Established 1997


888 Holdings, the parent company, is publicly traded and started in 1997 with online casinos in Antigua. Operations relocated to Gibraltar in 2003, and the company now owns multiple 888-branded online gambling platforms such as casinos, sportsbooks, and bingo halls.

888poker started in 2002 under the name Pacific Poker. Rebranded 888poker, it’s become the fastest growing poker site in the world in 2020, with over 10 million users. Licensed by multiple gambling governing bodies, it’s a very safe site that also accepts players from the United States.

Casino Rating: 5 stars

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Bonus PointsWelcome Bonuses

This is a welcome package consisting of a 1st deposit and inputting a promo code.

1. Download the software from their website.
2. Make an account with 888Poker.
3. Deposit a minimum of $20.
4. Redeem your bonus with promo code NEW888.

Terms & Conditions:
*Bonus funds must be wagered 30x.
*Must make a deposit of at least $20.

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Become first to claim it !!

Bonus PointsDeposit Match Bonuses

This bonus consists of a 1st deposit and inputting a promo code.

1. Download the software from their website.
2. Make an account with 888Poker.
3. Deposit a minimum of $20.
4. Redeem your bonus with promo code WELCOME100.

Terms & Conditions:
*Bonus funds must be wagered 30x.
*Must make a deposit of at least $20.

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888poker at a Glance

  1. GREAT POKER SITE – 888poker is one of the best poker sites in the world. While for some Canadian players it’s maybe not quite as good as a site like PokerStars, it’s sure to meet the needs of most poker fans.  
  2. USER-FRIENDLY ON MOBILE AND DESKTOP – Players from Canada, both the mobile sites and iOS and Android apps are very good, as are both the downloadable and no-download desktop platforms.   
  3. EASY AND PLENTIFUL DEPOSIT AND WITHDRAWAL OPTIONS – Getting money in and out of the site could not be easier.  
  4. LOTS OF POKER GAMES – There are all kinds of types, styles, and betting variants you can explore on 888poker.  
  5. BONUSES AND PROMOS ARE JUST OK – The Welcome Bonus is fine; the quarterly promotions, however, are a little lacking and the loyalty program is pretty good.

888poker - Casino Slots

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                                                                      Rewards & Loyalty

                                                                      888poker Club

                                                                      888poker offers what is called the 888poker Club. Here, players can complete challenges to earn points and receive numerous benefits. These points will rank the player higher in the club. Each time the player achieves a new rank, they will receive a certain amount of gold tokens, depending on which level they reach. With these gold tokens, players can redeem them for prizes in the website’s “Redeem Page”.

                                                                      Some of the prizes included with ranking up are free scratch cards. For every 5 levels the player reaches, they will be given scratch cards to receive exclusive prizes. Players will also be given free entry to tournaments that correspond with their level.

                                                                      The level structure of 888poker Club is quite extensive, ranging up to 2,000 different levels. Level 1 is attained after earning 1 point, whereas level 2,000 is attained after earning 31,000 points. Most of the levels are evenly spaced apart points-wise. The same applies to the gold tokens that are awarded at each level. Level 1 grants the player 5 gold tokens. This amount increments towards 3,100 gold tokens at the last level.


                                                                      Promotions Fine Print

                                                                      In regards to the $400 welcome bonus, the bonus will be remitted into the player’s account $10 at a time for every 10 Bonus Points the player has earned per $1 of the welcome bonus. Bonus Points are earned by playing poker ring games, poker tournaments and even playing at 888casino with your poker account. 

                                                                      Wagering requirements will vary between specific prizes and bonuses, so it is important to make sure you have satisfied the requirements before attempting to cash out.

                                                                      About 888poker

                                                                      What Software and Games Are Available At 888Poker?


                                                                      888poker is powered by an in-house company called Dragonfish, which develops all the site’s poker offerings and other games for 888poker’s many sister sites.


                                                                      Dragonfish was established in 2007 and has licenses and certifications in multiple countries around the world. They specialize in poker, bingo, and slots games. This is a division of  888poker’s parent company, 888 Holdings, and it’s considered an independent B2B software company that has developed an impressive array of over 300 online games and over 100 games for mobile.



                                                                      888poker is, of course, an online poker site

                                                                      So, here you can play all types of poker--to your heart’s content--and learn to do all the best poker bluffs you’ve seen on TV. The site offers seven different games, three different styles of games, and three betting variants. Each poker room on the site will have a game, style, and betting variant associated with it.

                                                                      Many games are ‘mix and match’ but some betting variants and games go together more often than others. In any poker situation, you will find games like No Limit Texas Hold ‘Em or Pot Limit Omaha. Here are all the things the site offers in the world of poker.

