Table Games Bonuses

Table game bonuses at online casinos preserve and incentivise a grand tradition of the casino.

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Everything you need to know about Table Games Bonuses

Table games are a grand old tradition of the casino. Many of these games date back to medieval courts, where they were a much-envied pastime of the wealthy and elite social class. Some modern casinos manage to preserve that patrician appeal—dandies and heiresses in gowns and tuxedos, sipping fine Champagne from a flute glass as they saunter up to a baccarat or roulette table, tip the dealer, and commit copious sums of money into the trembling hands of Lady Luck. 

The modern casino landscape, however, sometimes looks a little different. Video slots have--broadly speaking, of course--pillaged and plundered the casino floor, roughly coinciding with a downgrade of the dress code to Hawaiian shirts and khaki shorts. Still, table games will always enjoy a privileged position on any casino floor, holding the line for lovers of these old-world games of chance.

Video slots dominate online casinos as well as their older, land-based forerunners. If an online casino boasts a portfolio of, say, 500 games, chances are excellent that 480 of them are various titles of video slots. However, just like in the land-based casino, table games still enjoy a classy corner in their own section, reproduced by video game developers to try and replicate the gameplay of the real thing.

Many casinos heavily incentivise video slot gameplay with free spin bonuses, but some online casinos extend their bonuses to table games or even offer bonuses and promotions exclusively targeted towards table games. 

If you love playing video table games, then look out for these targeted bonuses.

The Most Popular Casino Table Games

Most classic table games have made their way to online casinos in video format. In most cases, the outcome is determined by a class of software called a “Random Number Generator” (or, RNG for short). This is a basic, early type of software that sets out to randomise an outcome. There’s no actual digital deck of cards, roulette wheel, or pair of dice inside the game. These demonstrations are depicted using graphics and animations, triggered by the RNG.

An exception is “live dealer games,” which you can find at some online casinos, especially if they are affiliated with a land-based casino. A room in the casino is outfitted as a broadcasting studio, and an actual casino employee deals cards, spins wheels, etc. The action is streamed live to video, and you can use a chat feature to interact with and even tip the dealer! This is the best casino experience you could possibly get in your own home.

Popular casino table games you will find at online casinos include ...


The venerable card game of blackjack is one of the most popular casino table games, by a long shot. Dating back to 18th-century French casinos, the game is played against the casino itself rather than other players. Cards are assigned set values—face value for numbered cards, 10 for “face” cards (king, queen, jack), 1 or 11 for aces. 

If a player gets a deal equal to 21--or closer to 21 than the dealer--or if the dealer “busts” (goes over 21), the player wins and doubles his/her money on the bet. If the dealer gets closer to 21 or the player busts, the house wins. 

The player can either stand or request a new card (“hit”) as often as (s)he wants before busting. The dealer follows set rules of when to stand or hit, sometimes forcing a low hand or a bust. The house edge depends on the rules used by the dealer, as well as how many decks of cards are in the shoe. Other rules allow the player to “Split Aces,” turning one hand into two hands, or “double down” on his/her bet.


Dating back to 15th-century Italy, baccarat is an aristocratic game where gamblers play against the house. Players must bet on themselves to win, but they can also bet on whether or not other players will win their hand … or if the house will win that hand! The house edge means that players have better odds when betting on the house to win … but players who always bet on the house to win can become just a little unpopular around the table!

Players and the dealer attempt to assemble a hand closest to 9. Face cards (king, jack, queen) are worth 0, aces worth 1, and face cards worth face value. Players and the dealer (aka “banker”) must follow rules of hitting and standing. If a hand breaks 10, the value is reassessed to the sum of the digits (13 becomes 4, 17 becomes 8, etc.) 


French for “little wheel,” roulette dates back to the pre-Revolutionary parlours of 18th-century France. It involves a horizontal spinning wheel, with pockets around the perimeter numbered between 0 and 36, and coloured red and black. A dealer (aka “croupier”) tosses a metal ball into the inner track of the wheel, causing it to spin in opposition to the spin of the wheel and eventually come to rest in one of the pockets.

Players can place various kinds of bets on the outcome of the wheel spin. Some of the bets contain close to even odds, and players try to double their money. For example, players could bet that the ball will land in a red pocket or a black pocket, on a high number or a low number, even number or odd number. 

