The American ‘Gambler’s’ Dream: A Look at Gambling Demographics
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The American ‘Gambler’s’ Dream: A Look at Gambling Demographics

The American ‘Gambler’s’ Dream: A Look at Gambling Demographics

One of the most popular forms of adult play in the United States of America is gambling. 

Gamblers can be found yanking at the slot machines or monotonously pushing the buttons, anxiously waiting for the light show and their big cheque. Some hope for that royal flush to collect all the chips off of the table.

Many of us love gambling and we don’t realize it every time we buy a lottery ticket, we’re putting our money on the odds of winning that golden jackpot.

Rarely does that happen when gambling, but there’s always that small chance. 


What is Gambling

The Statista Research Department describes gambling as “the wagering of something of value, usually money, on the outcome of an event or game.”

Gambling, or games of chance, have been played for thousands of years dating back to Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, and even in China. China introduced cards in the 9th century but was quite different from how the cards are used in today’s gambling antics.

Eventually, gambling became more than just a game, it grew into a hobby and, for some, a lifestyle. Casinos became popular and regulated, increasing its number of players worldwide.

 Online gambling was soon made available in 1994 where players could access the slots anywhere.


How popular is gambling in the United States?

The gambling industry in the United States collectively brings in roughly 137.5 billion U.S. Dollars. It also employs 730,000 people and counting. However, gambling is still restricted in several states in the U.S.  U.S. gambling is quite prevalent and even its online audience. Its market is about 45.8 billion USD.  

 The U.S. also houses one of the largest and well-known gambling and casino capitals: Las Vegas.  Las Vegas has 5,510 different casino games that can keep you occupied and spending hours and hours. They have an average of a whopping 42.12 million visitors.


Which States Offer Legal Online Gambling?

There are only a select handful of states that actually offer online legal gambling, and they have restrictions regarding interstate and online gambling. Under U.S. Federal Law, any state has the ability to regulate gambling under their own rules within their borders.

The states can be divided by the type of online gambling and where it is legal to do so: 


Legal Online Poker: 

-          New Jersey

-          Pennsylvania

-          Nevada

-          Delaware


Legal Online Casino 

-          New Jersey

-          Pennsylvania

-          Delaware


Casino Gambling VS Online Casino Gambling

Ever since online gambling was introduced, players were able to play their favorite casino games in the comfort of their home. It’s no surprise that as technology has advanced, so has the online gambler presence. If you haven’t already heard, VR is taking over and already enticing players to try the 360 experience. Let’s also not forget about the cryptocurrency phase that has a lot of people throwing in their money to watch it grow.

So, is it better to play at home or actually play in the casino? Let’s look at the pros and cons of each:


Live Casino Gambling


Atmosphere: Being in a live, exciting atmosphere is a thrill and much more fun than being alone at home and playing. The flashing lights, ringing sounds, and music brings a vibe that you can’t find at home (at least not as fun).

People: It’s in our nature to be interactive with others. That’s another reason why people enjoy going to the casino and playing with others in person. It’s a more amicable experience and you have the opportunity to learn how different people play and pay attention to their behavior.

Security: For many, still, there is a lack of security they feel when playing online. When going to the casino, there is no risk of scam and no other transaction than an in-person one. This makes this experience more attractive.



Not enough variety: Sometimes casinos will not offer every type of game out there and that can limit the time and money spent from the player who comes in looking to spend a lot of time there. Online casinos will offer a wide variety are likely better for those who get tired of playing the same games consistently.

Accessibility: Some casinos may be harder to commute to because of their physical location. Not everyone lives close to one and it can be a bit of a trek for those who don’t like traveling long distances.


Online Casino Gambling


Accessibility: Anyone with a phone, computer, or tablet has access to online casino games and that’s the beauty of modern-day technology. It is easier to play anywhere and anytime you want without the hassle of leaving your home.

Variety: Unlike walking into the real casino, online gamblers have an advantage where they have access to a wider range of games. 


No humans, no excitement: If you're the one who enjoys playing alone in a quiet space, the online gambling community was made for you. You won’t have to wait at the bar for a drink or for someone to stop playing on your favorite slot machine, but that means less excitement and less edge. When you add other humans to the equation it becomes more interesting and social.

For the Online players out there, you can easily find the latest and best online casino bonuses on sites like Online Casino Gems.


Gambling Participation in the U.S.

The thrill of the chance. The excitement of hitting that jackpot. It’s all about winning. Casino players in U.S. love gambling. They have one of the highest participation rates in the world. It is also legal to gamble in each state but they do have their own laws for regulation.

Is there a specific demographic that loves to gamble? Maybe they prefer online over live casino games? One study published by the Journal of Gambling Studies was a survey about Gambling participation in the U.S.

This survey asked 2,630 U.S. residents aged 18 and older. The main representatives of this survey were male, Hispanic, and black. They were asked 15 questions each.

The main questions asked were:

-          How often do you play?

-          How much have you won or lost?

 The survey found that most people lost money over sporting bets rather than at a casino game.

66% of respondents said that playing the lottery was their typical gambling method. 13% of those respondents said they played the lottery weekly within the past year before they were interviewed. Respondents noted that their win or loss was at a value of no more than around $11.

The study also found that males are more likely to gamble than females. African-Americans were the least likely to gamble out of the sample. Caucasians were still at the top for the highest percentage of gamblers on the table graph.


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