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Welcome to Online Casino Gems! 

The worldwide online casino industry is booming, offering more opportunities than ever to play all the games you love right from your desktop computer, notebook, tablet, or mobile phone, from anywhere with good Internet access.

Advances in gaming software have led to dazzling graphics, sumptuous animations, and engaging bonus rounds or side games, all giving you a more immersive online gaming experience than ever before. Live-dealer games and player live chats create a fun-filled, vibrant social environment reminiscent of a day at the casino.

Best of all, you can win real money, even life-altering jackpots, on a lucky hand, spin, or roll of the dice.

Online Casino Gems is your one-stop-shop for all your online casino needs, including:

  • Casino reviews
  • Guides to the best bonuses
  • Players’ “How-To” manuals for all your favorite games.

How do I Choose a Safe and Reputable Online Casino?

When choosing an online casino, questions of safety and reputation are the most critical. After all, you’ll be entrusting your money to a company offering digital games of chance, possibly licensed offshore--with their servers in a different company. It’s not like being in a real live casino where you can see all the action happening and get hands-on help.

So, can you count on the online casino of your choice to …

  • Operate fair games, with accurate published return-to-player percentages?
  • Honor their published bonuses and wagering requirements?
  • Payout your hard-earned winnings?
  • Even return your initial deposits?

These are all fair questions and legitimate concerns. So let’s talk about what to look for when evaluating the safety and trustworthiness of an online casino, whether it’s a long-established one or a brand-new one:


Online casinos can only operate with a license from a reputable jurisdiction. You can find out which jurisdiction licenses the casino by scrolling around the page. Try checking the “About Us” section. You might also find this vital information by scrolling all the way down the page--very often, it’s nestled in the small print at the end of a very long Home page. 

You will find many online casinos licensed in offshore jurisdictions like Malta, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, Costa Rica, and Curacao. The Kahnawake Nation, a Native American enclave within Canada, is another popular licensing jurisdiction.

These jurisdictions often have a combination of policies favorable to the business of online casino gaming, including:

  • Favorable tax laws.
  • Lenient licensing requirements with low fees.
  • Minimal oversight.

As such, you can’t always count on the licensing jurisdiction to swing to your rescue on account of one complaint from a foreign national. Of course, in the face of a major outcry involving several players or a group complaint, action may be taken.

Note, too, that it’s not quite as simple as just finding a casino you like; they also have to like you--or at least, they have to like the country from which you plan on signing up! Gambling--online or offline--is not legal in every country and it’s big business when any country moves to legalize gambling for the first time.

You may not even be able to access certain online casinos from your country, depending on the licensing jurisdiction. It can feel somewhat hit and miss at times.

Casinos with several licenses from different jurisdictions are well worth a look; they have to work very hard to retain these licenses and not fall foul of any gaming regulations, especially when the regulators are always using shrewd new methods to locate casinos that don’t deliver on gaming standards, which are taken extremely seriously. 

Once you’ve chosen a casino but before creating an account, check that it accepts players from the country you are in, as well as the currency and payment method you wish to use.


Even more important than the licensing jurisdiction is the reputation of the online casino and its parent company. Some sites have been operational for a decade or more, with parent companies that have been operational for even longer--often multiple decades.

As a general rule, a longer history of operation without major interruptions is a good sign. Even if the licensing jurisdiction is questionable, online gambling sites and companies with long histories and respectable reputations are usually in it for the long hall, not for a scam or a quick buck. These casinos have the tendency to self-police and will usually respond to customer complaints, in order to safeguard their longevity in the business.

Check around the website for indications of how long it’s been operational. Follow links or do Google searches to research the parent company and find out how long they have been in business too. 

Remember, Google is a very clever search engine, so all you need to do is type in the name of any casino and add the word “complaint” to your search and you’ll come up with all the issues about that casino that have made the news. Try inputting other words too, such as “license” and “fined”. 

