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An offshoot of the venerable 888Casino, 888Poker has been online since 2002. Parent company 888 Holdings is rated as one of the premier online gambling operators and platform providers in the world. 888 Holdings has a global presence and is featured on the London Stock Exchange.

Casino Rating: 5 stars

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This is a welcome package consisting of a 1st deposit and inputting a promo code.

1. Download the software from their website.
2. Make an account with 888Poker.
3. Deposit a minimum of $20.
4. Redeem your bonus with promo code NEW888.

Terms & Conditions:
*Bonus funds must be wagered 30x.
*Must make a deposit of at least $20.

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Bonus PointsDeposit Match Bonuses

This bonus consists of a 1st deposit and inputting a promo code.

1. Download the software from their website.
2. Make an account with 888Poker.
3. Deposit a minimum of $20.
4. Redeem your bonus with promo code WELCOME100.

Terms & Conditions:
*Bonus funds must be wagered 30x.
*Must make a deposit of at least $20.

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888poker at a Glance

1. ONE OF THE BEST POKER SITES – 888poker is at the top of the list when it comes to poker sites. While some players prefer PokerStars, 888Poker will surely please most poker fanatics.

2. PERFECT ON MOBILE AND DESKTOP – The desktop, mobile site, and Android and iOS apps are great. Not only that, the desktop version can be played from your browser or with downloadable software.

3. GREAT BANKING OPTIONS – Adding to your bankroll and withdrawing your winnings is straightforward and easy.

4. TONS OF DIFFERENT POKER GAMES – From traditional Texas Hold'em to unique games like SNAP and BLAST, there is something for everyone.

5. OK BONUSES AND PROMOTIONS – While the Welcome Bonus is good, the ongoing promotions could be better. However, the loyalty program is pretty nice.

888poker - Casino Slots

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                                    Diners Club InternationalDiners Club International

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                                                Apple PayApple Pay

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                                                                      Rewards & Loyalty

                                                                      888poker Club

                                                                      888poker offers what is called the 888poker Club. Here, players can complete challenges to earn points and receive numerous benefits. These points will rank the player higher in the club. Each time the player achieves a new rank, they will receive a certain amount of gold tokens, depending on which level they reach. With these gold tokens, players can redeem them for prizes in the website’s “Redeem Page”.

                                                                      Some of the prizes included with ranking up are free scratch cards. For every 5 levels the player reaches, they will be given scratch cards to receive exclusive prizes. Players will also be given free entry to tournaments that correspond with their level.

                                                                      The level structure of 888poker Club is quite extensive, ranging up to 2,000 different levels. Level 1 is attained after earning 1 point, whereas level 2,000 is attained after earning 31,000 points. Most of the levels are evenly spaced apart points-wise. The same applies to the gold tokens that are awarded at each level. Level 1 grants the player 5 gold tokens. This amount increments towards 3,100 gold tokens at the last level.


                                                                      Promotions Fine Print

                                                                      In regards to the $400 welcome bonus, the bonus will be remitted into the player’s account $10 at a time for every 10 Bonus Points the player has earned per $1 of the welcome bonus. Bonus Points are earned by playing poker ring games, poker tournaments and even playing at 888casino with your poker account. 

                                                                      Wagering requirements will vary between specific prizes and bonuses, so it is important to make sure you have satisfied the requirements before attempting to cash out.

                                                                      About 888poker

                                                                      Rewards & Loyalty for 888poker CA Players

                                                                      888poker offers its loyal players membership in the 888poker Club. To earn points and other benefits, club members can take on various challenges. The points earned to determine the player's ranking in the club. Whenever a club member achieves a new ranking, they are rewarded with gold tokens. The gold tokens can be redeemed for all kinds of exciting prizes, including scratchcards and entry into exclusive tournaments. 

                                                                      The levels within the 888poker Club are like nothing you've ever seen, with up to 2,000 different levels. For example, just one point achieves Level 1, but you'll need to have acquired 31,000 points to get to Level 2,000. Level 1 gifts the player with five gold tokens, while the amount is incrementally increased as new rankings are achieved.

                                                                      What Software Can CA Players Expect at 888poker?

                                                                      888Poker uses proprietary software created by Dragonfish, an independent division of 888 Holdings, created in 2007. Dragonfish not only serves up the best poker games but also includes a chat feature. It wouldn't be a poker game without a little friendly banter!

                                                                      Dragonfish not only creates poker games for 888Poker, but also the bingo games found on many different bingo sites.

                                                                      The Dragonfish portfolio includes more than 1,000 games including slots, table games, progressives, Live Dealer games, and of course, poker.

                                                                      The Dragonfish CasinoFlex platform is behind the scenes, powering many popular online casinos. Dragonfish games suite is constantly upgraded and can be customized for different jurisdictions with 26 different languages.

                                                                      Poker Variants Available for CA Players at 888poker

                                                                      Naturally, the games at 888Poker are all poker variations. You'll find seven different poker variants, three different styles, and three ways to bet. Every poker room has a particular game, a unique style, and one way to bet. However, some tables are ‘mix and match’.