However, in these 50-50 bets known as “Outside Bets,” 0 is always a losing outcome, giving the casino a slight house edge. American Roulette adds a 00 as a losing number, creating an even bigger house edge compared to French Roulette or European Roulette.

Players can also bet on rarer outcomes for a chance at an even bigger payout. They could bet on one or two columns or rows of numbers, a certain dozen numbers, or even wager on a single number to be the outcome.


Craps may suffer the most for the transition from the casino floor to an online app—not because the gameplay is hard to produce, but because the screaming, cheering crowds that tend to surround craps tables are hard to reproduce. Still, if you love betting on the roll of the dice, video craps is there for you.

Dating back to 18th-century Louisiana, craps involves the throwing of two dice and betting on the outcome. There are two rounds, the “come-out” and the “point” rounds, with different winning rules, but the magic numbers are usually seven or eleven, with a two (“snake-eyes”) or a twelve usually representing a losing shoot (or “crapping out”). In the point round, however, rolling a seven ends the round—also called “sevening out”—which can be an undesirable result.

Players bet against the house as in other table games. They can bet on the shoot of their own dice, or on another player’s shoot. 

Types of Table Games Bonuses

An online casino might use a number of bonus categories to incentivise the use of table games on its platform. Which bonus offers the most value to you depends on your depositing and gaming habits. Here are some different bonuses to look for:


A no-deposit bonus is easy to get value out of because you don’t have to deposit any of your actual money to access it. The bonus could come in the form of cash or free play. Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) usually prevent you from just withdrawing the free cash scot-free (see below) but in general, it’s favourable not to have to deposit money into your bankroll to claim a bonus, because the casino’s T&Cs tend to keep a player’s money in the casino’s pocket. 

Because of their favorable nature, no-deposit bonuses tend to be small, valued at £10 or perhaps £20 at most.

Free Play

Free play bonuses are the non-slot version of “free spin” bonuses, allowing players a certain number of rounds or a certain time limit of free play, for real money, on all or certain table games. Free play may be included to sweeten the deal of a deposit-match bonus, or it may be a no-deposit free spin bonus.

Deposit Match

Deposit-match bonuses are both common and widely advertised, because of the big fat juicy numbers. Whereas no-deposit bonuses tend to be valued in tens of £, (£20, £20, etc.) deposit-match bonuses tend to be measured in hundreds of £! The downside is that you have to make a deposit of a chunk of cash into your bankroll to unlock this tasty bonus.

If you are unlocking the bonus because you want to place a lot of bets on the casino’s video table games, that’s great. Both you and the casino are going to get what you want. But if you want to try and beat the house and walk away with more money than you deposited, T&Cs will surely make that very difficult. (For ‘difficult’, read ‘impossible’).

It’s always hard to beat a casino. Luck and the numbers are not ever on your side. Better to access a deposit-match bonus if you actually want to use that deposit and bonus to patronise the casino.

Suffice it to say, the casino will match your first deposit and perhaps later deposits with matching funds of their own, up to a certain percentage of the deposit and up to a maximum deposit match. 

An example would be a 50% deposit match up to £300. That means that to maximise the value of the deposit, you should deposit £600, and claim £300 in bonus cash. If you deposit only £200, the casino will only match £100. If you deposit £1,000, the casino will still only match the maximum of £300. It might be better to save that extra cash for a reload bonus.


Reload bonuses are a type of scheduled deposit-match bonus that posts with your second, third, fourth, and/or fifth deposit, usually in escalating quantities. For example, a 25% match on the second deposit, a 50% match on the third deposit, a 100% match on the fourth deposit, maybe as much as 150% or more on the fifth deposit. The tactic is to encourage you to deposit more and more into your bankroll, making a habit out of it.


Cashback bonuses are sometimes called “risk-free betting” bonuses. The online casino might offer cashback on losses, or a certain percentage of cashback for every bet placed. Cashback bonuses tend to be bigger than no-deposit bonuses, but smaller than deposit-match bonuses, and tend to be a method to extend gameplay rather than to reap a big windfall of wins.


No-wagering bonuses are exempt from wagering requirements (see below), making them extremely valuable because the money or free play comes with no strings attached. You can withdraw your winnings or even the bonus cash immediately. This is why online casinos rarely, if ever, offer no-wagering bonuses that aren’t tied to some bigger bonus with a big wagering requirement, where the odds are on the casino’s side to come out ahead.

