New Casino Bonuses

Online casinos are constantly rolling out new bonus offers to attract players, often attached to specific promotional packages and ranging in type from free spins to deposit match bonuses and many others.

Online Casino Gems the latest list of new casino bonuses! Find free spins no deposits and other valuable offers as we answer all your questions about casino bonuses and offer a list of new online casinos that have the biggest rewards. Keep reading for more!


Everything you need to know about New Casino Bonuses

I’ll say this for new online casinos—they want your business, and they put their money where their mouths are. If you’re looking for a lucrative bonus package, look no further than the newest, shiniest casino on the block. 

It’s almost comical. Many new online casinos coming out every year are released by the same small handful of parent companies, titans of the online gaming industry. Why do you think so many players trust their hard-earned money to bankrolls within offshore servers? Because the parent company holds the reputation already, not the new casino. 

Essentially, these big companies are using bonuses to tempt players away from their own older casinos to try their new casinos!

It’s smart business, though. Think of the nightclub that shuts down, remodels, and reopens under a new name. It has the same owners and managers … but now it’s the hot new club that everyone wants to go to! By enticing players with attractive bonuses to try their new products, big online casino companies keep the money flowing into and out of (mostly into) their brands.

So strap in, because the games and the prizes never stop when there’s a new online casino offering a big bonus to players who feel lucky! And be sure, too, that it’s possible to play the odds and win at such an online casino.

How Online Casino Bonus Codes Work

When evaluating a new online casino bonus, it’s important to take note of whether or not you need to enter a bonus code at sign-up. Some bonuses code automatically when you create your account or click to activate them; others require you to enter a special promo code, either at sign-up or the time of activation. You don’t want to miss out on the bonus because you forgot to enter an activation code!

Here’s how the process breaks down, especially for new account holders ....

  • Create a new account. If you are trying to claim a welcome bonus, you may have to prove you’re a first-time account holder by entering identifying information. 
  • Enter the bonus code at sign-up, if applicable.
  • If a deposit is needed to unlock the bonus, link a payment method and make your first deposit. Common deposit methods include mobile wallets (PayPal, Neteller, etc.); ACH or eCheque; credit or debit card; or cryptocurrency. UK players should note that from April 2020--at the time of drafting this article--it is no longer legal to pay for gambling with a credit card in the UK. So if you find yourself unable to pay, there’s no point in calling up your credit card company. Debit cards are still fine; it’s all about your liquidity and the affordability of gambling at all.
  • Collect your bonus and start playing!

What Bonus Types Will New Online Casinos Offer?

The short answer is that new online casinos will throw the kitchen sink at their bonus strategy. New online casinos compete vigorously for new players’ betting money, and even compete against the older online casinos, including those owned by their own parent companies.

The offering of tempting bonus categories is raised to something between an art form and outright warfare. Whatever your gambling habits and preferences, you can usually find a new online casino bonus to match it.

Here are some of the components that make up a great new online casino bonus ... 

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses are typically some of the most lucrative bonus packages a new online casino will offer you. They want to hold out a shiny brass ring to potential new players, in the form of hours of free gameplay and chances to win big.

Welcome bonuses are typically available to first-time account holders only. This usually isn’t a problem with new casinos, but you should be aware of it. If you have had an account with that online casino before, even under different login credentials, you aren’t allowed another crack at the welcome bonus. To try to do so is considered “bonus abuse” and can get you banned.

To confirm you are a new member, you will usually have to enter some sort of identifying information so the casino can perform an identity check. Note that you can claim a welcome bonus from a new casino even if you have previously been a member of a different online casino under the same parent company.

So what do you get with a welcome bonus? Usually, a whole package of benefits could include a first and second deposit-match bonus, no-deposit bonus, no-wagering bonus, free spins, cashback, or free play.

No-Deposit Bonus

A no-deposit bonus is cash or free play (free spins, etc.) that the casino will grant you as part of the bonus, that is not contingent upon you making a deposit into your online casino bankroll. These bonuses are sweet because you don’t have to put any of your own cash at risk to play with them.

Withdrawing these bonuses and collecting your winnings is another matter. No-deposit bonuses are typically governed by Terms & Conditions (T&Cs) called wagering requirements, which prevent you from withdrawing bonus cash or winnings until you have played the bonus amount through a certain number of times—anywhere from 5x to 100x and beyond. 

