Reload Bonuses

Online casinos use the reload bonus to keep players happy after the excitement of the welcome bonus has faded into memory. Simply put, a reload bonus encourages players to make follow-up deposits after they’ve already made an initial one.

Here you’ll find casino reload bonuses for all your games! Check out our online casino listings to find reload bonuses for slots, blackjack, poker, roulette, and much more. Our massive list includes the best reload bonuses, as well as step-by-step instructions on how to claim — and wisely spend — them.

Everything you need to know about Reload Bonuses

Many of the promotions and bonuses available from online casinos focus on new players. With new online casinos opening all the time, companies old and new compete fiercely for new members, offering hundreds or even thousands of pounds of welcome bonuses for first-time signees.

That said, every business knows it’s easier to keep a current customer than to find and sign up a brand-new one. Casinos also put a lot of effort into customer retention. Otherwise, players would simply expend whatever welcome bonus they were given and then bounce off to the next online casino offering the shiniest welcome bonus this week. After all, many of them license the same games from the same big software providers. So, why not play where the promo is hot?

First and foremost, online casinos must have a compelling product that players want to return to again and again. But once that’s done, they still need to find new ways to keep players engaged; this, in short, means keeping that tasty, incentivised gravy train running. 

Casinos try to retain their current members with what are known as reload bonuses, ongoing promotions that give players continuing access to free-play cash … and thereby a continuous incentive to keep coming back to the same casino.

Once you learn how to leverage these reload bonuses, you won’t have the hassle of bouncing from one casino to the next in search of new temptations and you’ll be able to enjoy long, enjoyable gaming sessions with one or two casinos. In other words, the casino’s loyalty promotion will have worked. Everybody wins! Well, maybe not a jackpot--although it’s possible to win, of course--but everyone gets what they want out of the transaction.


Reload Bonus vs. Welcome Bonus: What’s the Difference?

Welcome bonuses offered by online casinos are only available to brand-new players opening their very first account with that casino. Usually a background check or some sort of identity check is required to confirm that the player has never had an account with the casino before. Trying to claim two welcome bonuses could get the player tagged as a “bonus abuser” and result in revoked bonuses or terminated accounts. Or, most likely, both! (Not exactly the kind of bonus you were looking for).

Welcome bonuses typically comprise a whole package of smaller bonuses, including first-deposit matches up to 100% (capped value), free spins, cashback bonuses, and sometimes no-deposit free cash. Wagering requirements almost always apply so the player doesn’t just cash out the bonus and split without placing a bet.

Reload bonuses, by contrast, are available to returning players. Hence the name, “reload.” In order to be reloaded, you have to have been loaded at some point in the past. Kind of makes sense...

Reload bonuses often look a lot like welcome bonuses. They could consist of free cash, free spins, and matches to subsequent deposits, and you may find you’re offered one or two of these or all three at some casinos. While these bonuses can be quite lucrative and extend your gameplay substantially, they tend not to be as hefty as the welcome bonus. 

For example, whereas an online casino might offer a 100% bonus deposit match up to £500, a reload bonus might look more like a 50% bonus deposit match, and up to--say--£300.

However, the online casino may incentivise players to commit for the long haul by offering bigger reload bonuses down the road—a return to 100%, possibly even 125%. By then, they hope, you are committed.


Types of Reload Bonuses

Reload bonuses are usually characterised by the circumstances under which they happen. Different reload bonuses will be available to you at different milestones of your gameplay. Here are some different flavours of reload bonus to look out for ...

Normal Reload Bonus

Normal reload bonuses are predictable, distributed to returning players on a set schedule as they make more and more deposits.

The point is to incentivise players to make bigger and bigger deposits. If they know that the bigger the deposit, the bigger the bonus, they will load up their bankroll with cash, and then abide by the playthrough wagering requirements. This all adds up to more bets placed at the casino, i.e. more profit for the casino.

Normal reload matching bonuses typically scale up from the second deposit on. For example, a sequence of matching reload bonuses might look like this:

  • Second Deposit: 25%
  • Third Deposit: 75%
  • Fourth Deposit: 100%
  • Fifth Deposit: 125%.

Casinos following this plan make it very attractive to make it to those fourth and fifth deposits, and to make those deposits big, so that players bet big money (with big wagering requirements).

Special Reload Bonus

Once a player works his/her way through the normal reload bonus schedule, they may be hooked … or they may be ready to move on to the next casino and the next series of lucrative welcome bonuses.

Noticing a tendency for players to drop off after the generous third, fourth, or fifth reload bonus, online casinos have taken up the practice of offering special reload bonuses, which offer players the chance to pad out their bankrolls with bonus cash on special occasions—for example, their birthdays, a holiday, or other milestones. 

Special reload bonuses can be very generous—100% deposit matches, etc., the kind of thing you see from welcome bonuses.

Payment Method-Related Reload Bonus

Casinos might offer reload bonuses to incentivise a certain payment method. This is usually when the casino has a promotional deal with the payment method, or if they just prefer the payment method for one reason or another.

Payment method reload bonuses might be fairly small—in the neighbourhood of 10%—but they may be accessible frequently.

Look for reload bonuses on:

  • Credit Card Deposits. Online casinos often accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and/or Discover cards. However, some banks and credit card issuers have a policy of declining online gambling charges. Check with your issuing bank and/or processor before making a deposit.
  • Mobile Wallet Deposits. Many online casinos accept PayPal, Skrill, Paysafecard, Neteller, and other mobile wallets, which can act as a go-between for your bank account or payment card.
  • Cryptocurrency Deposits. Online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin often offer reload bonuses on crypto deposits. Online casinos and players alike love cryptocurrencies because the transactions are secure, private, hard to tax, and low-cost.

