New Real Money Poker Platform WPT Global Goes Live in 85+ Countries
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New Real Money Poker Platform WPT Global Goes Live in 85+ Countries

New Real Money Poker Platform WPT Global Goes Live in 85+ Countries

This is one of the realities of the NFT era that we are so soon walking into. Perhaps a light bulb moment that dawned on us when all we could do was stay indoors and wish for the wave of the pandemic to blow over. Right now, NFL players can attend football matches in venues that are halfway across the world without having to move an inch. Much more will be possible and in such little time, thanks to technology.

Fans of real money online poker from more than 85 countries have one more platform accommodating their dreams and search for thrill. The World Poker Tour (WPT) recently launched a global platform that will be accessible from multiple locations around the world. Since it was launched in 2003, the World Poker Tour has built an iconic brand that spearheads the interests of the poker community. 

By scaling globally, the poker players that will be registered on the platform will have the opportunity to showcase their prowess on a global stage. The new betting platform promises to be cutting edge owing to the large pool of recreational poker players expected to converge on it. Apart from the promise of fulfilled thrill, the new platform of the WPT promises to offer safety and security to all its players. 

The WPT site administrators have also mentioned that the operations of the platform are fueled by a commitment to uphold game integrity and high gaming standards. As per the guideline of the new poker platform, poker players in the United Kingdom and United States have not been authorized for registration and play. 

As an incentive for signing up to WPT, new customers joining the platform will be awarded with a free $110 Ticket. This cash prize is for players to use on whichever games they please. There is a welcome event that has been pegged to the global platform launch. The management is offering free tickets to contest for a guaranteed cash prize of $100,000. The contest has been opened to all caliber of players provided they follow a defined procedure to land a ticket; 

Step 1 – Downloading the WPT Global platform

Step 2 – Email address verification

Step 3 – Account registration (players need not make a deposit at this stage)

Step 4 – Click on welcome event link for participation details

Welcome bonus on WPT

Once a new account has been verified, the player is eligible to receive a free ticket. For those who will sign up through PokerNews, they will be awarded with a deposit match bonus of 100% provided that the amount deposit is equal to or more than $20. The maximum cap that has been placed on the deposit bonus is $1,200 which means that any deposit amount that is above $1,200 will receive a bonus of above $1,200. 

How do you claim the deposit bonus on the online casino? The secret is to keep your WPT Global account active. For every $20 spent on the platform, the system unlocks $5 increments right into a player’s account. 

Cash Games, Satellites and Tournaments

Poker players are as diverse as there are different personalities in humans. Luckily, WPT Global platform offers a wide range of game types including Short Deck cash games and No Limit Hold'em. Even within the games are various stake levels to accommodate players with different budget levels. With a Micro, Low, Mid or High level, players are free to place bets according to their bank roll. 

Some of the exciting features that WPT players will enjoy once they are registered on the platform include; 

  • Pace Poker (fast-fold)
  • Straddle Games
  • Bomb Pots
  • Ante Games

Among the highly coveted tournaments is the $1 for $1 Million, which is a grand opportunity for players to place a bet of $1 for the opportunity to win a portion of the guaranteed prize of $1 million. As with other championships held online, the WPT will offer its players low budget entry into the live WPT tournaments by way of satellite. 


The WPT Global stands out from other poker championships because of the unique feature of integrating of Gamavrs that it offers. Gamavrs are unique NFTs which entice players with the possibility of getting benefits from a game that has already started. The benefits that players can take advantage of include exclusive tables and freeroll tournaments as well access to live events of the WPT. 

Depending on the level of rarity of the NFT held by a player, it is possible for individuals to stand out because of the exclusive features and members-only club events. The NFT is the next big thing after the internet and the wave will soon wash over the entire world as we know it. With a WPT Global Gamavrs, 60% of all the 9,999 available NFTs will be classified under humans’ rarity. 

The Global WPT Gamavrs will offer players access to $100,000 worth of Freeroll Tournaments in addition to sponsored seats for WPT Global and a Private Poker Discord channel. 


The next type of rarity is the cyborg level that is going to comprise of 30% of the 9,999 NFTs. With this level of rarity, players will be allowed to claim ownership of cyborg which has the ability to join exclusive Celebrity tables on the WPT Global.

After this level of rarity is the next level which will be known as Gods – this will account for10% of the 9,999 NFTs. With this final perk, players shall be granted access to Live VIP WPT Events.


NFT are here to stay – they are modeled around real life. It is going to be an exciting ride for people to be part of a movement that creates ownership on virtual property. Real money accounts for everything these days, so it is going to be quite self-advancing if players used their hard-earned money to buy and sell virtual properties.

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