Of course, you might well find a few casinos that seem squeaky clean--and we do turn up many of these in our casino reviews, as unlikely as it may seem. They are always a safe bet--literally.


Almost as important as the reputation and longevity of the online casino is the software it offers. Most online casinos don’t develop their own games; instead, they license games from software companies that develop them.

Even an online casino is brand-new, it’s a good sign if it offers software from big names in gaming software like Playtech, NetEnt, and Microgaming. These companies have their own reputations to look out for, and they will not remain affiliated with crooked websites.

In addition to being more stable and less likely to crash, games from reputable software developers are more likely to have an accurate RTP (return-to-player) percentage published.

Check the website for logos and links to their software providers. 


Identity theft and data breaches are a clear and present danger for everyone who enters sensitive information, such as home addresses and credit card numbers, online. Make sure you choose an online casino that takes this threat seriously.

Your account should be protected by a username and password. Check the privacy policy to make sure that the company promises not to sell or distribute your personal information to third parties.

Check that the casino uses 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption and other reputable fraud-management applications.


If you want to know if an online casino is trustworthy, see how many people call them trustworthy in the public space. This goes back to what we said earlier about doing an extensive Google search on the casino brand and its parent company and any sister sites. 

Many independent organizations offer honest reviews on online casinos, and they’re not beholden to the casinos themselves. These organizations rate online casinos in terms of customer service, prompt payouts, fair gameplay, and responsible conduct. 

Some sites also allow user reviews, giving further insight into the actual experience of players. 

Transparent Player History

Choose an online casino that makes it easy to access your player history. That way, you have a record of every game you played, every dollar you deposited, every coin you bet, every dollar you won, and are eligible to withdraw.

In addition to keeping track of how much of your money is eligible for withdrawal, this record can help you notice if wagering requirements are being honored, and to notice if any unauthorized persons have been using your account. 

Reputable Banking

Check the casino’s banking policies, and make sure it lays out the processing times for deposits and withdrawals. Most online casinos make your funds available immediately after deposit, and offer withdrawals within a few days depending on the method.

Make sure the online casino accepts a payment method you trust, like American Express, PayPal, or Skrill.

It’s worth noting that the ease or difficulty of getting hold of withdrawals is one key point attracting comment in gamblers’ own reviews; many casinos make it all too easy to pay in but less simple to withdraw, so you should do your homework here and seek out other user reviews for the online casino site(s) you join. 

So Many Casino Bonuses … How do I Choose the Best?

Many online casinos offer very attractive welcome bonuses to entice new members. Sometimes these bonuses are quite generous … or at least, they have big numbers attached to them. Deciding which bonus to go after depends on your preferences, gaming habits, and risk tolerance, i.e. how much money you intend to bet and how soon. Bonuses can be available in many forms too, ranging from cashback to high-roller bonuses, and the ever-popular no-deposit free spins

Whichever bonus you choose, keep in mind the following requirements that may apply:

  • New Member Requirement. Many bonuses are only available to first-time players. If you have had an account with that online casino in the past, you may not be eligible for a bonus. However, many casinos do have special deals for existing customers so it’s worth shopping around.
  • Bonus Codes. Some bonuses populate automatically for new players. Others, however, require you to enter a “bonus code” or “promo code” in the required field at sign-up. That can be a nuisance especially when you forget to enter a code… Players love the casinos that automatically add bonuses wherever they’re due.
  • Time Limits. Some bonuses must be claimed and/or used within a certain time period after sign-up. This time period could be as long as 90 days or more, or as short as 7 days or fewer. As a general rule, don’t sign up for an online casino with a bonus unless you’re ready to dive in and start betting. 
  • Wagering Requirements. Some bonuses deposit money into your bankroll, but you must wager a certain amount of money (usually anywhere from 1x to 100x of the bonus amount) before you can withdraw that “free money.” The hope on the part of the online casino is that you will become a regular player, and they will make the bonus money back many times over. Do plenty of research on wagering requirements because the casinos do vary greatly here.   
  • Playthrough Requirements. Similar to wagering requirements, “playthrough” requirements restrict withdrawal of the bonus cash until you have “played that bonus amount through” a requisite number of times. What can at first look like a great bonus is not so thrilling if there’s an 80x playthrough requirement before you can get your hands on it. Different games in the casino may also count more or less toward the playthrough requirement, so pay attention to which games you choose to bet on in fulfilling the playthrough requirement. Be careful that you don’t choose a casino where your favorite games don’t even contribute toward the playthrough requirement. It happens… 

