Pink Casino Being Launched in Canada
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Pink Casino Being Launched in Canada

Pink Casino Being Launched in Canada


LeoVegas’ Pink Casino brand will finally be available to Canadian customers as more and more Candian punters look to diversify their gaming experiences. Although Pink Casino will be the newest addition in the Canadian iGaming space, this isn’t LeoVegas’ first rodeo. LeoVegas boasts a couple of successful brands in Canada.

Because of LeoVegas’ vast experience in the field, the Pink Casino brand shouldn’t have too hard a time standing out from its competitors. The North American wagering market is fiercely competitive. As such, this expansion by LeoVegas, which offers an array of options to its customers including casinos, Live Casinos, Bingo, and sports wagering, should help it become even more profitable.

Pink Casino is already off to a great start, having branded itself as an online casino that targets female punters. And there has never been a better time to invest in iGaming in Canada. That’s because real-money gambling is fast becoming one of the fastest-growing industries in the country. 

It helps that the legislative system in the country has always favored the growth of online and land-based gambling businesses. And because PinkCasino had done such an excellent job of segmenting its target market, it should be giving the other operators a run for their money in no time.

The market in Canada is expected to keep growing this year as long as experienced players such as Pink Casino keep entering the market. Just a few years ago in 2011, the Canadian online gaming market was estimated at $1 billion. Today, according to data acquired from Research and Markets, the industry’s value will be placed at $31 billion by the end of 2021.

This level of growth is akin to what is being seen in other parts of the world such as the UK and the U.S. Canada is quickly becoming the region to watch. This means that Pink Casino really has its work cut out for it. As well as having an array of casino sites, the Canadian market is also saturated with poker operators, some more experienced than others.

Case in point, operators such as PokerStars, partypoker, GGPoker, and many other well-known online casino operators are already live in Canada. Pink Casino also has some serious competition from 888Ladies, which also targets female gamblers in the country. Fortunately, even though the competition is stiff, there are plenty of opportunities for new entrants to succeed.


How women are changing the gambling scene in Canada

Women everywhere, not just Canadians, are gambling more and smart operators like Pink Casino are taking notice. IGaming is flourishing than it ever has in North America and companies are now being able to access new markets and target niche customer groups such as female gamblers.

For a long time, gambling was considered primarily a male-oriented activity. However, female punters are stepping up to challenge this once stereotypical perception of a punter. Indeed, at least 30 to 40% of today’s online gamblers are comprised of women. But the statistics will vary from province to province.

So why are women gamblers so attractive to operators such as Pink Casino? That’s easy. Women are more likely to deposit money online than male gamblers, which means that female gamblers end up spending more money than their male counterparts. On average, female gamblers also tend to stay longer with a casino once they’ve agreed to sign up. This kind of brand loyalty simply cannot be bought.

2020 provided a boom for iGaming and sports betting operators, which will prompt even more new players and operators to enter the market. Like many other offshore brands that have crossed over into the highly saturated American market, Pink Casino hopes to do the same and is spearheading its entry into the market with an array of welcome bonuses.

In a constantly evolving market such as the one here in Canada, Pink Casino will want to ensure that it positions itself with eye-catching offers and casino games. The great thing about Pink Casino is that it has a broad range of products to offer its female customers. And we know from other markets that punters tend to flow from one vertical to the next. 

So for instance, Pink Lady is offering its customers products intended to attract casino players, as well as sports bettors. Since all these products are housed within the same online site, it is easy for customers to cross over between casino games and sports betting and vice versa. 

Pink Lady has already proven that it’s capable of making a name for itself in the North American gambling space thanks to its continued success in Vegas, as well as Britain. If it can just replicate what it has done in these hugely successful markets, then it will have plenty of opportunities to expand in Canada.

Already, Ontario, which is Canada’s largest province, may be considering its own online gaming revolution this year. Currently, online wagering in Ontario is a monopoly under the province. However, if the legislation changes things, it could open doors for this massive market to eager companies such as Pink Casino, which is excellent news for operators themselves, as well as the punters in the province.


Final Thoughts

In the last couple of years, the Canadian betting market has performed tremendously. So it is easy to see why operators such as Pink Casino are making a rush for this burgeoning market.  Even though the market is already performing beyond expectations despite a challenging period in our history, the industry is likely to keep growing as more and operators join the market.

Thanks to Canadians’ continued interests in gambling, as well as the liberal regulation that helps to attract operators and investors, the Canadian betting market will undoubtedly grow further in 2021. Because operators have no choice but to keep the innovation alive if they want to stay ahead of the competition, the industry will only keep improving; much to the delight of punters everywhere.


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