                                                                      Also, you can play in practice mode for free; it's a good way to learn the ropes and get the hang of each game. But, you do need to have to become a member and verify your age to play in practice mode.

                                                                      Poker Variants

                                                                      Texas Hold ‘Em

                                                                      The most popular form of poker, classic Texas Hold ‘Em is something every poker player is familiar with. You'll be dealt two hole cards and five community cards. The goal is to make the best poker hand with your community and hole cards.


                                                                      Next to Texas Hold ‘Em, Omaha is the second most popular poker variation. You'll be dealt five community cards as well as four hole cards. However, you'll need to come up with the best five-card hand using just two hole cards along with three community cards.

                                                                      Omaha Hi-Lo

                                                                      This version of Omaha also deals with four hole cards and five community cards. But, you can win with either the best high hand or the best low hand. If there are two winners, one with a high hand and one with a low hand, they split the pot. If there is no low hand, the lucky winner of the high hand takes it all.

                                                                      7-Card Stud

                                                                      This is another classic poker game, in which you'll win with the best five-card hand. But in 7-Card Stud, you will not be dealt any community cards. However, this doesn’t make your whole hand secret. Four cards are dealt face up, but the last three cards are dealt face down.


                                                                      This is an exclusive speed poker game unique to 888poker. You'll get seated at the table as part of a players’ pool. If you don't like the cards you are dealt, you can SNAP fold. Once you SNAP fold, you're moved a new game right away and dealt a new hand.


                                                                      This is also an 888poker exclusive. It's a type of Texas Hold ‘Em tournament, but with a BLAST timer. You play normally until the timer sounds, then every player must go all-in for every hand until there is a winner.

                                                                      Pick ‘Em 8

                                                                      This is yet another exclusive to 888poker. In this game, you're not playing against individual players but competing for a share of the prize pool. You also get to pick your two hole cards from eight options. Once play begins, it's a typical Texas Hold ‘Em Game. All players with the best hand split the prize pool.

                                                                      Game Types

                                                                      Cash games run around the clock, and players are free to come and go as they please. Players are free to walk away when they're up, have broken even, or lost it all. It's all up to you.

                                                                      Sit ‘N Go

                                                                      This is a type of tournament that begins as soon as the preset number of players have taken a seat at the table. The number of players can be just two all the way up to 350 players. However, 888poker is the most common. These poker tournaments are simple and easy and are great for beginners. The top three hands usually receive a payout.

                                                                      Multi-Table Tournament

                                                                      This is a fabulous type of low-risk, high-reward tournament. However, it's hard to win, since there are many players. The tournament begins with multiple tables, but as winners are declared, the tables consolidate until there is just one. Often, the top 10% - 15% of players receive a payout from the massive prize pool.

                                                                      Heads-Up Poker Tournaments

                                                                      Similar to a multi-table tournament, more than one match is going on, except that heads-up matches are one-on-one. One by one, the winners move on to the next game until a tournament champion is declared. Heads-Up poker tournaments appeal to more seasoned players and may leave neophytes with an empty bankroll.

                                                                      Satellite Tournaments

                                                                      This can be any style of tournament with a modest entry fee. However, winning a satellite tournament gives a player free entrance into a big-money tournament that normally has a high entry fee. Winning a satellite tournament could even win you a ticket to the World Series of Poker.


                                                                      Ways to Bet

                                                                      No Limit

                                                                      Players can wager as much as they want, on every hand. They can even stake every chip in their stack. Bet, raise, or go all-in, No Limit can take it all, or just as easily lose everything.

                                                                      Pot Limit

                                                                      The most a player can wager is the amount that's already in the pot. However, a player can easily get into an all-in situation after a few pot matches and raises. It's nearly as risky as No-Limit betting.

                                                                      Fixed Limit

                                                                      For the duration of the game, players can only bet up to a set maximum amount. This generally produces a slower-paced game that lasts longer. Fixed limit betting is great for beginners.


                                                                      CA Players Can Easily Access 888Poker from Their Mobile Devices

                                                                      No matter where you are in the world, you can access 888Poker from any mobile device. The mobile website performs perfectly, and you can install apps for both Android and iOS devices.

                                                                      You also have choices on desktop; you can play instant games in your browser, or download software onto your PC. 888Poker even has a special client for Mac users.

                                                                      However you choose to play, you'll be treated to a seamless poker experience.


                                                                      Bonuses and Promotions Offered to CA Players on 888poker

                                                                      888poker offers new players a generous, multi-part Welcome Bonus. It includes a deposit match bonus and tickets to special Tournaments. To claim this generous Welcome Bonus use promo code welcome100.

                                                                      To start, new players receive a 100% match on their first deposit, from a minimum of $10 to a maximum of $400.

                                                                      Next up are seven free tickets to play in the daily $500 Depositor Free Tournament.