First Deposit Bonus

A “first-deposit bonus” is a popular way of attracting new business and rewarding new players. When a new member makes his/her first deposit, the online casino reciprocates by funding extra cash into the player’s account, sometimes a matching deposit, sometimes a fixed dollar amount.

How much the casino will match depends on the casino. A casino may offer a first-deposit bonus of 100% of the first deposit, up to $1,000. In that case, if a new player deposits $1,000 within the bonus period, the casino will deposit its own $1,000, leaving the player with a bankroll of a hugely generous $2,000 to bet with. 

If the player in the above example deposits only $500, the casino will match it with $500, giving the player $1,000 to bet with. 

On the other hand, if the player makes the first deposit of $2,000, the casino would only fund $1,000, leaving the player with $3,000 to bet with. This is because the casino has only agreed to match the first deposit up to $1,000.

Other matching deposits might be for a percentage match—say, 50% of the first deposit up to $1,000. Others may match $200 or $500 for any deposit over $1,000, etc. Aggressive online casinos may offer deposit matches of 150% or even 200%. 

First-deposit bonuses do tend to be generous — hundreds of dollars or more — because the casino is getting some of your money in the bargain. Wagering requirements ensure that they don’t have to pay out that bonus money until you have gambled a certain amount … during which time the odds are in the casino’s favor to come out ahead.

No-Deposit Bonus

A “no-deposit bonus” is another popular welcome bonus. Whereas a first-deposit bonus requires you to deposit money to claim it, no-deposit bonuses, true to their name, require no deposits to claim. The casino just gives you free money for signing up. Yes, really!

The trade-off is that no-deposit bonuses tend to be pretty small—in the $10-$20 range. That’s better than nothing but won’t get you very far. Considering that wagering and playthrough requirements will apply, you may well have to deposit some money into your bankroll in order to reach those requirements and withdraw the bonus money. 

No-deposit bonuses may be stacked with first-deposit bonuses, free-spin bonuses, and other bonuses to make an attractive new-player welcome package, however. And let’s be honest; getting anything free is always… a bonus, you could say. 

Free-Spin Bonus

Free-spin bonuses are another common welcome bonus, and also frequently offered as promotional bonuses to current members.

“Free spins” apply to spins of a slot game. When an online casino offers hundreds of game titles, the vast majority are likely to be slot games, the most popular class of casino game both in person and online.

An online casino might offer “10 free spins” as part of its welcome bonus package, allowing players to get a taste of the slot action available. Note that these free spins may be restricted to one or more specific slot games, so you may not be able to use your free spins on any slot game you like. However, if you win on one of these free spins, you get to keep your winnings. It amounts to a series of free bets on a game or class of games.

An online casino may offer a “free spins” bonus as a promotion to existing members to help promote a new slots game, or a game for which they are trying to boost the popularity or profile.

Cashback Bonus

Cashback bonuses are also sometimes called “risk-free bets.” These bonuses entitle players to refunds of betting losses if they are incurred over a certain period. 

For example, an online casino might entitle new players to a 50% or 100% or up to $500 refund of betting losses incurred within the first seven days of membership.

Like a first-deposit, deposit-match, or no-deposit bonus, this allows players to enjoy gambling with the casino’s money.