                                                                      Poker Games
                                                                      Texas Hold ‘Em

                                                                      The purest and most popular form of poker in the world, Texas Hold ‘Em is a game that most players drawn to 888poker will already know. In this game, you have two hole cards and five community cards. You can use any combination of these cards to make your best poker hand.


                                                                      This is the second most popular poker variety and similar to Texas Hold ‘Em. In this game, you get five community cards again but four hole cards in your hand. To win here, you must make your best five-card hand using exactly two hole cards and three community cards.

                                                                      Omaha Hi Lo

                                                                      In this version of Omaha, the mechanics are the same, with the hole and community cards. The difference is, here you can win with both the best high hand and the best low hand. If there is a winner for both these hands, two people split the pot. If there is no qualifying low hand, the high hand winner takes it all. 

                                                                      7-Card Stud

                                                                      Stud is a game where you also try and make your best five-card hand. The trick here is there are no community cards. This doesn’t mean your whole hand is a secret though. Of the seven cards you get to make your best hand in this game, four are dealt face up while three are known only to the individual player.


                                                                      This is a form of speed poker that is exclusive to 888poker. Here, you get put in a players’ pool and seated at a table. Once you get dealt your cards, you can play or SNAP fold. If you SNAP fold, you are automatically placed at a new table and the process starts again.


                                                                      This is another 888poker exclusive game that is a form of a SNG Texas Hold ‘Em tournament. You play as normal until the BLAST timer runs out. After that, all players go all-in every hand they play until a winner is determined. 

                                                                      Pick ‘Em 8

                                                                      This is a new game from 888poker. Here, you are not playing against other players but vying for a share of a prize pool. You pick your own two hole cards out of eight options. Then, you play a Texas Hold ‘Em hand. All the players playing with the best hand win a share of the prize pool. So, you’re not going to walk away with a cool $1.3m but even so, the prizes will be worthwhile, and you’ll be learning a lot.

                                                                      Poker Game Styles
                                                                      Cash Game

                                                                      These are games that are always running and you can come and go as you please. You can sit down with $10 or $1,000 (depending on the minimum wagers) and play until you are done. You can walk away when you are up big, have broken even, or lost some or all of your stake. This is great for players who are learning or don’t have the time for a full tournament. 

                                                                      Sit ‘N Go

                                                                      This type of tournament, also known as an SNG, is a tournament that starts as soon as a predetermined number of players have joined the game. It can range from a mere two to 350 players but the most common SNGs on 888poker are six or nine-player SNGs. These are simple, easy poker tournaments that are especially good for beginners. The top three are usually paid out.  

                                                                      Multi-Table Tournament (MTTs)

                                                                      These are the low-risk, high-reward tournaments. They are tough to win, though, because there are a lot of players. The tournament starts with multiple tables (as the name suggests) and as players bust out, the tables are consolidated until there is one winner. Usually the top 10% - 15% get paid out from the large overall prize pool.

                                                                      Heads-Up Poker Tournaments
                                                                      Like an MTT, there are multiple matches going on at once but these matches are one-on-one. Once you beat an opponent, you move on to the next until there is one winner. These tournaments are for skilled players.

                                                                      Poker Satellite Tournaments

                                                                      This can be an SNG or an MTT tournament. The hallmark of this type, though, is that there is a low entry fee and winning (or finishing very high) will gain you free entrance into a larger big-money tournament with a much higher entry fee. Some satellite tournaments can even get you into huge events like the World Series of Poker.

                                                                      Betting Variants
                                                                      No Limit

                                                                      This is a fast-paced poker game where on any hand, players can bet as much as they want, up to all the chips in their stack. Players can bet, raise, re-raise, and go all-in whenever they see fit. It is an exciting style of play but be warned, in No Limit you can easily lose your short in no time.

                                                                      Pot Limit

                                                                      This simply means that the most you can bet is the amount in the pot. This may sound tame but it really is not. In Pot Limit games, it is easy to get to an all-in situation rather quickly after a few pot-matching bets and raises. It is almost as fast-paced and volatile as No Limit.

                                                                      Fixed Limit

                                                                      This is where for the entirety of the game, you can only bet a set amount at most. It is a great way to play if you like slower-paced games or want to be in for longer and see more hands. It is a great style for beginners to learn on, because you can play for a very long time each sitting.

                                                                      Other Games

                                                                      888poker only features poker games on the site; it takes its poker very seriously indeed, and that’s a great thing for a site that wants to gain a niche clientele and brand strength. 

