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All You Need To Know About Online Slots In CA 

Slots are big in Canada. The online casino game is just about as big as Canada is. That’s partly due to the game being an easy one to pick up and play, partly due to the potential winnings available, and partly due to the entertainment factor. There is a lot to say about online slots in Canada and let’s get those wheels spinning!

Intro To CA Online Slots

The Canadian Criminal Code sets the regulations federally for all gambling activity in Canada. However, the regulatory bodies exist at the provincial and territorial levels. In other words, the guidelines are set in Ottawa, but the responsibility for enacting them is left to each province and territory. This means that online slots that you can play in British Columbia will only be available in British Columbia and the slots you can play in Newfoundland will be different from the ones in BC and any other province and territory in Canada. It sounds confusing, but with a different gaming/lottery corporation in each province and territory, there is a great deal of freedom. What this means to an online slots player in Saskatchewan is that you have a vast selection of online games to access that are unique just to where you live. Plus, each lottery/gaming corporation sets the limits on types of gambling allowed within their area of jurisdiction and where the gambling revenues get directed within that province and territory. Slots just happen to be the most common online gambling option in all of Canada. 

Why Online Slots Are So Prevalent In Canada 

We’ve already mentioned that there is no real skill required to play slots. Essentially, if you can operate a ’spin’ button, and have credits to spend, you can become a slot machine gambler in seconds. The ease with which slots can be played makes it a good game to introduce to friends and add to a social event. Also, with the various themes, bonuses, and extra features added to slots, the game is an easy one to attract new players. Again, you don’t have to count cards, figure out averages, plot reds or blacks, or anything that would give you an edge at any other casino game. Slots are just easy to play and that is why you typically see a high percentage of slot machines filling the majority of any casino floor. The same goes for online slots - there are more of them than any other game at your average online casino. 

Is There Any Strategy To Slots?

There are countless slots online. This means you will have a lot of different types of slots to choose from. Depending on the slot manufacturer, there will be variables that can enhance your gameplay. For example, slots that come from reputable game providers such as IGT, Yggdrasil Gaming, Microgaming, or NetEnt will be well-designed with stunning graphics, interesting themes, and storylines along with various levels of bonuses. However, the main thing you need to keep in mind about online slots in Canada is that there is always a house edge. This means that the games are designed to give the house (the hosting online casino) a winning edge. But you can help increase your odds with online slots by seeking slot machines with a high Return To Player (RTP) percentage. The RTP references the percentage of winning you could have with that particular machine. A popular slot is Wheel of Fortune. It has an RTP of 96.6%. This means that out of 100 spins, you could win on up to 96.6% of them. The house edge is 3.4%. But don’t get fooled by the RTP. The percentage is just a reference and won’t be an accurate way to measure your success while playing.

Can You Win Money On Online Slots?

Aside from using the RTP to give you a slight edge, you can most certainly win money playing Canadian slots. And there are some hefty jackpots that you may be lucky enough to win when playing regular or progressive slot machines. However, there is one very important factor that determines the time when winners are created at the slots. It is something called a random number generator. It has little to do with the RTP But does contribute to the RTP. The random number generator is part of the software programming the individual slot machine contains and varies from one slot machine to the next. The random number generator determines what the reels will stop at in each spin. Because it is completely random, it makes slot machines impossible to cheat. This keeps them fair for every player, regardless of skill or experience in gambling.  

How To Play Online Slot In Canada

Because online slots are so easy to play in Canada, it is the perfect internet game for anyone of legal gambling age. To make things a little easier on you when you make your first few visits to your preferred online casino, here are a few tips to help enhance your slot experience. 

1 - Selecting The Slot To Play

There are five things to do that will help you to determine the best slot machine to play online. They include the following: 

Highest Possible Payouts - Using the RTP as your guide, seek the slot machines that offer a payout as close to 100% as you can get. Keep in mind that you will never find one that offers a 100% payout as there has to be a house edge. To determine the RTP on a slot, check the name and manufacturer of the game you have selected online. Look at game reviews and other related data.

Avoid The Obvious Ones - There are going to be specific slot machines that will be promoted and you will see these promotions throughout your visit to a Canadian online casino. There is a reason why these particular slots are being promoted in this manner. Typically, it is because they have a lower RTP and are being advertised to attract players so the house can generate some extra income.

Review Slot Volatility - The volatility, which is also referred to as variance, is a term used to identify the frequency of wins to a specific slot machine. A low variance slot will provide more frequent wins but the prizes will be small. A high variance slot will pay out less often, but the prizes will be larger. Your choice will depend on your style of play and how much you plan to spend playing the slots.

Avoid Slots That Are Branded - A branded slot is a machine that has a theme or storyline from a movie, TV show, or musical band. As attractive as these machines are with flashy and very impressive graphics, these types of slots usually contain both low RTPs and provide payouts that are in a word - pathetic. Your best bet is to stick to unbranded slots with better RTPs.

Trust Your Gut And Knowledge - If you have done any homework before entering an online casino in Canada, you will already have an idea of some of the games to stay away from. You should have gone over game reviews and possibly joined an online community or two to discuss online gambling and to get advice on what casinos to visit and what online slots to steer clear of.

