High-roller Bonuses

Casinos have always liked to take care of their biggest spenders, so it’s no surprise that online casinos offer big-time high-roller bonuses to players who wager the most.

If you consider yourself a high roller, check out Online Casino Gems’ list of casinos that offer generous bonuses to their top players. We’ll show you how to enjoy the ultimate casino treatment and earn amazing cashback bonuses, deposit match bonuses, welcome bonuses, free spins, and free credits.


Everything you need to know about High-roller Bonuses

Everyone has an image of a high roller—some James Bond-looking dandy in a tuxedo or a custom leather jacket, smoking a fine cigar from an embargoed country. He wears a watch that costs more than your car and suavely sips on a glass of Scotch that costs more than your auto payment as he tosses rectangular chips down onto the craps table. This high roller wagers more money than many of us earns in a year on a single deal roll of the dice. And he loves you to know it.

Guests and employees of the casino crowd around the table where the dandy reigns, to ooh and ahh, living vicariously through his humongous bets to experience the thrill of putting that much coin on the line. Floor managers and casino owners stop by to shake his VIP hand and offer comped drinks, meals, and hotel rooms. 

And--if he only bets big enough--maybe he will own the whole casino! They won’t sell to him? Well then, he’ll just set up his own new online version where he can lord over things from the comfort of his executive leather armchair...so they’d better all watch out.

Indeed, the move towards online casino environments has changed the high-roller landscape. Online gambling is now a much more solitary activity, with fewer spectators, fewer cigars, and fewer comped hotel rooms. But, although we may not see them anymore, high rollers are still a big part of the online casino landscape. Rather than free drinks and hotel rooms, high rollers get rewarded for their big bets with high roller gifts and special bonuses, all only available to VIPs willing to put tons of money on the line.

What is a High Roller Bonus?

A high roller bonus may reward players with deep pockets under several circumstances, including:

  • When a player makes a large deposit.
  • When a player places a large bet.

A high roller bonus is essentially a better bonus that kicks in at high dollar amounts. This could apply to several different circumstances that offer extra value to people who bet big.

For example, a casino might offer a 50% deposit match to new members up to a certain value—say, £1,000. However, they may increase the deposit match to 100% at even higher deposit values.

Alternatively, the casino may deposit match up to £500 for deposits of up to £1,000. However, they may increase the matching limit for deposits of £5,000 or more.

Bonus cash often comes with wagering requirements, discussed in depth below. High-roller bonuses might entitle a big bettor to a lower wagering requirement, speeding up the process of getting money out of the bankroll as opposed to leaving it in.

Some casinos offer cashback for bettors as part of their loyalty program—that is, refunds when you place bets, not matches when you deposit funds. It’s usually a pretty low return—in the neighborhood of 1-3%. However, for big bets in the thousands of dollars, that cashback percentage might jump several points.

Online casinos also offer tiered loyalty programs that pay better rates and offer prizes the more you bet. High rollers may also have access to concierge service, VIP-only games, first looks at games and faster withdrawal times.


Why Casinos Incentivise High Rollers

Casinos have their own term for “high rollers.” They call them “whales.” Actually, this is a common term for big buyers in any sales organisation. It’s supposed to be complimentary

Casinos have always richly rewarded “whales” who were willing to risk small fortunes at betting tables for reasons of their own—prestige, fame, attention, or simply the thrill of chance. Sometimes, these rewards even seem to exceed the profit casinos reap from those big bets.

The truth is, casinos have plenty of incentive to stroke high rollers. Historically speaking, whales accounted for a whopping 60% of casino revenues.

How this outsized effect translates into the digital realm is not entirely clear, especially considering 60% of casino revenue now comes from video slots, a class of games with max bets and high elements of pure chance. For the time being, however, online casinos still see value in incentivizing “whales” to become high rollers.

How You Claim High Roller Bonuses

Online casinos are not always upfront about their high roller bonuses. There’s some psychology at work. High rollers like to be VIPs and have their interest courted. They are less easy to move with mass advertising. High rollers prefer to rise above the herd, so standard accouterments like bonus codes and promo codes don’t really apply. 

Many online casinos advertise a VIP program available “by invitation only.” Look for an online casino that offers robust phone or chats support. You can reach out to the casino’s staff and discover what milestones might trigger a high roller bonus or an invitation to join the VIP club.

Regardless, high roller bonuses are triggered by becoming a high roller—i.e. a deposit or a bet of several thousands of pounds. Deposits will need to be made with an approved and supported payment method as determined by casino policies. Common deposit methods include ACH, credit or debit cards, mobile wallets (PayPal, Skrill, Neteller, Paysafecard, etc.), and cryptocurrency wallets such as Bitcoin. 

The bonus will likely take the form of cash deposited into your bankroll and available for immediate use (subject to T&Cs). It might also populate as free spins or free play in a separate account. Special rewards or gifts may take the form of coupon codes or gift certificates distributed by email. 

The Fine Print: High Roller Bonus Rules

Terms & Conditions always apply to bonuses furnished by casinos. This applies to high roller bonuses as well—more so, even. Remember, casinos aren’t charities for rich people. They’re in it for the money, and they intend to make the most money possible off their whales, even if now and then, shrewd high roller gameplay can result in a good win. Make sure you understand the ways in which casino T&Cs could impact your high roller bonus.

Wagering Requirements

Wagering requirements usually apply to all “free money” bonuses offered by online casinos. This is how online casinos make sure that you actually bet your deposit and bonus money, rather than just withdrawing and pocketing it.