                                                                      But that's not all, you'll also get two tickets to the twice-weekly $1,000 Depositor Tournament. You can also receive two more free tickets every week whenever you make a deposit.

                                                                      Finally, you'll get one ticket to the First Depositors' Challenge Tournament. The Top 10 players in the First Depositors' Challenge Tournament win a seat at the weekly $20,000 Sunday Challenge Tournament.

                                                                      Ongoing Promotions

                                                                      There is usually just one humongous promotion every fiscal quarter. For example, in the part of 2020, 888Poker ran the Millions Superstorm promotion. There were a few smaller promotions within Millions Superstorm, finishing up at the end of the quarter with more tournaments.

                                                                      Millions Superstorm included:

                                                                      • Various $3,000 Superstorm Tournaments
                                                                      • $1 Million BLAST Tournament
                                                                      • $1 Million Superstorm Tournament

                                                                      To be eligible for these events, players had to:

                                                                      • Play in tournaments
                                                                      • Win a cash game with pocket aces
                                                                      • Also, play on 888casino or 888sport

                                                                      There was also a daily spinning wheel game that allowed players to win tickets to the Millions Superstorm events.


                                                                      The 888Poker Club Loyalty Program

                                                                      The 888poker Club work on a points system, in which you earn points by completing different challenges. 

                                                                      Every time you complete a task and move up a level, you get gold tokens. The tokens can be redeemed for all sorts of things, including bonuses, cash  and even merchandise.


                                                                      The challenges include tasks such as playing for several days in a row, depositing money, playing different games, or playing on 888casino or 888sports. The more golden points you collect, the higher your ranking.


                                                                      Just one point puts you onto the first level. The number of points on the lower levels averages around ten, but at the upper levels, you can earn hundreds of points at a time. And, those points earn gold tokens which can be used to buy bonuses, tournament tickets, cashback, and 888poker merchandise.

                                                                      Brace yourself; there are an incredible 2,000 levels in the 888Poker Club. That special challenge could be one reason for this poker site’s popularity. 

                                                                      Also, with every five levels you achieve, you win a scratchcard with a random prize, such as:

                                                                      • Cash bonuses
                                                                      • Live Bet Bonuses
                                                                      • Tournament tickets
                                                                      • Free Casino Play
                                                                      • Live Casino Bonuses
                                                                      • 888poker Club points
                                                                      • Free Sports Bets
                                                                      • Gold Tokens


                                                                      Banking at 888Poker

                                                                      888poker offers banking in British Pounds (GBP), U.S. Dollars (USD), and Euros (EUR).

                                                                      Deposits and Withdrawals

                                                                      You can deposit money and withdraw your winnings in dozens of ways. 

                                                                      •    VISA - $10 deposit limit 
                                                                      •   MasterCard - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   PayPal - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   Skrill - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   MuchBetter - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   NETELLER - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   ecoPayz - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   Trustly - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   INTERAC e-Transfer - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   Pay4Fun - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   Rapid Transfer - $10 deposit limit 
                                                                      •   iDebit - $10 deposit limit 
                                                                      •   Wire Transfer - $50 deposit limit

                                                                        Deposit methods that cannot take withdrawals

                                                                      •   Apple Pay - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   Sofort - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   Paysafecard - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   PurplePay - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   Neosurf - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   AstroPay - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   Boleto Bancario - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   INTERAC® Online - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   Nordea - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   Online Bank Transfer - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   Op-Pohjola - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   Oxxo - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   Todito Cash - $10 deposit limit 
                                                                      •   Verkkopankki - $10 deposit limit 
                                                                      •   Pankkisiirto - $10 deposit limit
                                                                      •   Transferencia Bancaria - $10 deposit limit 
                                                                      •   QR Code - $10 deposit limit  
                                                                      •   Instadebit - $10 deposit limit 
                                                                      •   Instant Payments by Citadel - $15 deposit limit

                                                                       Is 888Poker a Safe Place for CA Poker Fans?

                                                                      In May 2017, the CA Gambling Commission began an investigation into 888 Holdings concerning the company's compliance with the CA self-exclusion laws. The Gambling Commission's investigation discovered that players who had self-excluded from the 888 family of websites could still access their accounts for more than a year after requesting a self-exclusion from the 888 gambling sites. In fact, over 7,000 players in the CA who had requested a self-exclusion were affected.

                                                                      A few months following the investigation, 888 Holdings was issued a $7.8 million fine, which remains the record for violating the safe gambling regulations.

                                                                      However, other than this, the 888 family of gambling sites have a good reputation, and it's unlikely the company will be making the same $7.8 million mistake. 

                                                                      Bottom Line

                                                                      888poker is absolutely one of the best poker sites on the planet. However, if you want poker and slots, may not be what you're looking for. But, if you are a true poker devotee, 888poker could be the answer to your prayers. This is a serious poker site that runs simply and smoothly.

                                                                      Some players might prefer PokerStars since there are more players there, as well as big money games, but 888Poker also has its advantages. Besides, 10 million+ active players from around the world can’t be wrong!

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