Huge Vegas Golden Knights Slot Machine Debuts at South Point
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Huge Vegas Golden Knights Slot Machine Debuts at South Point

Huge Vegas Golden Knights Slot Machine Debuts at South Point

Lovers of slots can now enjoy the new Vegas Golden Knights-themed slot machine at the South Point Casino. The new is the brainchild of AGS, which is one of the most innovative developers, manufacturers, and suppliers of casino games and technology. AGS partnered up with the National Hockey League, which signed the license agreement to have the NHL-themed slot game developed.

This license agreement gives AGS permission to design and develop a series of slot games and products for slot lovers and NHL fans in Canada and the US. The newly released Vegas Golden Knights-themed slot machine is the first product offering in the collection. The NHL-themed slot game is Vegas-born like the rest of the products in the Golden Knights.

The Vegas Golden Knights slot game is situated in South Point, just a little beyond the Big Sur Oyster Bar. The game has numerous features to look forward to including multiplier wilds that maximize one’s win by as much as 10x the bet placed. The scatter pays in the Golden Knights slots machine are also designed to give the player the ultimate experience.

The Vegas Golden Knights slot game is massive at 8 feet wide and 8 feet tall. To put things into perspective, this new slot machine occupies space that would typically be occupied by 3 regular slot machines. The slot is so large that there is more than enough room to sit 2 players at the same time. South Point Casino is the first casino to debut the Vegas Golden Knights Slot machine.

With visitors returning in their masses in Vegas, this slot machine should be a huge hit with locals and arriving tourists. A lot of punters are reporting an abundance of luck on slot machines, especially progressive ones that offer life-changing jackpot wins. Just recently, a punter from New Mexico wagered $5 on a Megabucks progressive and was rewarded with an enviable $10.5 million jackpot. According to South Point, the lucky individual did not wish to be identified, preferring to remain anonymous for understandable reasons.


Normalcy returning to Vegas

It comes as no surprise that Las Vegas has become one of the worst affected cities during the pandemic. However, as the vaccination process continues to spread and more and more people receive their jabs, Vegas should be back to its old self before the end of the year. There are already signs that prove this could happen sooner rather than later.

For instance, the Plexiglas dividers that have become the norm at table games and slot machines are now coming down. The first 2 casinos on the Strip to get rid of the social distancing measure that has become a part and parcel of the retail casino gambling experience were the Wynn and Encore.

The 2 resorts that Wynn operates now have casino floors running at 100% capacity thus becoming the first operator on the Strip to resume operations fully.  Wynn received the approval it needs from the Nevada Gaming Control Board to adjust its occupancy levels. However, the staff and guests are still required to follow the guidelines to ensure safety including mask compliance.

Nevada’s Governor Steve Sisolak has plans for the entire state of Nevada to resume operations at 100% capacity by June 2021. In line with this mandate, not too long ago, the state eased restrictions for all casino floors in Vegas from 50% to an amazing 80%. The decisions that have been made by the authorities so far have been extremely deliberative and are what has paved the way for Vegas to be able to return to normalcy.

As of May, statewide restrictions are expected to be done away with, which will allow retail casinos to get back on their feet most quickly and efficiently as possible. With casino operators no longer required to keep their patrons at a social distance, brick and mortar casinos will soon be able to reopen to their original capacity limits, which is exactly what retail casinos have been looking forward to.

Nevada’s tourism and gaming sector took a hard hit when casinos were closed down last year as a result of the outbreak. Now that the state is gradually returning to pre-pandemic levels and casinos and venues are now allowed full occupancy, tourists should start returning to the Strip. The first convention is already scheduled for 1st June. 

The Las Vegas Convention Center is hosting the Informa Markets' World of Concrete trade show, which is a very important milestone for the conventions industry. Like retail casinos, the convention's business in Vegas was brought to a screeching halt when strict health guidelines were imposed and stay-at-home orders enforced early last year.

The increased access and speedy administration of vaccines across the country will do wonders for the retail casino business. But more importantly, it will enable the valued Vegas events and entertainment industry to reconvene in its entirety without major health concerns.


Things already looking good

The eased guidelines have been so good for business on the Strip. So much so that occupancy rates among the Strip results jumped up 84% in April 2021. Experts predict that this trend will carry on long into the foreseeable future. As time progresses, business on the Strip will keep picking up during the remaining three quarters of the year in Vegas.

The return of the convention business is a great start. But it also helps that the entertainment offerings are expanding as well, which should considerably boost incremental demand for services on the Strip.


Final Thoughts

Casinos all over the country have been looking forward to better days for months and it appears that those days are finally here. The easing of capacity restrictions that were imposed last year as a result of the current health crisis will help the Silver State start its road to economic recovery.

 Casinos alongside other hospitality and entertainment establishments will soon be operating at 100% capacity. And Last Vegas could not be any happier to welcome back hordes of travelers and punters to Las Vegas.

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