Pariplay Agrees to Online Casino Content Deal with The Mill Adventure
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Pariplay Agrees to Online Casino Content Deal with The Mill Adventure

Pariplay Agrees to Online Casino Content Deal with The Mill Adventure

Pariplay has signed a new partnership that will see it distribute content from its Fusion aggregation platform to Mill Adventure. As one of the biggest casino aggregators, Pariplay will give Mill Adventure access to Pariplay’s wide range of gaming titles, as well as titles from other 3rd party developers also included in the Fusion aggregation platform. 

In addition to all the gaming content it will gain, Mill Adventure will also be able to make use of the Fusion platform’s extensive tools that include conversion and retention tools designed to attract and keep customers on the platform. This distribution deal from one of the most highly sought-after aggregators and content providers could not have come at a better time.

The Fusion platform hosts thousands of games from some of the world’s best gaming studios while Mill Adventure brings with it a comprehensive gaming platform to the table that consists of licenses and operations that are already up and running. Mill Adventure has made a name for itself for using AI and automation to provide a unique gaming solution in today’s highly technical and advanced modern gambling space.

Now that the Mill has joined forces with PariPlay, the Mill now has more than enough high-quality content to distribute for both the independent operators that are utilizing the platform, as well as the brand’s own white label products. The integration between PariPlay and Mill Adventure will take place soon, which will allow both companies to launch their first products before the end of this quarter.

Pariplay is indeed one of the most recognizable names in the content aggregation game and is behind the creation of impressive products such as The Fusion aggregation platform, as well as the Ignite Studio program, both of which are extremely well-reviewed in the gambling circle. 


The Fusion Aggregation platform has been growing

In particular, the Fusion aggregation platform has grown extensively since it was launched and now includes amazing content that includes titles such as Gaming 1, Triple Cherry, Booming Games, SYNOT Games, and more. This extensive array of content is what has allowed the Fusion platform to grow and expand to reach regions such as Germany, Spain, as well as numerous other Central and Eastern European markets.

Pariplay has especially been focused on ensuring that its products are available to as many European customers as possible thanks to the strong response and the projected growth that has been recorded and projected in the European gambling regulated market. Pariplay is working hard to ensure its growth in the EU iGaming market as the European online gambling market is estimated to grow to approximately $30bn by the end of 2022.

Last year, Pariplay diversified its Fusion aggregation platform with 5 new software providers that will now make it possible for the brand to expand into European markets. Casino operators that opt to adopt a segmented approach will benefit from Fusion’s software providers greatly. For instance, casino operators located in Spain are now leveraging the content available on the platform from Triple Cherry, which is currently headquartered in Valencia Spain.

The Fusion aggregation platform is also home to Salsa Technology, which boasts strong Latin American roots. In particular, Salsa Technology created a broad range of video bingo that is directed towards European players. New Fusion also added Gaming1 as a supplier last year, which now gives Pariplay access to regulated markets in both Portugal and Spain.

Other software providers that are found on the Fusion platform include SYNOT Games, which provides well-known slots the likes of 243 Mexicana as well as Joker 50 Deluze. SYNOT games are especially popular in Germany, Slovakia, Czech, and Bulgaria. Malta-based provider Booming Games, which has made a name for itself thanks to titles such as Lucky Scarabs, Burning Classics, as well as Gold Vein. 

After last year’s expansion, the Fusion platform is now integrated with more than 70 3rd party software providers that are all complemented by the brand’s own sophisticated and original branded slots content that includes titles such as Dragons of the North, Wild Candy, Jackpot Fortunes, and Torro’s Gold.


The wonderful Fusion platform is now available in West Virginia

It’s not just European customers that get to enjoy the impressive Fusion platform. Just recently, Pariplay was granted a full iGaming license in West Virginia, which means licensees in West Virginia can now readily apply and enjoy access to Fusion platform’s more than 100 slot games and content from a wide range of suppliers.

Pariplay’s newest license from West Virginia now means that the brand can keep expanding in the US, which now has the second most active gambling market in the world after the United Kingdom. Although the Fusion is yet to be certified for use in the US, Pariplay is confident that it will receive certification soon as integrating into the Fusion platform is easy and requires little effort from the customers and partners.

What US customers will look forward to the most is Fusion’s marketing engagement tools, which have become more important than ever for operators in the US gambling market. As customer acquisition continues to become a major headache for sportsbooks and online casinos, Fusion’s engagement tools, which consist of bonus engines, free spins, and live tournaments will come in handy for American operators.


Final Thoughts

Aspire Global’s Pariplay is one of the top aggregator and content providers in the gambling space and agreements and partnerships with leading operators and software providers will ensure that it remains this way. The Fusion platform is one of the most advanced, offering customers access to more than 12,000 games from international suppliers. 

Pariplay also boasts a diverse portfolio of proprietary content, as well as unique and exclusive marketing tools that allow operators to boost engagement and the retention level of their customers. The pariplay platform is licensed in more than 16 regulated markets and to this day, still offers one of the most comprehensive selections of products to operators across the globe.

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