The downside of a cashback bonus is that if they actually win their bets and come out ahead, they get nothing. 

Conversely, free-play and deposit-match bonuses fund the player’s bankroll whether they win or lose.

Reload Bonus

Whereas the previous bonuses may be available to new members, (maybe even to all new members), “reload bonuses” are rewards offered to loyal and longstanding members. When a reload bonus is triggered, a current member is rewarded with an infusion of bonus cash into their bankroll.

No deposit is required to trigger a reload bonus, but various actions may trigger a reload bonus, including--but not limited to--deposit thresholds, referring friends as players, etc.

No Wagering Bonus

“No-Wagering Bonuses” are uncommon for understandable reasons. Whereas most bonuses have a wagering requirement, impinging on players to gamble a certain amount of money before they can withdraw the bonus balance, no-wagering bonuses have no wagering requirement.

Essentially, you can withdraw the bonus as soon as it funds. Obviously, this is not a good deal for the casino because players could just take the money and run. It is typically only offered to the most loyal of players and VIPs.

High-Roller Bonus

Just like in a land-based casino, “high rollers” (big depositors and bettors) get special treatment. Either at sign-up, or at various intervals during an existing member’s gameplay, the casino may reward large deposits and rich bets with a treasure trove of high-roller perks, including free money.

High-roller bonuses can number into the hundreds or even thousands of dollars. If you plan to have a big bankroll and place big bets, look for an online casino with rich high-roller bonuses. High-roller bonuses may be awarded for bets on or use on high-limit tables.

Deposit Match Bonus

A “deposit-match” bonus is similar to the “first-deposit” bonus. In fact, a first-deposit bonus may well be a deposit-match bonus, matching 50%-100% of the player’s first deposit.

Online casinos may offer deposit-match bonuses periodically as promotions, sometimes targeted to loyal or VIP players. They may receive a 50% deposit match on deposits up to $500. If the player deposits $500, the casino matches half of that ($250) for a total bankroll boost of $750. If the player deposits $200, they’ll get an extra $100 for a total bankroll boost of $300. Deposits of $1,000 would result in only $250 extra because of the limit of $500 at a 50% match.

As with first-deposit bonuses, playthrough and wagering requirements usually apply to seasoned-player deposit-match bonuses.

Cryptocurrency Bonus

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are particularly appealing to both online gamblers and online casinos. The transfers of currency are quick, with few fees or low fees for the transfer. Transactions are recorded without fail in a digital blockchain ledger diffused among thousands of computer servers, making it nearly impossible to falsify the transaction. On the other hand, the parties to those transactions are kept secret. Bitcoin transactions are also hard for governments to trace and tax for the same reasons.

As more and more online casinos are starting to accept Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, they may incentivize Bitcoin deposits by offering special bonuses and promotions, usually deposit matches or free spins, when players make cryptocurrency deposits. 

Table Games Bonus

While less common than free-spins or slots bonuses, some casinos recognize the fact that many players come to online casinos for the thrill of table games, finding slots repetitive and boring or just unappealing for whatever reason.

An online casino may offer a 100% bonus up to $200 specifically for betting on online table games like blackjack, craps, or roulette. Playthrough and wagering requirements usually apply.

What Types of Casino Games Can You Play Online?

Gaming software companies have done a remarkable job in recreating the experience of the casino floor in an online and mobile environment. Most of your favorite casino games exist in digital video-game format in online casinos, with rules, gameplay, and odds similar to what you remember from land-based casinos.

The lush graphics and animations provide pleasing eye-candy for the players, but the code guts of these games are very basic. Digital games of chance operate thanks to a class of software called a “random number generator.” This allows each action to generate a random outcome, with the likelihood of positive outcomes baked into the cake to create a predictable RTP and house edge.

Those slots and roulette wheels may look like they are spinning, dice bouncing off the back of a craps table, cards flipping from the top of a shuffled deck, but that is just digital theater. The random-number-generator outcome determines where the wheels and reels stop, which sides of the dice land facing up, which card is dealt from the top of the digital shoe.