Wagering requirements typically entail a “playthrough minimum,” a certain number of times you have to bet the bonus value before the bonus becomes eligible for cashout. Note that for deposit match bonuses, playthrough requirements apply to the bonus cash and the deposit, so if you get a 50% deposit match of £1,000 on a £2,000 deposit, with a 15x playthrough requirement, you’ll have to bet £45,000 to satisfy the wagering requirement, not £15,000 based on just the bonus value.

Additionally, some games may count less towards the wagering requirement than others. For example, a casino may determine that slot games only contribute £0.25 on the pound to satisfying the wagering requirement, but a few nifty games of the old favourite bingo could offset more. These are only examples, remember; every casino’s playthrough requirements are different.

Wagering requirements ensure a casino’s profitability even as they hand out fat wads of cash for free. Every casino game has a “house edge,” a predictable percentage of all bets on a game that a casino will keep as profit. Wagering requirements ensure that a player will place enough bets that the house edge surpasses the bonus value.

Of course, any individual player might get lucky and score a big win. If you do, way to go! But over the course of all bets, casinos can be pretty confident of their profit margins. Wagering requirements ensure that a bonus merely blunts the house edge for most players, rather than overcoming it.

A high roller bonus may entitle a player to a lower playthrough requirement on larger bonuses. Make sure you understand the wagering requirement and compare it to those at other casinos.

Minimum Deposits

Many bonuses have minimum deposit requirements to access them. There may be a separate minimum deposit for the standard bonus (£10 or more, perhaps) compared to the high roller bonus (£1,000 or more, possibly). If a minimum deposit applies to a high roller bonus you mean to access, make sure you know about it.

Cash-out Limits

Cash-out limits are common with online casinos. The majority of players will not be affected by the cash-out limits, but high rollers may uniquely experience the cash-out limit as a source of frustration. Cash-out limits restrict how much you can withdraw on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. 

For example, you may be restricted to withdrawing a maximum of £2,500 per day, £5,000 per week, £10,000 per month. Obviously, only high rollers tend to butt up against these maximums.

We consider cash-out limits to be unethical. A player’s money is his/her own and should be accessible to him/her without restrictions or hurdles.

However, many online casinos, especially smaller or brand-new ones, see withdrawal maximums as a safeguard for their liquidity. Their offshore licensing and headquartering tends to make it hard to contest the decision if they choose to bottleneck access to your bankroll and winnings. High rollers should be extra careful about casinos that impose low cash-out limits.

Restricted Games

Terms & Conditions might impose restrictions on which games can be played with the high-roller bonus, and choosing a casino with overly stringent restrictions could be one of the biggest gambling mistakes you make as a high roller; you’re spending big so should look for the best deal when you’re feeding a hungry slot machine for several hours on end.

“Free spins” or “free play” bonuses may be limited to use on a specific slot game or table game. However, game restrictions may apply to cash bonuses, which in theory should be unrestricted. If you want to use your high roller bonus on a particular game or class of games, check to make sure it is not restricted from your bonus. 

Otherwise, you could find yourself spending money you can’t afford to lose--or that you’d just prefer not to lose if you’re a real high roller with bottomless pockets full of cash!

Time/Date Limits 

Bonuses, including high roller bonuses, tend to come with time limits. There may be a ticking clock specifying the time in which you have to take advantage of it. This could be weeks or even days. Other bonuses may only be available on certain days, weekends, or weeks. Make sure you understand the time constraints of your high roller bonus and that you have the time and betting funds to get the most out of it in that time frame.

Restricted Countries

Online casinos have a global footprint, but despite the ubiquity of the internet, some online casinos may not be available from certain countries. In fact, we’d say it’s something of the norm to find a massive list of restricted countries. 

Other casinos might be limited in how much bonus cash they can offer according to a country’s rules. Make sure to check that any high-roller bonus offered by an online casino is eligible in your country and that your gameplay will all be legal. 

Get the Most from Your High Roller Bonus

High rollers put a lot of money on the line. Make sure to take the necessary steps to maximise the value of your high roller bonus with the following tips:

Choose a Reputable Casino

Check into the casino’s license status and jurisdiction, the longevity of the parent company, its blacklist status with watchdog groups, and player reviews to see its reputation for paying out what it owes--quickly.

Read and Understand the Terms & Conditions

Considering the size of the bonuses, it behooves you to make sure you don’t lose it due to a failure to understand the Terms & Conditions. Make sure you understand the applicable wagering requirements, time limits, and restrictions with regard to countries, games, and any other obstacles that stand in the way of you winning big and (importantly) actually getting to claim your winnings--which is surely what it’s all about! As a real high roller, you’re the last person who wants to get messed around or passed from pillar to post on an endless game of “I will sue you if you don’t pay up! Don’t you know who I am?”

Choose Games with a High RTP

Return-to-player (RTP) percentage is the inverse of the house edge. For example, a 5% house edge means the game has a 95% RTP. If you have your choice of games, look for ones with a high RTP. Table games like craps, keno, and blackjack tend to be better than slots.

Stretch Out your Session … but Not Too Much

The more bets you make, the more likely you are to be a winner. It may seem sensible, then, to bet the minimum possible on your game of choice to get the most plays you can achieve … but casinos may read this as an “irregular gambling pattern” … ironic, since that level of predictability is the definition of “regular.” Still, it’s their house, so try to avoid exhibiting a predictable betting pattern, in terms of both bet size and game selection. 

Don’t Spend All Your Bonus at Once

Playing highly volatile games nonstop is an easy way to lose a whole bankroll, even a large one. Consider taking a break and coming back to rediscover a lucky streak.



Looking for VIP treatment, or just to put a lot of cash on the line and see what luck has in store for you? High roller bonuses can be a lucrative way to enhance your gameplay at online casinos. Make sure to understand the terms and requirements that go along with this kind of high-end bonus, and you’re ready to be a whale for a lucky casino.

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