Playthrough requirements tend to skew the odds in the favour of the casino, so that they come out ahead even when giving away free money. No-deposit bonuses also tend to be smaller, £10 or maybe £20, or some free spins. No-deposit bonuses may also be limited to play on certain games, and have an expiry date.

Deposit-Match Bonus

Deposit-match bonuses tend to be big bucks. A new online casino might offer to match the first or second deposit 50%, 100%, or even more, up to a certain cash value. For example, a new casino might offer a 50% bonus on the first deposit up to £500, meaning to max out the bonus you would need to deposit £1,000. If you only deposit £200, the casino will only match £100, whereas if you deposit £2,000, the casino will still only match the maximum £500.

As you can see, unlike no-deposit bonuses, deposit matches can stretch into the hundreds of pounds rather than the tens of pounds. Casinos incentivise them heavily because they get liquid cash into the casino’s system. Again, T&Cs--like wagering requirements--make that cash hard to get out. Wagering requirements are often even more intense on deposit-match bonuses because they apply to both the bonus cash and the deposit-match. 

That means if you deposit £1,000 and get £500 in bonus cash for a total starting bankroll of £1,500 with a 40x wagering requirement, you will have to bet £60,000 to withdraw the £500 bonus cash—more than enough time for a casino’s house edge to make up the difference.

Reload Bonus

Reload bonuses incentivise players to make repeat deposits, which new online casinos love for obvious reasons. Reload bonuses are usually a scheduled series of deposit matches that apply to later deposits.

Reload bonuses tend to be offered on an escalating scale—the later the deposit, the bigger the bonus. That means the second reload bonus will tend to be the smallest—25%, perhaps. But the third deposit will be better—50% or 75%—and the fourth or fifth deposits better still—100% or 150%. 

The casino dangles the carrot of those big reload bonuses to get you making successive deposits. Of course, wagering requirements apply to the deposits to make sure you bet the bonus cash instead of withdrawing it.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses offer a certain percentage back on every bet placed—or, if the T&Cs so stipulate, on every bet lost. You may not get cashback on winnings.

Alternatively, the casino may refund you cash for the first £100 or so of bets lost during the bonus period. This is sometimes referred to as a “risk-free betting” bonus, because even if you lose, you get the wager back. Wagering requirements usually apply to cashback bonuses as well.

Cashback may also be offered as a part of the new online casino’s loyalty program.

No-Wagering Bonus

Do any bonuses not come attached to a wagering requirement? Increasingly, the answer is “yes,” especially with new online casinos that have something to prove and want to stack their player base.

A no-wagering bonus can be withdrawn immediately, as can the winnings. This is exactly what casinos want to avoid when they give away “free money,” so while this money might have no strings attached, it usually doesn’t get distributed in a vacuum. 

No-wagering bonuses will typically be a small deal-sweetener—£10 or £20 max—for a more lucrative bonus that does come with a high wagering requirement. The casino’s margin on the playthrough gets a little smaller, but not so much smaller that they are guaranteed to lose money. Casinos are not in the business of losing money. No-wagering bonuses don’t change that.

Free-Spin Bonus

You will see “free spins” attached to almost every new online casino bonus you come across. This ubiquitous bonus category plays on the massive popularity of video slots in both the land-based and online casino environments. 

A “free spin” is simply a free bet of one coin on a video slot game, with the winnings being yours to keep. Free spins can look generous on the surface, but looks can be deceiving. 100 free spins sounds like a lot of spins—and if you take all the spins back-to-back, it can be a healthy gaming session. However, when you consider that one coin on a slot game could be worth ten pence or less, it becomes clear the bonus itself was only worth about £10. 100 or more free spins even tends to be a sweetener of a deposit-match bonus; no-deposit free spin bonuses tend to be limited to 10-30 free spins.

Free spins are also often limited in terms of the slot games where you can use them. The free spins may be targeted to a slot game that the casino wants to promote (typically a new slot—or a slot with a particularly high house edge!), or a collection of slots. Indeed, casinos love slots as much as--or more than--casino guests do, because of that high house edge.

Free spins usually come with wagering requirements too, turning that house edge particularly to the casino’s advantage.

