National Council on Problem Gambling Praises FanDuel, Unibet for Self-Exclusion Tools
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National Council on Problem Gambling Praises FanDuel, Unibet for Self-Exclusion Tools

National Council on Problem Gambling Praises FanDuel, Unibet for Self-Exclusion Tools

As the topmost problem gambling advocacy group, the National Council on Problem Gambling has spoken highly of casino operators that have actively taken steps to limit instances of problem gambling. Specifically, the Council has praised FanDuel and Unibet, both of which have incorporated self-inclusion tools in the websites to deter problem gamblers from engaging further.

Both FanDuel and Unibet have incorporated Gamban into their platform, which has been designed to check gambling addiction. Gamban was developed by a software company in the UK where problem gambling has become increasingly worrying over the last several months amid a pandemic. Gamban allows putters to block their access to both regulated and unregulated online casinos and sportsbooks, which helps to prevent them from losing any more money than they already have.

FanDuel stands as the largest real-money online casino provider in the US. FanDuel has a robust presence in 10 states with plans to expand further into additional states once they legalize their iGaming and sports betting industries. Unibet, on the other hand, is only currently available in 5 states but will also expand as sports betting continues to spread across the country.

Most states with legal sports betting have requirements in place for licensees to set up tools aimed at assisting vulnerable gamblers to make better decisions. For instance, various online casinos have a cool down or time out period whereby a suspected gambler’s account is usually suspended for a specified period whenever suspicions arise.

The time-out period is a common feature at most online casinos and is a great choice for anyone that wants to continue gambling in the future but needs a break for a short time. When a gambler is on a time-out, they cannot gamble for a period of either 24 hours, one week, a month, or any other period that the gambler is comfortable with; the maximum request for a time-out is typically 6 weeks.

Most states also have self-exclusion lists that gamblers can sign up voluntarily. When a punter signs up for a self-exclusion list, they are denied access to any casino. Self-exclusion periods don’t last longer than 6 months. Sadly, punters, especially problem gamblers, have found clever ways to circumvent these tools and systems that are designed to keep them from further harm. Furthermore, it is generally the gambler’s prerogative to stick to a self-exclusion period.

If one has signed up for a self-exclusion period but attempts to gamble during that period, a reliable online casino should have systems to prevent you from gambling. When a gambler signs up for self-exclusion, the gambling operator is required to shut down the said gambler’s account and funds returned. The online casino should also exclude the said gambler from any marketing databases they are included in.

One common method used by bettors to circumvent these limitations is by gambling through unlicensed offshore betting sites. Most of these offshore sites are technically illegal but gamblers still clamor to them in search of a fix.  That’s why tools such as Gamban are so essential because they prevent this from happening. 

Gamban users can choose from a series of subscriptions that are paid monthly or yearly. The app is very easy to use and can be easily installed across a bettor’s range of personal devices whether one prefers to gamble on the go or their PC. What’s so great about FanDuel and Unibet is that both online operators cover their customers’ fees, which eliminates the cost issue.

Gamban is a revolutionary installation that can be done on all devices, whether iOS or Android. However, you should know that once the software is installed, it cannot be deleted. This way, problem gamblers that have installed it are prevented from changing their minds afterward.


There has been a crackdown on casinos that promote problem gambling

There has been a sudden increase in betting-related harm since the pandemic struck. The UK, in particular, has been cracking down on suspected operators that promote problem gambling. The Gambling Commission has fined several of its licensees heavily for flouting rules aimed at preventing gambler harm. For instance, Caesars was dealt a heavy blow last year when it was fined by the UKGC for failing to reign in customers that exhibit problem gambling tendencies.

Most recently, the UKGC ordered online casino brand Casumo to pay £14m due to failing sin systems designed to stop instances of money laundering as well as protect problem gamblers. Now, the government alongside the commission wants to crack down on online slot games, which just so happen to be some of the most addictive online games out there.

The UKGC plans to ban several features that encourage punters to keep playing for longer and with higher stakes. Some of the features that the government plans to ban include bonus offers like fast spin seeds and auto-play functions. Online slots, like those with fruit machine-style games, are some of the most addictive because they do not require any skill or experience to take part.

In addition to banning these features that increase harm to the customer, the authorities also have plans to limit sports sponsorship and advertising restrictions. It’s not just the UKGC that is cracking down on online casino operators. Several countries, including Italy and Canada, are also on a mission to make gambling safer in their own countries.


Final Thoughts

At its advent, there were very few requirements for casinos and online casinos facilitating vendors. However, as the environment has continued to change and online casinos have become more accessible than ever, regulations are gradually tightening in favor of the modern punter.

As the year progresses, online operators should be prepared to deal with even more instances of capping limits and betting restrictions all for the good of their customers. Gambling Commissions all over the world are working hard to make sure that they develop rules aimed at lowering gambling risks before the problem gets out of hand further.

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