6 Things You Did Not Know About How Casino Welcome Bonuses Work
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6 Things You Did Not Know About How Casino Welcome Bonuses Work

6 Things You Did Not Know About How Casino Welcome Bonuses Work

Online gamblers typically do some research before they open an account at an online casino. With so many different casinos filling the internet, it only makes sense that bonus and incentive programs are created and aggressively promoted to attract new players. One of the most common of these incentive programs is something called the Welcome Bonus. Some online casinos call it their Sign-Up Bonus but it is the same thing. Although welcome bonuses differ from one online casino to another, they all contain the same basic structure. In this article, we will review five things about welcome bonuses you need to know.

1 - Wagering Requirements 

The fine print that accompanies the average welcome bonus is going to reference something known as either "playing through" or "wagering requirements." It means that a player has to play the bonus amount a specific number of times before they can withdraw from their winnings. You will see it written as something like “30x deposit + bonus” and there is a good reason why online casinos use these requirements. Essentially, they are in place to ward off bonus hunters seeking free cash. It also keeps players from using the welcome bonus for free cash. The wagering requirements will be different at each online casino you visit, with some set very high and others set at a moderate level. The online casinos with extremely high wagering requirements are often sites you would be best to avoid.

2 - Personal Information

It is usually mandatory at online casinos for players to provide personal information and the documentation to back that up. This is so that the casino can verify player identities and the process goes much further than that. New players should sign up with an email address and phone number they have not already used as the online casino will check. If a player uses an email address, mobile number, house address, or IP address that is already on file at that online casino, that player will be banned from the site. While that may sound like harsh treatment, the action is followed to protect the online casino site from players trying to commit fraud. If a player’s identity checks out, they will receive the details on the welcome bonus and other incentive programs available.

3 - Game Restrictions 

It is not unusual for new players to assume that they can play any game at an online casino to qualify for their welcome bonus. Again, the small print under the Terms and Conditions clause says differently. Typically, only a specific range of games will be offered by an online casino for a player to use to meet the wagering requirements that unlock a welcome bonus. These are often scratch cards, bingo games, and slot machines. At some casinos, they will specify the actual titles of games that are considering qualifying wagers that go towards earning the welcome bonus. It sounds somewhat complicated but isn’t really. It just keeps the casino in control of how a player can claim a welcome bonus. It also prevents quick claims from players hitting random games.

4 - Bonuses Can Be Cancelled 

Many players are under the impression that they just have to join an online casino and take the welcome bonus without being an active participant and pocketing the cash. However, that is not how it works. Casinos have strict guidelines in place where players have to spend time at the casino wagering away their deposits. This shows the casino that active players are more likely to stick with the site for legitimate reasons. If a player cancels their account while meeting wagering requirements because they decided to give up or that the guidelines mean more wagering, the casino will automatically cancel pending winnings and will not provide a refund on welcome bonuses. The casinos do this to prevent players from gaming the bonus system.

5 - Casinos Control Promotions 

Online casinos carry on business on the internet with a gambling license from the country they are based out of. A gaming license is a proof to players that the site they are using is safe and secure. The casino controls everything associated with the online operation ranging from the types of games they will offer and the software developers they will use for those games. The casino also controls the types of promotions and incentive programs they will feature including welcome bonuses. The casino also has the power to limit or cancel any promotion without having to explain why they did. Players have little in the way of recourse should any promotion be withdrawn while a player is in the process of meeting the requirements to claim it. That includes welcome bonuses.

6 - There Are Different Welcome Bonuses 

There are two basic types of welcome bonuses offered by online casinos. There is the deposit welcome bonus, and the much more popular, no deposit welcome bonus. As the name of each implies, one requires a player to deposit into their online gaming account, which usually has a minimum limit accepted. The other does not require a deposit. The biggest and best names in the industry compete with one another to entice players with these offers. The 888 online casino website, one of the most popular operator in the UK and Europe, offers an impressive £88 free no deposit bonus, an offer that’s seen as too good to turn down for many players. However, to claim either of these welcome bonuses, some guidelines must be met before receiving the bonus. The details are spelled out above and it is important to note that most welcome bonuses are used to get a player spending more money at the casino. That is the main goal and by introducing and promoting incentives such as a welcome bonus, many new players become regular players making the casino even more money.

In Conclusion 

Online casinos have a great deal of competition on the internet. One way they have found to attract new players is through the introduction of something called the welcome bonus. It is a set amount of “free” cash or credits that can be earned by a new player provided that specific requirements are met. Depending on the casino, those requirements can be rather difficult to attain and the casino can end a promotion at any time. To their credit, online casinos have implemented a system that verifies the identity of a player and protects the casino from fraudulent activity. Still, as friendly as a welcome bonus may sound, they are not generally that easy to claim unless you have a healthy bankroll financing your online gambling habit.

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