2 - Take Advantage of the Free Play Mode 

One of the best features you will find with online slots in Canada is the option to use something called Free Play Mode. What this does is permits you to play the slot machine you have chosen without spending any money. The reason why you should make use of the “free play” opportunity is that you can spend time getting familiar with that specific slot and how it reacts and what it will do for you. For example, you can experience how the many bonus features operate and how fast the reels move to help you to pace your bets. Consider the “free play” mode as a way to test drive a game before you decide to spin with real money on the line.

3 - Monitor The Paytable 

Each slot machine has something called a paytable. This is essentially a chart that displays the value of each symbol on the reels and what combinations of them are worth. Getting to know the format of the paytable will help you as you watch the reels and how the symbols line up for payouts.

4 - Pick The Size of Your Bet 

You will see that at the control panel of the slot you are playing is the option to increase the size of your bet. Some machines will also have the ability to pay out on more than one payline, which you get to control. Depending on the size of your bankroll, it is a good idea to just play the “max bet” option which means that the highest allowable amount per spin will be used as your bet and that will give you access to the most pay lines of that specific slot machine. 

5 - Take Your First Spin 

Now the fun starts! It is time for you to start spinning those reels and see where the game takes you. To make it easier, you can just use the “auto-spin” button which will just keep spinning those reels as long as you want them to. You will be notified after each spin if you have a winning spin or not, and how much that winning spin earned you. Plus, with certain winning combinations, you may unlock extra bonuses ranging from free spins to added winnings. Have fun, and good luck!

Slot Machine Strategy Guide

Here are a few tips that will help to enhance your online slot experience. 

Watch The Bonuses - As we have stated above, each slot machine has a different RTP, which also describes the house edge. Because of this, the odds are basically against you as soon as you start to play. That is why you need to take advantage of anything that can increase your odds. This means watch for and take advantage of rewards, cashback bonuses, rebates, and other online casino loyalty offers. 

Make High Stakes Bets - With the way that slots work, you can win bigger prizes just by betting more per spin. That is why we suggested using the “max bet” option above. Betting the maximum amount per spin is a good strategy if you are serious about making money on the slots. When possible, play progressive slots for even bigger prizes. 

Trust What Other Slot Players Say - With slot machines, you are just playing against the casino with the machine. You are not playing against other players as you would at a poker table. That means you can trust the feedback other slot players have to offer. So, if you discover online reviews that point to a particular slot that is stingy with payouts or suffers from frequent online glitches, you will know to stay away from those particular slots and move to others.

Manage Your Bankroll - Money management skills will come in handy when you visit online casinos. This is especially true if you are placing max bets on a slot machine. Simple tips to maintain your financial status include setting a win and loss limit before you start spinning. If you have to, reduce your betting amounts, avoid doing something desperate if you are on a losing streak, and do not dip into your personal finances once you have exhausted your online casino bankroll. The British Columbia Lottery Corporation has a campaign slogan they have used for years that states simply, “Know your limit…play within it.”

Do Not Underestimate The Value of Practice - Although slots are a game of chance, practice can make a difference in how you play a particular game. Always start with the “free play” mode and stay there until you gain enough confidence and understanding of how that slot responds. That way, you won’t get surprised if something happens that you were not expecting. 

The Different Types of Slots In CA

There are six main categories that every online slot machine falls under. This is a closer look at what those categories are.

1 - Gameplay (Classic, Video, Progressive)

A classic slot machine is one that was designed after the original slots that first appeared in land-based casinos. These slots usually have just three reels and one payline. A classic slot is essentially your old school slot machine with not a lot of fancy extras.

Video slots use computerization that has created stunning graphics and themes. They often have five reels and multiple pay lines. The video technology used also has permitted this type of slot machine to have many different additional features ranging from extra spins to various bonuses.

Progressive slots are several slot machines that are joined together in a network. Players in different locations who play the same progressive slots are contributing a small portion of their bet per spin to a prize that can grow to a very large size over time.

2 - Location

There are two different slot machine locations. Either you are playing them at a land-based casino or an online casino. The main difference between them is that land-based slots are located in brick-and-mortar casinos or airports. Online slots are internet-based and can be played anytime from the comfort of your home.

3- Denomination  

Slot machines will accept various denominations ranging from penny slots (one cent per spin) to nickel slots, quarter slots, dollar slots, and high limit slots ($5, $10, or more per spin).

4 - Number of Reels and Paylines

Classic slots have three reels and one payline. Newer slots have five reels and can have three, five, twenty-five, or more pay lines. With various combinations, some slots provide 243 or 1,024 ways to win per spin.

5 - Class

There are two main classes of slot machines. Class II machines are connected to the same computer server. This means that when you play a Class II machine, you are not playing against the house but playing against other gamblers in the race for a jackpot. With Class III machines, each is independent of the other and each spin is against the house.

6 - Percentage of Payback

The RTP (Return To Player) odds that have already been explained is the final category slot machines are classified under. The higher the RTP, the better your odds. 


The Canadian federal government's Criminal Code is the legislation that permits gambling in many forms in the country. Each province and territory is responsible for regulating the gambling options in their specific jurisdiction. This means that each region has different gambling options ranging from land-based casinos and bingo halls to lotteries, sports betting, and online casinos. One of the most popular casino games in Canada is slots.

Slots are easy to play and that makes them a logical choice for beginners who are entering the gambling field. With so many different types of slots, with numerous themes and different bonus features, it won’t be hard to find a slot machine that you will like to bet on. In Canada, online slots offer various features that are designed to enhance your overall gambling experience. If you are new to online gaming, give slots a try. You’ll see why they are so much fun to play in just a few spins.