The exception is live-dealer games, which operate from an actual dealer in a studio in an actual casino dealing real cards, spinning real roulette wheels, shooting real dice, the results broadcast by live stream. Some players prefer the thrill of a live-dealer game, but the odds for the player tend to be slightly worse.

Certain land-based casinos are even experimenting with offering remote-operated live slots on their online casinos, with players able to monitor the outcome of an actual slot machine by live stream!

Here are some of the games you can enjoy at an online casino:

Slot Games

“Slot games,” “slot machines,” or “slots” are the most popular form of casino betting game of chance in the world, accounting for between 60-70% of casino revenue in both land-based and online forms. When slot games are adapted for online or video environments, they are called “video slots.” Many slot games on land-based casino floors are actually video slots, relying on RNG software and graphic animation the same as the online versions. 

The gameplay of slot machines relies on entering a bet, pulling a lever or pushing a button, and then watching as 3-5 reels spin and land with specific alignments of symbols on those reels. A winning alignment of symbols is called a “payline” and entitles the winner to monetary prizes of various sizes. 

Video slots also typically feature “bonus games” or “bonus rounds,” side games triggered by certain spins that resemble a board game, hand-eye-coordination game, or puzzle game.

How to Play 3-Reel Slots

Three-reel slots are some of the earliest slot games, often referred to as “classic slots.” These games call to mind the old-school “fruit machines,” table-mounted slot machines with mechanical arms and drums, most of the symbols being images of fruit (pineapples, cherries, bananas, etc.) alongside “Bar,” “7,” and other symbols. 

These machines enjoyed widespread popularity in British pubs. Many video versions of three-reel slots have adopted this classic fruit imagery for a digital environment.

Like many of the classic machines, three-reel slot games typically feature fewer paylines, sometimes as few as one, as well as a limited selection of bonus games. With fewer opportunities to win, however, the wins tend to be bigger.

How to Play Multi-Payline and Multi-Reel Slots

Modern video slots typically have more three reels, usually five. This kind of slot game is adapted to any theme you could imagine. Popular games incorporate images of ancient Egypt, Greek mythology, Irish leprechauns, and cross-branded properties like the band Guns N’ Roses or the film Ghostbusters.

Five-reel slot games typically have multiple paylines, often twenty or more, with varying levels of payout. This means that there are many opportunities to win small, as well as several opportunities to win big.

How to Play Progressive Slots

Progressive slots are indistinguishable from other slots, with the difference being that a portion of each bet placed on each spin contributes to an enlarged jackpot. Local progressive slots (limited to one casino) can produce healthy jackpots of hundreds or thousands of dollars. 

The real fireworks happen when progressive slots are regionally, nationally, or globally networked, with millions of bets feeding into the progressive jackpot. A widespread progressive jackpot network can catapult the potential winning into the hundreds of thousands or even millions of dollars.

How to Play Video Slots

All slot games at online casinos are video slots. The truth is, most slot games on the casino floor are also video slot games. It is hard to find a true old-school mechanical slot. Most slot machines are a gambler’s version of an arcade game. You push a button to spin the reels, the same as you would with an online game. 

The video gameplay opens the door to bonus rounds and side games, which can multiply players’ chances to win big.

Roulette Games

“Roulette” is French for “wheel.” The game involves a spinning wheel surrounded by numbers, into which a ball is inserted. The ball spins around the perimeter of the wheel in reverse direction before coming to rest in one of a series of pockets around the wheel, marked by numbers and alternating red and black colors. 

Bettors can place wagers on the ball landing in a certain color of pocket, even vs. odd numbers, a certain set of numbers, or a single number. Potential payouts increase, the fewer winning options you select.

Roulette comes in several variations—”American,” “French,” and “European.” All are played in much the same way, but the odds are slightly different. All three are available in the online form from various software developers.

