BGaming Integrates 70 Online Slot and Casino Titles Into Gamingtec’s Portfolio
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BGaming Integrates 70 Online Slot and Casino Titles Into Gamingtec’s Portfolio

BGaming Integrates 70 Online Slot and Casino Titles Into Gamingtec’s Portfolio

BGaming has announced that the company will be integrating its operations with those of Gamingtec to increase its impact in the market. Since Gamingtec already has an established online sportsbook and casino solution, adding gaming titles will be of mutual benefit to the developer as well as the provider. It has been reported that the gaming software developer will be adding more than 70 casino titles and slots to the partner’s gaming portfolio. 

Gamingtec's online casino players will find the arrangement quite resourceful because it will give them access to games that have not been on the platform before. Bettors now have 70 more reasons to stay longer in the casino and spend more trying their luck on the new titles. This is exactly what the operator is looking for – spend more time spending bet money. 

Even though it appears that BGaming is making a major contribution of titles, the addition has been made to complement over 10,000 gaming titles that are already featured on Gamingtec's betting platform. The games that the casino operator has been offering its players include live dealer, table games, slots, jackpot slots as well as instant win games offered by the betting brand. 

A comprehensive casino is by no means deficient in the type of games offered to its players. While slots are in most cases attractive options for players who are looking to get entertained by luck games, live dealer and table games are meant for those who appreciate a mean challenge. Most slots are built around familiar themes that exist in players’ everyday lives. The developers must promote a story that players can easily connect with and which will keep them coming back. 

BGaming titles have a huge following in the casino gaming circles and some titles such as the "Lucky Lady Moon", "Aztec Magic Megaways", and "Fruit Million", are quite popular. Fans of these games and other similar titles will now be able to play their favorite slots through Gamingtec. For new bettors who would like to get a taste of this integration, the first step should be signing up and depositing funds into the verified account. 

Casino games are often categorized according to the type, gaming developer behind them and popularity. They are an excellent source of entertainment for casino players and especially those who occasionally take a break from the now sort after sports betting. Many online casino players perfected their search for and participation in online games compared to traditional casino games. The fact that many world populations had restricted movement during the pandemic forced many to seek alternatives – online was the only way out of the boredom. 

Details of the Gamingtec/ BGaming partnership

According to the details of the new business alliance which was forged a week ago, the integration of games is just the first step in a series of efforts that are aimed at putting together the largest database of casino content. If the compilation of a giant portfolio goes as has been forecasted, this will be the source of quality online gaming content for all casino players. It is obvious that this could not be achieved by an individual or company on its own merit – partnerships are therefore revolutionary in this industry. 

In the press release that contained a briefing of the partnership, BGaming management is optimistic that the integration is going to make Gamingtec to stand out from the competition. In addition to offering unique products that are not available anywhere else, the casino solutions provider will ensure that their player preferences in target jurisdictions are met. 

Voicing his sentiments via an official company statement, the CEO at Gamingtec, Sapar Karyagdyyev, commented about the unique nature of his BGaming’s approach to casino game development. This is evident in the thrilling slots they produce which have on many reviews been referred to as engaging. The slots are not only captivating but also bear authentic sound tracks and bold designs. Many of these titles have been on top of gaming charts for a long time owing to their originality. 

It is for these reasons that the provider considers themselves privileged to be partnering with the gaming developer. This is going to be a win for operator partners who are keen on treating their players to quality casino games. Karyagdyyev admits that this is not the first deal that Gamingtec has got into for purposes of growing the business. It is no wonder that the provider is the choice betting platform for similar businesses across the world. 

The Executive director of BGaming, Marina Ostrovtsova, joined the Gamingtec’s top executive in appreciating the participation of the two companies. Ostrovtsova’s considers it an honor to have her team’s products integrated in a top performing gambling business. It is quite encouraging for the management of BGaming to know that they will benefit from the extensive network of operator partners affiliated to the latest deal partner. 

The object of BGaming is to create a reputation in the gambling industry as a hub for highly entertaining customer experiences. This is the inspiration behind what the company has been involved in – creating content that deliberately converts gambling into a gaming experience. This approach has so far been a success and it is only with the existence of this deal that Gamingtec, its operators and players can witness the impact on the tuff. 


Partnerships in the casino industry are quite common as brands try to harness the power of networking and forming alliances. The process often begins with scouting for an appropriate partner who has a shared set of values and goals. Both parties must believe that the partner they settle for is the best for the role to promote mutual respect. There are many alliances in the industry and they cut across a diverse range of missions. The most important component of an alliance is that both parties be willing to put in their best.

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