Huge Turnout for WSOP Main Event 2022
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Huge Turnout for WSOP Main Event 2022

Huge Turnout for WSOP Main Event 2022

For yet another occasion, the organizers of the World Series of Poker witnessed a high turnout when more than 4350 players showed up. The event that attracted these many participants was the final flight of Day 1’s for the $10K Championship, which is popularly known as the WSOP Main Event. Even though there has not been any official report from the organizers, it is believed that the final attendance for that day surpassed the 8,000 figure. 

Players were allowed to sign up for late registration and this encouraged the number of participants to rise gradually. With late registration opened for the first two levels of Day 2 of Thursday and Friday, the number of players kept rising. It is highly likely that the main event for this year’s tournament could be a record for all main events of the championship. 

At the time of compiling this article, the total number entrants had unofficial been reported to be 8061. This is however still lower than the highest turnout that was witnessed for the same event in 2006; at that time, 8773 online poker players came out to participate in the tournament. Due to the large number of entries and the corresponding entry charges, it is correct to state that it was the richest poker tournament to have been witnessed since the matches began. Ordinarily, the second largest event would be the second largest. 

Competing for the rings & bracelets from WSOP

There have been some instances where the record attendance of the WSOP main event has been almost broken. In 2019 for instance, the performance of the main event came close to setting a new record but the 8569 entrants meant that it could only attain second place. This year’s performance is obviously better than what was achieved in 2019; the more than 200 extra entries is what has propelled this round to the second position. If this progression holds up come the next championship, there is no doubt that the 200 record will soon be broken. 

The next round definitely requires a tactical approach to attracting entries. To make it to the top of the list for biggest ever main event, what remains of the two day 2s will have to attract a total of 713 entries. If the officials are content with having this as the second largest, at least 10 entries should be targeted. 

All World Series of Poker players looked forward to fall 2021 since the schedule share by the organizers indicated that as the season of competition. Approximately 300 people expressed interest in wanting to take part in the poker championship and went ahead to register for the two Day 2s at the Main Event. This year is expected to be much bigger and larger as the attendance is expected to surpass the previous by over 20% across the board. 

Even if these figures went up to 400, the total number of registered participants would be almost at par with what was achieved in 2019. A few hundred above this and this could easily be the biggest main event in the history of poker. Such figures would mean that the total number of entrants recorded for this event would be almost close to breaking the record set in 2019. Add a couple of hundreds to this number and it would become the largest main event in history. 

This year, there is a high level of enthusiasm surrounding the playing of the world’s richest poker event; perhaps due to the fact that people appreciate freedom much more after enduring the restrictions occasioned by the pandemic. Even though the first two levels for Day 2 had the option of late registration available, hundreds of additional players were expected to take part. With such a turnout, it would not be amusing if this becomes the largest ever or at least get close to beating that record.

The action of the World Series of Poker Main Event was flagged off on a Sunday and considering that the first starting flight is the smallest of the flights, the player turnout was 900. On day 1B which took place on the next day, a total of 1245 entrants showed up. 

Having anticipated that there would be a massive turnout on the second and last starting flight games, the WSOP officials changed the schedule just before kickoff. Day 2AB, was initially supposed to be scheduled to combine the player fields of Day 1A and Day 1B, which would also include Day 1C. Players in Day 2D would be the survivors from the final first flight. As it turned out, the organizers had been right in their assumptions. On Day 1C an extra 1800 players were added to the field while the final flight had a staggering 4350 entrants — large enough to exceed the 8000 mark, therefore making it one of the highest turnout starting days in recent history.

It is impossible to speak about the inner workings of WSOP that contributed to the massive turnout without mentioning the contribution of its partners. GGPoker’s working alliance with WSOP is quite new but played a significant role in pulling in the numbers. The poker giant had been running satellites and qualifiers through the road to Vegas campaign, which sent hundreds of players to the Main. According to data from the operator, 129 players qualified for the $10k buy-in event through the Road to Vegas campaign, where as 143 players bought into the event directly from the GGPoker client.

GGPoker’s contribution does not end there; an additional 40 players entered Sin City through ClubGG, GGPoker’s subscription-based app. In last year’s tournament, two players that had joined the main through ClubGG app almost made it to the final table, having finished at position 11 and 13. 

Final Thoughts

Through this huge turnout WSOP has proven that it is an influential poker movement. The organizers now need to plan for more entries in the coming years.

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