Betsoft Gaming Releases ‘Mr. Vegas 2: Big Money Tower™’ Sequel to Popular Slot
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Betsoft Gaming Releases ‘Mr. Vegas 2: Big Money Tower™’ Sequel to Popular Slot

Betsoft Gaming Releases ‘Mr. Vegas 2: Big Money Tower™’ Sequel to Popular Slot

Betsoft has been an instrumental partner in growing the gambling industry in the United States. With a history of providing innovative content to iGaming operators, it is no surprise that the supplier recently released Mr. Vegas 2. This is Big Money Tower™ slot game and is a sequel to one of its most popular titles. The game invites players to join new adventures of the legendary character and indulge in the seductive Vegas experience.

Mr. Vegas 2: Big Money Tower™is comprised of five reels and 60 pay lines on which the gameplay action is delivered. With an assortment of features including Pick Bonus, Roulette Wheel Wild, Free Spins,Stacked Mystery Symbols, and Big Money Tower, this game is designed for high-level entertainment. For those who would like to experience Las Vegas from the comfort of their own homes, this game promises players a virtual tour of the city’s downtown.

Mr. Vegas is a comfort game that all kinds of players will enjoy not only because of the tours but also due to the virtual rolling of dice. The game is comprised of a full package of playing cards and items like they would appear in a casino setup. From casino chip symbols to the iconic neon Las Vegas sign, all visual elements of the game have been used in the slot. 

During a spin round, the Stacked Mystery Symbol can be replaced by any symbols appearing randomly on the reels that appear before the start of a spin. If the symbol converts to a wild, the winning potential for that particular round is increased since symbols maintain the same position throughout. There is a random displacement of symbols on the reels to take the place of most symbols. 

Playing in the VIP Lounge

Every time the sun gets ready to go down in the desert of Nevada, a heat wave is radiated over the Las Vegas strip and this acts as a call for those who would like to try their hand at Mr. Vegas. The most satisfying part of this game is when a free spin has been won. A free spin round in the Big Money Tower is activated upon the appearance of a minimum of three scatter symbols. The wheels will then spin and this increases the opportunity for fans of Mr. Vegas to have the Nevada sand turn to gold in their favor. Using the wild bonus is the best attempt a player can make of the tempting alchemy.

Sticky Wilds have the special purpose of awarding 10 free spins after which they will stay put for an entire round; the result of this is a continuous stream of winning opportunities. If an expanding wild land on the reels, the game unlocks 12 free spins in addition to one bonus re-spin and additional wilds to add one free spin for each to the counter. For the impatient ones that have trouble waiting to see what the game has in store for them at different levels, the buy feature can be used to access bonus spin rounds directly. 

The climb to the top

By playing this slot, players have an opportunity to rise up through the different play levels of the Big Money Tower slot - Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Each of these levels elevates players to a luxurious level of play that features big money prizes and an increased multiplier. If a player manages to go up all the way to the top of the rank table, they stand a chance of winning the grand payout of 1,000 times the amount of bet they place. With a default RTP of 96.08%, the Mr. Vegas 2: Big Money Tower™ is a highly volatile slot that is capable of winning up to 2601.66x.

Giving her comments on the most recent release of the gaming title, Head of Account Management at Betsoft Gaming, Anastasia Bauer, referred to Mr. Vegas 2: Big Money Tower™ as a slot that players can easily identify with. The nature of play and rewarding of achievements that goes on within this game makes it easy for players to truly own. There is no doubt of the many diverse features that exist within the game and players should grab all opportunities to use them to their benefit. 

Even without outright wins on Mr. Vegas 2: Big Money Tower™, players are guaranteed of sessions of engagement and thrill. Those who fancy the traditional casino mood will definitely fall in love with the high-roller casino vibe that was originally experienced in 2012’s Mr. Vegas™. The most remarkable improvement on the current release is a more personalized experience which gives players the power to set their own path to high-volume wins. 

Loving the slots sequels

Casino owners have for a long time been fascinated by the manner in which gambling markets warm up to sequel structured slots. To find out why some slots are more popular compared to others, heavy research has been conducted on the subject. For more than 25 years, people gambling enthusiasts have demonstrated an affinity for particular slots. Even though there is a slight variation in overall results, the general consensus is that people are drawn to games with familiar themes. 

For a player who loves to watch Marvel comics, and keeps up with all the movies released by the brand, it is only natural that they will prefer marvel themed slots. This is the same analogy that explains the habit of people opening slots they are already familiar with; from movies they have watched before or characters they identify with. 

Final Thoughts

Based on the latest market trends, people like to tread on grounds that they have a certain level of familiarity with. Have you ever wondered why some people will repeat the same movie over and over again without getting bored? It is this human nature that casino game developers are banking on as they release sequel slots and titles with familiar storylines.

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