer as a worthy partner in advancing its expansion agenda. Have you noticed how the digital space is consuming animation? The prevalence of advertisements and media production is an illustration of the popularity of this kind of content. 

Weighing in on this recent development, the Founder of Slotmill, Johan Ohman, commended Pariplay for availing a platform through which gaming developers can concentrate on creating without having to worry about how their products reach the market. Through the Ignite Initiative, studios have a lot of time to come up with incredible concepts and create content that will serve their casino clients for a long time. The key is to be timeless and this can only happen where enough time is allocated to brainstorming and planning which is a non-issue for Ignite members. 

With this arrangement, Ohman is optimistic that growing their business is going to take less time than it would have if left to grow organically. By introducing content in multiple markets simultaneously, the partner studios are able to collect real-time data on performance. This is an important tool in gauging scope and effect as well as designing location-specific products. The prospects of this arrangement are wide but the most obvious is the rapid scaling that will be witnessed as all parties involved grow together. 

A couple of weeks ago, Pariplay signed an agreement with Konami Gaming in which the latter will be adding its portfolio of games to the former’s Fusion platform. At the core of this deal is the fact that the developer partner will have their titles spread out within the industry for as many players as possible to try them out. Right now, the Fusion system by Pariplay hosts over 14,000 games drawn from more than 80 different suppliers. 


Every business executive is eager to find opportunities for scaling their business as this means increased revenue. Expansion is often synonymous with penetrating new markets; Pariplay is using its already laid-down network to help other organizations to achieve their business objectives. The faster these brands achieve their desired success, the more appealing the service offered by Pariplay through Ignite is going to be.

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