How do Table Games Bonuses Work?

When you want to take advantage of a table game bonus offered by an online casino, the steps you need to take are usually as follows:

  • Create an account at the casino. If the bonus is a welcome bonus, you will need to pass an identity check to make sure you are a first-time account holder.
  • Enter a bonus code if required. Some table game bonuses require promo codes to unlock, while others fund automatically. Do your homework and don’t neglect any required bonus code.
  • Make a deposit if a deposit is required to unlock the bonus. You will need to link an allowed payment method, like a credit or debit card, mobile wallet (Skrill, PayPal, etc.), or cryptocurrency wallet (Bitcoin, etc.). Make sure to make the minimum deposit or more, if a minimum deposit is enforced to unlock the bonus.
  • Start playing! You’re ready to go. 

The Small Print: Table Games Bonus Terms & Conditions

Critical to making the most of a table games bonus is understanding the strings attached. T&Cs can make it hard to come out ahead with a table games bonus … but that’s the casino’s game. If you love their offerings, it may not deter you, but you should be aware of them. Some T&Cs to look for ...

Wagering Requirements

This ubiquitous T&C protects the casino from having you withdrawing your bonus cash as soon as it funds into your bankroll. A wagering requirement usually requires you to play bonus cash through a certain number of times. If you collect a £100 bonus with a 40x wagering requirement, you will need to bet £4,000 before you can withdraw that £100. That’s more than enough betting for a house edge to assert itself, reaping the casino more than £100 in revenue.

Minimum Deposit

A deposit-match bonus often has a minimum deposit required to unlock the bonus. Make sure you don’t deposit less than the minimum in hopes of unlocking bonus cash—you will only miss out.

Maximum Withdrawal

Frustrating to high rollers who are acclimatised to generous handouts, withdrawal maximums limit your access to your own money, by setting caps on how much you can withdraw from your bankroll each day, week, or even month.

Time Limit

Some bonuses set a time limit on the use of your bonus, meaning the bonus has an expiry date of weeks or even days. Don’t let your bonus expire! It is usually best to claim the bonus when you are ready to play. 

Restricted Games

Some bonuses may restrict which table games you can use your bonus cash to bet on. Read the bonus terms carefully—some may be limited to non-table games like slots

Table Games vs Slots: Factors to Consider

As mentioned, many online casinos cater their bonuses to players of video slots, the dominant force in casino revenue, especially online. If you prefer table games to slots, by all means, focus your attention on table game bonuses. It’s worth considering, however, what makes online table games different from slots, and how that affects the value of your bonus. 

Take into account:


The opposite of the “house edge” is the “return-to-player” (RTP), a percentage that represents how a player’s bankroll is most likely to change over time, the more you play. If a game has a house edge of 3%, that means it has an RTP of 97%. For every £100 you bet on such a game, you are most likely to walk away with £97. The more £100 multiples you bet, the closer this RTP manifests, in this proportion.

Video table games tend to have a higher RTP and lower house edge than video slots—hence, a casino’s tendency to incentivise slots.

If you’re here for fun--the best attitude to have at any casino--great--but if you’d like to play the odds and have a chance of winning, then examine those RTPs carefully.

Playthrough Contribution

Wagering requirements often come with a playthrough requirement. If it’s a 50x playthrough requirement, it usually means you have to bet £50 for every £1 of bonus cash you receive … but that may not be the case for every game! In the case of some casino bonuses, certain games may contribute less to the wagering requirement. Make sure, for example, that the bonus you choose does not include a T&C whereby table games only contribute 50% of every wager to the wagering requirement. In the case of a 50x wagering requirement, that means you would have to bet £100 for every £1 in bonus cash you collect.

Free Play vs. Free Spins

Free spins on slots are fairly straightforward—each free spin gets you a one-coin spin on a qualified video slot. Free play may mean free hands of a game like blackjack, or it may mean a certain amount of time spent in gameplay. Make sure you understand the conditions of any table game’s free-play bonuses and add this library of knowledge to your winning tactics.


While video slots are having a heyday, casino table games aren’t going anywhere. They have been staples of upscale wagering for centuries, and with good reason—it’s hard to deny the thrill of putting your money at risk on the same game as generations of well-to-do gamblers. Table game bonuses at online casinos preserve and even incentivise that grand tradition. 

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