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Since its inception, our core mission at Online Casino Gems UK has been to build value for our readers by providing them with leading-edge advice, the latest updates, learning tools, and unbiased reviews. To further achieve this mission, our authors follow strict Editorial Standards and Guidelines (collectively, “editorial code”) to create high-quality, timely, fact-checked content that’s relevant to the many sports bettors and casino gamblers who come to our website. 

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Why is the editorial code needed? 

The primary purpose of our editorial code is, above all, to make sure the information we publish helps you become a better gambler. Secondly, we use the guidelines to foster and safeguard the bond of trust between you and Online Casino Gems UK. 

Whether it’s about casinos, gambling strategies, games features, banking options, casino bonuses, tutorials, or anything in between — every piece of content we write is designed to make you a knowledgeable, experienced, and confident bettor. We aim to empower you, the gambler, so you can make independent, well-informed, and profitable decisions about how, what, why, and where you want to play. 

Although our business model relies on commissions, when you sign up or use our links, the editorial guide guarantees that our content adheres to high standards. More importantly, the guide ensures that our editorial process is free from bias, favor, or commercial intent. All of the updates, news, reviews, and advice we post on our site are based on thorough research, the latest industry trends, user feedback, credible statistics, and policy changes – just to name a few. 

Our most vital currency is player empowerment. Our in-house writers, external contributors, and other content creators at OCG UK must use this currency wisely, making sure that everything we do is autonomous from the commercial objectives of our company at large. 

You won’t find popup ads, banners, or other forms of advertising meant to distract you from becoming empowered from our content. We do not accept 3rd party ads on-site. So you can rest assured that outside influence has no bearing on our content. 

About Our Authors 

Our content team consists of expert gaming writers, avid researchers, and highly knowledgeable pros in the field of gambling. They have long-standing experience in sports betting, casinos, games, and other aspects of gambling. We come together to provide best-in-class content that will benefit other players. 

Our Editorial Guidelines 

Our team of gambling experts at Online Casino Gems UK is focused on providing you with the rights tools, knowledge, and expertise, so you can find better ways to win. The tradition of trust and excellence with our players is entrenched in each of our editorial guidelines. This way, you can always trust our content – whether you’re looking for gambling tips, lucrative bonuses, how-to guides, strategy inspiration, or a new casino. 

1- We Ensure Content is Accurate 

Research is at the heart of our content strategy. Our advice, casino reviews, gaming guide, and the other pieces of content our authors produce are supported by credible, factual, and data-driven research. Any and all insights, ratings, and analysis must be based on an unbiased evaluation and judgment of our contributors. 

To reiterate: our content must be based on accurate facts and driven by research and data. Before we give advice, recommend a game, or suggest a gambling site to our readers, multiple staff members must be part of the writing and editorial process. 

2- We Review & Correct Omissions, Errors, and Other Discrepancies 

We’re all human. Although we put a great deal of thought, review, and research into our content creation, errors and omissions can occur. As part of our editorial guidelines, we note any and all errors and our authors agree that they will be promptly examined and rectified where needed. 

If there are any holes in our stories, typos in our copy, mistakes in our writing, or apparent bias in our content, Online Casino Gems UK will act expediently to correct them. If you see any error in our content, don’t be afraid to report it. 

3- We Promise to Reveal Our Sources 

All of our content must be based on not only on accurate facts but should also be sourced from credible places. Our frequent sources include direct contacts, mainstream media, industry publications, social media posts, and press releases, amongst others. 

We include links sprinkled across our pages to external sources where you can see and review the information for yourself. All pieces of information and facts that have been collected from any other medium or elsewhere in print or on the internet must be appropriately credited on the page. 

4- We Offer Unbiased Advice 

Our contributors have no link, commercial or otherwise, to gambling sites they review or write about. The chief editor must be notified of any cases of conflict of interest. This makes sure each review we publish is written objectively and that all advice we give is completely impartial. 

5- We Ensure Information Clarity 

Online Casino Gems UK provides its content for free and makes it available to as many players based in the UK as possible. In a world of information overload, we make it point to focus on the interests and matters of the UK gambling industry. As part of our editorial guidelines, this means that all content must be clear, timely, and relevant to be helpful to you. 

What Online Casino Gems UK Provides to You 

We're here to help you bet better, whether you're into online poker, esports, fantasy sports, casino gambling, bingo games, or sports betting. The platform is free to encourage you to share anything related to online gambling. Even better, here's what you can expect to find on our website: 

  • Trustworthy casino reviews by UK gambling experts and players 
  • Exclusive lucrative casino bonuses for UK players 
  • Only the very best gambling sites make our recommended list 
  • Complete guides for casino gaming, sports betting, and online gambling in the UK 
  • All casino games for UK players, including free play and real money options 
  • Handy reviews and guides to all new gambling sites for UK gamblers 
  • Expertdata-driven advice on how to find the best UK casinos and gambling sites 

How to Contact Us 

Do you have any questions about gambling in the UK? You can reach us by phone: 312.600.5433 or via email: hello@onlinecasinogems.com. 

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