                                                                      However, there are quick links to their sister site, 888casino where you can play all types of casino games such as slots, blackjack, roulette, craps, bingo, keno, and more. 

                                                                      Your account is linked across the sister sites, a really useful and time-saving feature. So, you will have the same info and bankroll at 888casino as you do on the 888poker site.  

                                                                      Can I Play 888Poker On My Mobile Device

                                                                      All 888 properties are known for offering a very clean and smooth mobile experience. 888poker is no different. 

                                                                      They offer both Android and iOS mobile apps as well as the ability to play poker and access your 888poker account from your mobile browser. It is a major plus of the site that the mobile experience is so good.

                                                                      What Promotions and Bonuses Does 888Poker Have?


                                                                      888poker offers a big, multi-faceted Welcome Bonus for first-time depositors. This includes a deposit matching bonus as well as tickets to several Depositor Tournaments. The whole package comprises:

                                                                      100% Deposit Match

                                                                      The site offers a 100% deposit match on all first deposits from $10 up to $400.

                                                                      $500 First Depositors' Free Tournaments

                                                                      You get seven free tickets to play in this daily tournament. 

                                                                      $1,000 Depositors' Free Tournaments

                                                                      You get two tickets to this twice-weekly event. You can also receive two additional free tickets for this event each week when you make a new deposit.  

                                                                      First Depositors' Challenge Tournament

                                                                      You get a single ticket to this tournament, where the Top 10 players will win a free seat at the weekly Sunday Challenge Tournament with its colossal $20,000 prize. 

                                                                      The code to receive these Welcome Bonuses is welcome100.


                                                                      Poker Promotions

                                                                      There are perhaps not as many weekly, monthly, or seasonal promotions at 888poker as you will find in other online poker rooms. There is usually one big promotion per quarter year. In Q1 2020, the promotion was called Millions Superstorm, and there were several smaller promotions running within the larger promotion and culminating in tournaments at the end of the quarter. 

                                                                      The offers contained within this promotion included:

                                                                      •     $1 Million Superstorm Tournament
                                                                      •     $1 Million BLAST Tournament
                                                                      •     Several $3,000 Superstorm Tournaments.

                                                                      To be eligible to win tickets to these events, players must:

                                                                      •     Play in tournaments
                                                                      •     Bet on 888casino or 888sport
                                                                      •     Win a hand in a cash game with pocket aces.

                                                                      There is also a daily spinner game that allows you to win tickets to these promotional events.

                                                                      Other Promotions

                                                                      On the promotions page, you can link to and receive other promotions on 888poker’s sister sites, 888casino and 888sports. 

                                                                      Is There a Loyalty Program at 888Poker?

                                                                      A loyalty/VIP program is on offer at 888poker, called the 888poker Club. It is a gamified system where you level up when you complete different challenges, a program members are sure to love and enjoy. 

                                                                      Every time you level up, you receive gold tokens. You can then redeem these gold tokens for cash, bonuses, and other prizes. This makes for a tempting little loyalty scheme with a lot of fun to be had.


                                                                      Earn points at 888poker by completing challenges, including things like playing multiple days in a row, playing different styles of games, depositing money, and even playing on the sister sites, 888casino and 888sports. The more points you manage to earn, the more levels you climb.


                                                                      As you earn points, you increase your level. The number of points between levels varies from ten or so in the early levels to a few hundred points later on. Each level brings a certain number of gold coins which you will be awarded once you complete the level. 

                                                                      Now here’s the really surprising news: there are 2,000 levels to climb. That’s… whopping! Well, we really have no other word for it, and this tiered scheme is surely one of the reasons for this site’s popularity. Poker is just one part of what players expect from a site; great loyalty schemes go a long way and this has to be one of the best.

                                                                      Every five levels you complete, you then also get a scratch card, and these have random prizes such as:


                                                                      • Tournament tickets
                                                                      • Cash bonuses
                                                                      • Casino FreePlay

                                                                      • Sports Free bets
                                                                      • 888poker Club points
                                                                      • Live Casino Bonuses

                                                                      • 888poker Club Gold Tokens
                                                                      • Live Bet Bonuses.

                                                                      As you collect gold tokens, you can redeem them for all types of prizes including things like cashback, tournament tickets, bonuses, or 888poker merchandise.  

                                                                      What Deposit/Withdrawal Methods Does 888Poker Have?

                                                                      888poker offers deposits and withdrawals in three currencies: U.S. Dollars (USD), British Pounds (GBP), and Euros (EUR).


