Caesars Palace Tests Everi Jackpot Management, Tax Reporting System
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Caesars Palace Tests Everi Jackpot Management, Tax Reporting System

Caesars Palace Tests Everi Jackpot Management, Tax Reporting System

Caesars Palace in Las Vegas has begun testing a management system for slot machine winnings called Jackpot Xpress, which is offered by Everi Holdings. Everi is a premier provider of land-based and digital casino gaming content and products, financial technology, and loyalty solutions.

The jackpot management system is being installed under guidelines issued by the Nevada Gaming Control Board. If the Nevada Gaming Control Board approves, Caesars will have the option to install Jackpot Xpress at all its Nevada properties. Caesars will also have the option to install Jackpot Xpress at all its owned and managed locations, pending further jurisdictional approvals.


How the system works

A statement from Everi said Jackpot Xpress is an award-winning, intuitive jackpot and tax forms management solution that enables casino staff to securely and efficiently process slot jackpots using a mobile device right at the winning gaming machine. It said Jackpot Xpress is the only jackpot management system that combines mobile productivity, secure payment, tax forms management, and anti-money laundering tracking into a single solution. 

Everi’s proprietary technology provides increased convenience for the player and improved efficiency for casino staff, all while eliminating paper, shrinking cage lines, and reducing player wait times — resulting in a greatly improved gaming experience. Caesars Palace will also be the first casino to utilize Everi’s proprietary electronic tax form delivery system. This system allows tax forms, such as W2-G forms, to be securely retrieved by the player, further enhancing the guest experience, the statement continued.

In simple terms, Jackpot Xpress is a high-tech system that is a jackpot and tax form management solution. With it, casino staff can process slot jackpots at a winning gaming machine by using a mobile device, such as a tablet computer, without printing additional paperwork. It was explained that the system shortens lines at the cashier's cages.

“Typically, paying out jackpots requires a lengthy process. A gaming floor employee had to collect information from the winning player. Then, the information must either have been written down manually or entered into an internal casino system. That was followed by standing in line at the cashier’s cage to collect the winnings,” it was reported.

The trial period will be between 30 and 180 days, with Everi saying it was open to making changes based on the recommendations of casino employees.


Value to customers

Darren Simmons, Everi’s Executive Vice President and FinTech Business Leader, said: “Our innovative products such as Jackpot Xpress provide value to our customers, as they enhance their ability to better serve their players while creating measurable efficiencies in their operations.”

Simmons said Everi was committed to building an integrated “Digital Neighborhood” that encompasses the full suite of the company’s financial and loyalty products and services. “These efforts have positioned Everi as the industry’s financial technology leader and a strategic partner for forward-thinking customers such as Caesars Entertainment,” said Simmons.

Richard McGowan, a finance professor at Boston College, was quoted as saying Jackpot Xpress as “an interesting technological solution to ensure the process of claiming a jackpot winning is secure and safe for [the] casino and government [agencies].”

Last December, Everi introduced its CashClub Pockets cashless gaming resolution, which was to be supplied to WinStar World Online Casino and Resort in Oklahoma.

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