MGA Licensed Casinos Increasing in Popularity in Canada – What You Should Know about Them
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MGA Licensed Casinos Increasing in Popularity in Canada – What You Should Know about Them

MGA Licensed Casinos Increasing in Popularity in Canada – What You Should Know about Them

More and more Canadian gaming sites such as CasinoPilot are opting to register for MGA licenses and it is easy to understand why. MGA licensed casinos are becoming increasingly widespread among players looking for a secure and high-quality wagering experience. Online sports betting and casino gaming license from the Malta Gaming Authority can make all the difference in the world for an operator and is usually the difference between failure and success.

With a Malta license securely in place, it opens up casino operators to opportunities for expansion in thriving markets, especially in European jurisdictions. Basically, when a casino operator has an online sports betting and casino gaming license from the Malta Gaming Authority, they can set up shop just about anywhere in the world, which is excellent seeing as how more and more countries are legalizing their sports betting industries.

While casino operators in Canada are barred from operating gambling sites or mobile casinos without authorization from the government, there is no law preventing overseas and offshore operators from providing Canadians with the same service. Because there is zero regulation for offshore operators, the license that a casino carries holds a lot of weight for both the provincial authorities as well as the customers.

The only other option for overseas operators is to acquire a license directly from the Kahnawake Gaming Commission. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission is not governed by Canadian laws because it is considered a sovereign nation.

When a casino bags a MGA license, it is thus regarded as a major achievement because it serves as a catalyst for future growth plans. That’s why the process of acquiring a Maltese license is one of the lengthiest and most expensive. With an MGA license, a casino operator can not only conduct business with international clients a lot more easily, but they can also enter 3rd party agreements as well.

There are 4 types of Maltese licenses that gaming entities can apply for namely:

  • Class 1: primarily for casino games, skill games, as well as lotteries.
  • Class 2: betting including sports.
  • Class 3: peer betting and betting e.
  • Class 4: This is reserved for software vendors.

The MGA license is the most trusted one in the country. and while many offshore operators also boast licenses from other areas such as Curacao, just having an MGA license is typically sufficient for most.

More reasons why MGA licenses are popular in Canada include:


A Malta gaming license is extremely prestigious

As the gold industry standard, when a casino in Canada says it is MGA licensed, it immediately signals that it is reliable and credible, which gives punters the peace of mind that they are conducting business and wagering with an operator that has their best interest at heart. Before an operator can be awarded with an MGA license they have to endure a series of thorough, intensive and tough checks and balances.  

MGA takes its licensing procedures very seriously and does not hesitate to punish offenders. Just recently, MGA canceled several licenses after issuing warnings and administrative fines to several operators. Among the operators whose licenses were impacted recently include Dorobet, bSupporter and Watch World Luxury among others.

In January last year, MGA also handed its highest penalty in its history to Blackrock Media Limited. Blackrock was hit with a €2.34 million penalty by the MGA for operating a gaming service through a Maltese legal entity without having the proper authorization.


Safety is secured for Canadian punters

Another great thing that MGA is known for is safety. Not so long ago, MGA launched a new tool known as the Suspicious Betting Reporting Mechanism (SBRM) that must be used by all operators with casino licenses in 2021. These tools allow operators with MGA licenses to report any suspicious wagering activity to the regulator’s Sports Integrity Unit.

When casinos in Canada display their MGA license on their platforms, it adds a level of trust and gives the gambler confidence. In a fast burgeoning market such as Canada, it is extremely important for operators to gain and retain their customers’ trust and an MGA license does just that.


Player protections guaranteed

As mentioned above, MGA takes its licensing procedures very seriously. It is its mission to make certain that all online operators that carry their licenses operate fairly, responsibly and offering player protection at all turns. The MGA guarantees player protection in various ways that include:

  • It ensures that minors and individuals with problem gambling are kept away.
  • It goes out of its way to safeguard players’ rights.
  • It ensures that gaming devices and games are up to par technology-wise.
  • They work hard to establish and maintain a responsible gaming environment that punters can depend on
  • It keeps gambling free of any criminal influence or activity.


Is it easy to tell an MGA licensed casino in Canada?

Absolutely! If a Canadian site has an MGA license, that information will be posted beneath the home page of the online casino. The MGA icon will be proudly displayed among other important licensing and software partners. If one clicks on the icon, they should be able to certify the casino’s licensing details. Sometimes casinos also cover information about their MGA license in the FAQ section.


Final Thoughts

While it is true that many European countries are now moving towards country level regulation, there are still numerous jurisdictions in Europe that are not self-regulating. And in these areas, nothing beats an MGA license as it commands an extremely high level of respect.

When compared to other respected licenses such as Curacao and Kahnawake MGA is still the gold standard. The level of player protection it offers beats the competition and its money laundering practices are yet unmatched. It also has a stable regulatory framework which is why an MGA license will remain one of the most reputable licenses for years to come.


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