Best Gambling Books
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Best Gambling Books

Best Gambling Books

There is an endless amount of literature on the topic of gambling. Guru’s, veterans, and hobbyists alike have all put their skillsets to paper, professing to have formulated the perfect strategy. But how do you separate the Mystic Meg’s from the tricksters - and who decides what is the most pertinent information when it comes to gambling books? Many books and articles that are pushed online will lead you astray, so always make sure to do your research first, as fundamentally, the book has to be relevant for what you want to achieve. With that being said, here are some of our picks.


Beat the Dealer

We begin with this classic from the notorious Edward O. Thorp, which was first released in 1962. Throp was nicknamed the ‘Father of Card Counting’ – and after reading this you’ll understand why. This book was credited with being the first-ever to extensively break down the art of mathematical counting of cards, a system that can be used to help you win at blackjack.


Throp is also acknowledged for being the man who invented the first wearable computer, which was later capable of measuring the probability of a win. Since his seminal work was released, he has gained acclaim and praise throughout the gambling community. Beat the Dealer primarily covers three main areas, with one being the essential elements needed to win the counting. As well as this, he extensively analyses several blackjack strategies – strategies that can now be used online. Find out more about the best places to gamble with CasinoZone.


Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for All Casino Games

This book, by Michael Shackleford, arguably appeals to a wider audience than the previous entry. After reading, you will have a new outlook on gambling – particularly regarding the notion of ‘You only win because of luck’. It demonstrates all of the possible ways in which you can win, but from a strictly mathematic perspective. Essentially, Shackleford helps you break down which strategies can be utilized to beat the odds and beat the house.


Despite the esoteric nature of his many mathematical equations and calculations, Shackleford breaks them down in such a way that they are very accessible. The strategies and game plans outlined are clear cut and easy to implement, making this a must buy.


Scarne’s New Complete Guide to Gambling

Our final book is a true ‘must-have’ for anybody looking to triumph in both real-world or virtual casinos. Scarne’s New Complete Guide to Gambling, written by the brilliant John Scarne, is a manual for negating the diverse world of betting. Scarne is widely known and revered for being one of the most authoritative voices on the topic, with his works transcending time to remain relevant in the modern age.

This is just one of many books that the legendary figure penned, though it is certainly his most well-known. Inside his New Complete Guide to Gambling, numerous topics are covered; such as the official rules of gambling, strategies and odds, as well as the house percentage and how it helps you to win.


Overall, there are several excellent books that you can pick up to help you establish new ways of improving your odds. The Wall Street Journal for instance, provides a useful list of additional titles that might take your fancy. We have outlined just three of many, all of which can be brought and located with relative ease. Some may be slightly older than others, but don’t use this as a reason to denigrate such works - there’s a reason that people still read Ancient Greek philosophy after all.  

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