High-Roller Bonus

Casinos love no one more than “high rollers”—whales betting huge sums of money on wagers. If you intend to deposit or bet thousands of pounds at a time, you may have access to a “high-roller” bonus in the form of extra deposit matches, bonus cash, bonus spins, or loyalty perks unavailable to the masses of new players.

High rollers need to be particularly careful of T&Cs known as “withdrawal maximums.” Many online casinos preserve their liquidity at the expense of their big-ticket players, limiting how much of your bankroll or winnings you can withdraw at a time--in a day, in a week, in a month. Withdrawal maximums usually range in the thousands of pounds, a limit the average player will never reach—but a high roller very well might. Make sure you keep withdrawal maximums in mind as you play your bankroll management.

Loyalty Programs

Other than reload bonuses, another way online casinos incentivise repeat visits is through loyalty programs. Casinos reward habitual players and high-volume bettors with an escalating, often tiered system of loyalty rewards, usually in the form of a loyalty-point currency that can be redeemed for various prizes. 

Sometimes, it can be redeemed for cashback, but casinos more lucratively reward players who keep their loyalty points in the online casino, buying free games or other perks. 

As the player ascends the tiers of the loyalty program, (s)he may unlock VIP games, promotions, and high-roller perks.

Referral Bonus

If a new online casino values anyone more than a new player betting hard-earned money, it’s a new player who refers other new players to the online casino to bet their hard-earned money. New online casinos might offer a referral space at sign-up where a visitor can enter your name, and you may be rewarded with bonus bankroll cash, free spins, etc. 

Alternatively, you may be able to get a custom referral link that adds a cookie to the browser of the friend you refer. When they create their account and make a deposit, you get your bonus. 

Like most new online casino bonuses, a referral bonus will usually be subject to T&Cs such as wagering requirements.

Mobile Bonus

Online casinos like to incentivise the use of their mobile platforms, and not just because the casino company invested good money in creating it. Mobile players tend to play more, because they have access to their favourite games on the go—on the train, in the passenger seat of a car, stolen moments at work, in line at the grocery store, lounging in bed, watching TV … really anytime.

As such, new online casinos may offer special cash or free-spin bonuses for players who adopt their mobile app. T&Cs apply, as always.

Cryptocurrency Bonus

New online casinos have increasingly become early adopters of one of the most exciting new technologies of the century—cryptocurrency. Based on game-changing blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin require no bank or government backing or involvement. Their value is based on their scarcity and how impossible they are to hack, due to the decentralised nature of the blockchain ledger.

As such, Bitcoin and other crypto technologies are secure, inexpensive, private, and nearly impossible to tax. This makes them highly appealing to both online casinos and their players. New online casinos that accept cryptocurrency will often offer special deposit-match bonuses to players who deposit crypto into their bankroll. T&Cs--such as wagering requirements--apply, of course.

Daily/Weekly Bonuses

A new online casino’s final line of attack to create loyal, habitual players out of their new members is to offer a revolving door of extra bonuses. The gravy train doesn’t stop after the welcome or reload bonuses. New online casinos offer a revolving door of daily and weekly bonuses—free spins, no-deposit bonuses, deposit-match bonuses, table games bonuses, etc.) to keep players hooked. 

Bonuses might be targeted to a player’s birthday, world holidays, or any occasion the new online casino cares to use as an excuse to give away a little taste of free play to returning customers (with T&Cs attached, naturally).

How to Find the Best New Casino Bonuses?

If you want to find the best new online casino bonuses, keep track of websites and news outlets that announce the new players on the scene. These reviews and announcements will typically outline the basic terms of the kickoff bonus.

You can also navigate to the online casino’s website and look for the “promotions” section. This will list the welcome bonus and reload bonus, and also give you a sense of the casino’s ongoing bonus offerings for returning players. You can also follow links to the T&Cs for the bonus, which will probably include wagering requirements, minimum deposits, restricted games, maximum withdrawals, and time limits. 

Check into the reputation of the online casino, while you’re doing your research—or, in the case of a new online casino, the reputation of its parent company and/or the software companies it partners with to license popular games. 


New online casinos offer some of the most lucrative bonuses around. 

Keep an eye open for new casino launches and follow the money to extended gameplay—and, if your luck is in, big wins!

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