Roulette is a popular game to play with a live dealer, if available.

Poker Games

There is a big difference between “video poker” and traditional poker. Many online casinos offer video poker, but true online poker is distinguished by the opportunity to play against other real players. Online casino games are typically played against the “house” or the “bank,” as in the case of blackjack and roulette.

Historically, online poker has been offered by dedicated sites like PokerStars and Party Poker. However, some online casinos offer live poker games. You can join games of Five Card Draw, Texas Hold’Em, and other popular poker games.

The deal can either be determined by a random number generator, or a live dealer. Live chat allows players to converse with each other as they place their bets, making for a very social gambling experience compared to a solitary pastime like slots.


One of the most popular casino table games, the card game blackjack is played against “the house” and translates seamlessly to an online casino environment. 

Players compete with the dealer to get the hand closest to 21, without “busting” (exceeding a hand value of 21). “Face” cards (king, queen, jack) are worth 10, aces 1 or 11. 

Based on the rules at play (Las Vegas, Atlantic City, etc.), the dealer follows a different set of rules of when to “hit” (draw another card) or “stand.” Depending on what rules the dealer plays by, the house edge and RTP might be slightly different.

Players can choose when to hit or stand. A natural draw of 21 is usually an automatic win. Other rules allow the player to “double down” or “split aces,” turning one hand into two with double the chances to win.

Online blackjack can be “live dealer” or dealt according to a random number generator.

Video Poker

“Video poker” is played against the house, not against other players, making it a different experience from playing a poker game. Still, video poker games like Hold’Em, Deuces Wild, etc. replicate aspects of poker gameplay through RNG software.

Craps Games

Sprung from the beer halls and alleyways of New Orleans, the raucous dice game craps is typically one of the liveliest tables at the casino. You may not have a crowd of shouting bettors around you at a video craps game, but you still get to place the same bets, including pass line bets, don’t pass line bets, come bets, don’t come bets, and more.

Betting on craps means betting on the outcome of the rolls of two dice in two rounds—the “come out” round and the “points” round. Certain outcomes, like 2 or 12, are less common, resulting in bigger payouts if you win. Other outcomes, like 6 and 8, are more common, resulting in lower payouts. Shoots of “7” or “11” have special meanings, either an automatic win on the come-out round, or “sevening out” or ending the point round.

You can also place multiple bets on each shoot of the dice to increase your chances to win or “hedge” your bets.

What Payment Methods are Accepted for Online Casino Games?

A big part of finding an online casino to patronize is finding one that accepts a method of payment you enjoy using and trust. This can be challenging. Online casinos don’t even accept every currency, so the first step is finding out if it accepts a currency you are comfortable with. 

A payment method common in your country may not be common in the online casino’s licensing country. Compared to the payment options and more mainstream e-commerce sites, online casinos’ payment options can seem like a hotchpotch.

To make matters worse, the methods of payment you may have come to depend on may fail you when it comes to online gambling. Even if a casino technically accepts your preferred payment method, the issuing bank or processor may have a policy against processing transactions for online gambling transactions, or just regard the offshore charge to be suspicious and require confirmation. Note, too, that credit card payments for all forms of gambling will not be possible in the UK soon. You will have to use a debit card if choosing a plastic payment means. 

Patronizing online gambling sites is technically against the law in many states or countries of residence, so this has a major bearing on the payment methods open to you. 

Issuing banks may even decline transactions for legal online gambling; using New Jersey-licensed casino sites while in the state of New Jersey doesn’t necessarily mean that NJ banks will honor the payments. 

So, just make sure to check your issuing bank’s policies before trying to fund your bankroll; be flexible, and expect some trial and error. It can also be worthwhile telephoning your bank or credit card ahead of attempting to make a gambling payment, as this can often smooth the way as gambling transactions can routinely “flag” your account or show up as a possible fraudulent transaction. 


