Sharedplay Receives Investment From LeoVegas
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Sharedplay Receives Investment From LeoVegas

Sharedplay Receives Investment From LeoVegas

The future has never looked brighter for SharedPlay now that it has received much-needed financial support from LeoVegas. UK-based SharedPlay is still a relatively new player in the game, having only been incorporated recently in September last year. The company was founded by Karolina Pelc to take advantage of the growing interest and demand in iGaming and video gaming.

SharedPlay was therefore created by Pelc to provide gamblers a more inclusive multiplayer environment to enhance game retention and the amount of time people spend on the games. SharedPlay’s primary objective is to transform the single play sessions that people have become accustomed to into a more appealing multiplayer experience.  

As the name suggests, SharedPlay allows users to share their playing experience with other users when playing live casino games. LeoVegas is well known for supporting brands looking to enhance gameplay. The Swedish brand specializes in online casino and sports betting services that include video poker, table games, progressive jackpots, slots, as well as live betting in an array of international markets.


Is streaming the future of the gambling industry?

For decades, online gambling was generally a solitary experience. Gamblers could not really interact with other gamblers let alone chat with them. During those days, gambling primarily involved the use of software machines and nothing else.

Fast forward today and all this has changed. Not only can you easily interact with other gamblers just as though they were seated right next to you, but nowadays, table games are no longer played against software. Instead, gamers get to play against real human opponents no matter where in the world they are situated.

But it is safe to say that none of this would have been possible without advanced technology and increased access to the internet. This is what has brought about the digital transformation that is being experienced in the world of gambling and iGaming. So much so, that activities that were once reserved for video gamers are now crossing over into the gambling industry and it is helping in more ways than one to keep players occupied and happy.

These days, it’s all about online casino streaming, which allows gamblers to share their experiences live with other gamblers or interested audiences. Online casino streaming has been experiencing rapid growth over the last couple of months and things will only escalate as technology continues to improve and as more and more states across the country legalize iGaming.

Many casino streamers, most of whom started as hobbyists, are now making millions in what has become a very lucrative business. As a result, more and more gamblers are sharing their gaming experiences with their audiences with hopes of attracting sponsorships and investors.


Exactly how does online casino streaming work?

Online casino streaming is not all that different from playing online on a regular casino. The only difference is that punters run live stream sessions as they are playing and placing bets on their favorite casino games on various streaming platforms such as Twitch, Youtube, and now, SharedPlay.

Streaming online casino games not only benefits the gamblers, but also the online casinos that are featured in the stream. For instance, streamers may transmit their gaming experience at FanDuel or DraftKings, thus giving their audience an up-close look at the games available in FanDuel and how they work. In the process of streaming, the streamer may also share useful tips that may help the user succeed.

If the streamer’s audience or followers like what they see, it may nudge them to try FanDuel for themselves. In essence, streamers act as influencers or affiliates of sorts, helping casino operators like FanDuel sell the gambling experience with ease. Given that audiences only follow streamers that they like or have a connection with, it is usually a win-win situation for all the parties involved.


What about live streaming poker?

Online poker has been around for quite a while and it only seems to be gaining more traction in the pandemic. Live poker streams, in particular, seem to be one of the most popular choices for online gamblers after slots. Several years ago, if a person wanted to watch the final table of an exhilarating tournament, they would have to watch the live stream directly from the online casino that was hosting the tournament.

But these days, all punters have to do is log into any streaming platform of their choice and watch a live stream of the World Series of Poker. With more and more individuals choosing to stream their gambling experiences, online poker is fast becoming a spectator sport, just like football or the Olympics.

Esports and Livestreaming are also a match made in heaven. These days, gamblers can wager on the outcome of exciting esports series such as League of Legends. If that’s not enough to excite the modern gamblers, bettors are also allowed to place bets on live streams of casino tournaments and games.

The first time this occurred was in 2017 when LeoVegas offered its players an opportunity to watch a popular streamer by the name LetsGiveItASpin play the new Danger: High Voltage online slot before it was made available at casinos. As players watched the stream, they were allowed to bet on the outcome of the game.


Final Thoughts

As more gamers develop an interest in live streaming and following each other gaming experiences online, the gambling experience will keep becoming more immersive than it is now. SharedPlay and other streaming platforms will want to exploit this demand for a more enhanced and engaging, entertaining experience. 

This new behavior in the gaming market will only grow as more and more people continue gambling online. Streamers such as Roshtein and Fruityslots are helping to make this pastime more accepted in the community. In the future, this crossover between online gambling and live streaming will persist so it is going to be interesting to observe how this trend matures.


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