                                                                      There is a huge range of ways to deposit money into your 888poker account, to get your poker bankroll started. These deposit methods include:

                                                                      Debit/ credit cards: 888poker allows fast and easy deposits using MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards. They accept these from all members no matter where they are located. Diners credit cards are also accepted for deposit only.

                                                                      Prepaid cards and vouchers: You can fund your account with a prepaid card or voucher using AstroPay Card, Paysafecard, PurplePay, and Todito Cash (Mexico). These methods are deposit only.

                                                                      eWallets: 888poker accepts a wide range of eWallets including popular ones such as PayPal, Skrill, NETELLER, MuchBetter, QIWI Wallet and ecoPayz. Other eWallets such as Apple Pay, InstaDebit, iWallet, and Yandex.Money (Russia and CIS countries) are available for deposit only.

                                                                      Direct Bank Transfers: A number of platforms and multifunctional payment tools that facilitate direct bank transfers are accepted by 888poker. These include iDebit, Trustly, Rapid Transfer, and WebMoney.

                                                                      Other products are accepted for deposits only, such as Instant Payments by Citadel, INTERAC Online, Nordea, Op-hohjola and Verkkopankki (Finland), Oxxo, Transferencia Bancaria, and Sofort.

                                                                      Wire Transfer: 888poker accepts wire transfers made through online banking portals or directly from bank branches.

                                                                      Online Bank Transfers: These are allowed only for deposits and from specific countries in Asia such as Thailand, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

                                                                      Cryptocurrency: The site accepts deposits in the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, through the Skrill eWallet Bitcoin portal.


                                                                      While there are not nearly as many withdrawal options as there are to deposit money, there are still plenty of methods to help you manage your account balance and take out your winnings. These include the following:

                                                                      Debit/credit cards: 888poker will put money back onto your MasterCard and Visa credit and debit cards when you request a withdrawal. They work with these two brands from all members around the world. Note, though, that it soon won’t be possible to use credit cards for gambling (depositing or receiving winnings) for UK players, since the legislation is tightening up in early 2020. Debit cards will still be fine in the UK.

                                                                      eWallets: 888poker authorizes selected eWallets for withdrawal including PayPal, Skrill, NETELLER, MuchBetter, QIWI Wallet and ecoPayz.

                                                                      Direct Bank Transfers: You can receive money through selected platforms and multifunctional payment tools that enable direct bank transfers, including Trustly, iDebit, Rapid Transfer, and WebMoney.

                                                                      Wire Transfer: 888poker will send money via wire transfers back to online banking portals or directly to bank branches.

                                                                      Is 888Poker a Reputable Place to Play?

                                                                      The biggest controversy to hit the parent company, 888 Holdings happened in 2016 and 2017. Laws require gamblers to be allowed to self-exclude from gambling sites in most countries. This is to help players who believe they have a gambling problem, and it’s something reputable sites must allow for. 

                                                                      ‘Self-exclusion’ is as it sounds; once you opt out and make the casino aware of a gambling problem, they are supposed to keep you out, in line with your instruction.

                                                                      The UK Gambling Commission started an investigation into 888 Holdings in May of 2017, investigating their compliance with self-exclusion laws. The investigation found that players who had self-excluded were still able to access their accounts for up to thirteen months after they requested their ban from 888 sites, and more than 7,000 players were affected.

                                                                      In August of 2017, 888 Holdings were found to be in violation of these ‘problem gambler’ laws and were issued a £7.8 million fine--still a record for disregarding these regulations. 

                                                                      Now, whether any of this affected or pertained to 888poker, we don’t know. So we cannot tar all of 888 Holdings’ brands with the same brush. It’s just something to be aware of. In any case, it’s unlikely they’ll repeat that rather costly and very public mistake twice.

                                                                      Other than this, we don’t have a single gripe about this online casino. 

                                                                      Bottom Line

                                                                      The bottom line with 888poker is that it is simply one of the best poker sites in the world. Now, let’s be clear. If you are looking for poker along with other games, this site is not what you are looking for. But, for pure poker enjoyment, you cannot do much better than 888poker. We think the fact they take their poker so seriously really shows in the product offer and seamless operation of the site, where getting down to so many variants of poker gameplay is swift and simple. 

                                                                      Everything from the site’s running, to the poker action, to the variety of ways to play is awesome here. Some of the bonuses and promos may leave a little to be desired but they just do not need to do a lot to get people to play on this great site, and the tiered loyalty scheme is great. 

                                                                      Sure, some players will tell you they like PokerStars better because there are more players, bigger money games, and better promos--but other than that, you will not hear many complaints. As they say, 10 million+ people can’t be wrong! (Or maybe they’re bluffing..)

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