Visa cards are widely issued by banks as credit or debit cards internationally, and enjoy widespread international acceptance.

However, whether or not an online gambling transaction will be accepted is often subject to the whim of the issuing bank. Additionally, Visa as a company had a blanket policy against processing online gambling charges. This is not company-wide policy anymore, but if your issuing bank steps in, you could still see your Visa transactions declined. 


MasterCard enjoys even more nationwide acceptance, including throughout jurisdictions where online gambling is legal. It can even be used as a direct line of withdrawal at some online casinos. However, MasterCards are often issued by banks that decline online gambling transactions, just as with Visa cards. Be sure to check the policy of your MasterCard issuer.

American Express

American Express is its own credit card processor and issuing bank. While not as universally accepted worldwide, American Express is growing as a global brand, and many online casinos accept it. American Express is fairly reliable as a payment method for online gambling transactions.


Discover is another issuing bank and processor that is fairly reliable for online gambling transactions and gaining more widespread acceptance worldwide. You will notice that some online casinos may accept American Express but not Discover, while others accept Discover and not American Express.


PayPal was one of the first online wallets to gain widespread acceptance, and it remains popular on a global basis. Many online casinos accept direct payments from PayPal, which allows you to deposit funds from other PayPal transactions held in your account balance.

PayPal can also serve as a go-between for credit card, debit card, and bank account transactions. If your card is declined for a direct transaction from an online gambling account, it may work as a source of funds for a PayPal transaction to the same casino. PayPal tends to be fairly reliable as a funding mechanism for casino activity, but again, if there’s a problem, pick up the phone as this will often sort it out. 


Based in gambling-friendly London, Skrill is a competitor to PayPal, a mobile wallet that enjoys widespread use outside of the United States for its ability to transfer money internationally, from one currency to another, with low fees.

Skrill is a popular and reliable method of payment for online casinos.


Also based in London, Paysafe is a conglomerate that actually owns mobile wallets Skrill and Neteller, and its own brand Paysafecard. Paysafe transactions usually process funds to online casinos without issue.


Bitcoin is sort of a wildcard and a growing force within the online casino world. In many ways, Bitcoin and online gambling seem like they were made for each other. 

Bitcoin is one of many “cryptocurrencies,” digital currencies that operate outside the authority of any bank or centralized government. They are produced by “mining” (calculation of complex equations by powerful computers) and recorded on a digital ledger, stored across multiple computers through a technology called “blockchain.”

The blockchain is a decentralized ledger, meaning there is no one master set of books that a bad actor or hacker could falsify … so cryptocurrencies are almost impossible to defraud. A flaw in the blockchain would be discovered by comparing it to a thousand other records of the blockchain.

Blockchain transactions are also private—it is nearly impossible to tell who the parties are to a blockchain transaction—only that the transaction happened, when, and for how much Bitcoin. This makes them not only hard to trace but hard to tax. They’re ideal for people who don’t want to be taxed for gambling winnings, or who may have access to a site in a country where online gambling is not legal.

Needless to say, the lack of centralized authority means no bank or government will stop the transaction from processing. 

The other side of Bitcoin is that it is a dark market that fluctuates wildly in value. Your Bitcoin could be worth a lot more or a lot less tomorrow than it is today, compared to the relatively low volatility of national currencies. 

How to Find a Bonus for a New Casino

Most online casinos are loud and proud about their welcome bonuses, advertising them in the banner or static header of the main site.

If it’s not obvious upon arrival, dig around a little. Look for a section titled “promotions.”

Make sure to take note of whether or not you need to enter a promo code to qualify for the bonus, and look for the required field during the registration process when you create your account.

Online Casino Gems keeps a regularly updated list of the active promotions and bonus codes offered by all the top online casinos. Check back regularly for announcements of new online casinos and their bonuses as they become live--and, of course, for all the latest exciting online casino news!