How to Claim Casino Reload Bonuses

First of all, reload bonuses require you to have signed up for an account and made an initial deposit. This is usually a non-negotiable first step. To claim your reload bonus:

  • Understand the bonus schedule. If you’re going for a normal reload bonus, make sure you know how much bonus you are entitled to. If you expect bigger deposit-match bonuses down the road, you might want to be conservative with how much you deposit on your second and third deposits, in order to go for the glory on later bonuses.
  • Follow the time limits. Many reload bonuses require you to have been a member for a certain period of time before you qualify. Don’t screw up and skip this step.
  • Check to see if you need a bonus code. Some reload bonuses fund automatically upon deposit with no promo code necessary. Others require a specific code. Make sure you jump through any hoops necessary to avoid losing the bonus. 
  • Make your deposit. If the bonus is not limited by payment method, use whichever method you prefer (ACH, credit or debit card, mobile wallet, cryptocurrency, etc.). If the bonus is dependent on the deposit method, make sure you use the right funding source! Your bonus should be funded automatically into your bankroll.
  • Satisfy the playthrough requirement. Most reload bonuses come with a playthrough wagering requirement. More on that later.

Watch out for Terms & Conditions...

If you spend enough time around online casinos—or any casinos—you will discover that they are experts at getting paid. More than one new or repeat player may pony up for a lucrative bonus, only to discover that stringent Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) on the bonus make it hard to extract maximum value unless you want to become what the casino wants you to become—a loyal, frequent, and sizable bettor on their platform.

Not checking out the T&Cs at your chosen casino could be one of the worst mistakes you make when gambling.

If that’s what you want too, great! Even then, it helps to know what you are signing up for. As you examine the T&Cs on a bonus offer, look for the following:

Minimum Deposits

Most deposit-match bonuses, including reload bonuses, require a certain minimum deposit be made for the match to take effect. You may not be able to trigger a reload bonus with an inconsequentially small deposit. 

This is especially important to understand if you’re looking at the least-lucrative second reload bonus. You might want to deposit as little as possible and save your deposits for bigger bonuses later. However, if you fail to make the minimum deposit, not only might you not get the bonus, but also your deposit might not even count towards getting you to the more lucrative third, fourth, and fifth bonuses. 

Time Limits

When casinos want repeat visitors, time is a factor. Online casinos would like nothing better than for you to become a repeat, habitual player on their platform, and habits are built over time.

As a result, reload bonuses often have staggered, variable time limits. You must wait a certain amount of time after each deposit to claim the next reload bonuses. Any deposits made in that interim period may not qualify for the bonus or count as a milestone toward the next bonus tier.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements make it very hard for you to “take” money off the casino. It’s why deposit match and other cash bonuses are for people who love to play online casino games, not for people in search of a money-making scheme. Wagering requirements will stop those ambitions in their tracks.

Wagering requirements on cash bonuses typically entail some kind of “playthrough” requirement, which applies to both the bonus cash and the deposit balance. Playthrough requirements are typically of the order of 20x, 50x, even 100x. Until you play through that balance (i.e. bet it on games per the T&Cs) you can’t withdraw the bonus cash.

For example, if a player claims £100 in bonus cash from a £200 reload bonus with a 50% match and a 40x wagering requirement, the player would have to bet a whopping £12,000 (£300 x 40x) before (s)he can withdraw a dime of that £100 bonus!

This is more than enough bets for a substantial house edge to assert itself. For example, betting £12,000 on games with a 5% house edge is likely (over all players) to result in gross losses of £600—or net losses of £500 including the £100 bonus. You can see why casinos are happy to take that bet.

Game-Specific Rules 

Certain games have rules that apply to the reload bonus. A reload bonus might not be eligible for betting on certain games. Other games might not contribute the full dollar value of their bets to the wagering requirement. Certain slot or table games, for example, might only contribute 50% or 25% of the betting value to the wagering requirement. If your favourite game is on that reduced-contribution list, that’s something you need to know about.

Max Withdrawals

Many online casinos place a bottleneck on the amount of money you can withdraw on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. We disagree with these kinds of restrictions on principle—it’s your money, and no company has a right to withhold its liabilities or maintain liquidity at the expense of your property. However, across offshore jurisdictions with limited licensing consequences, withdrawal limits are a fact of life in the online casino world. It’s easy to put money in, less easy to get it out.

How to Make the Most of Your Reload Bonus

Want to get the most value possible out of a lucrative normal or special reload bonus? Here’s what to do:

Read Those T&Cs

Study the Terms & Conditions carefully to make sure you understand time limits, wagering requirements, restricted games, country restrictions, and anything else that might apply to you.

Look for High RTP

Games with a high RTP (98% or better) are less likely to deplete your bankroll quickly and more likely to produce a lucky winning result.

Look for Low Variance

Games are considered “volatile” or “high variance” if they produce big wins on an erratic and rare basis. Reload bonuses will carry you further if you instead target your gameplay to “low variance” games, which pay out less-dramatic jackpots on a more routine basis.


Reload bonuses are among the best arguments for becoming what casinos want you to be—a loyal return player. Look for a casino with a generous reload bonus schedule that fits your gambling patterns, and you could have found your gambling home base to take with you anywhere in the world you have internet access.

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