Entain Teams up With RGC to Inform Canada’s Regulatory Approach
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Entain Teams up With RGC to Inform Canada’s Regulatory Approach

Entain Teams up With RGC to Inform Canada’s Regulatory Approach

Global sports betting and gaming entertainment group, Entain has announced that its non-profit foundation will fund research into consumer practices, preferences and behaviours in Ontario. The research will be conducted by the Responsible Gambling Council (RGC), a Toronto-based non-profit organisation and one of the world’s leading advisors on responsible gambling practices.

A statement said the research project, led by the Responsible Gambling Council’s RG Plus – a global consultation service that offers research and strategic consultation services –  aims to draw on consumer insights in Canada and experiences across other international jurisdictions to help regulators to make evidence-based recommendations that balance the mandates of online operators with the identifying behaviours and risk factors for consumers.


Focus of the research

The Entain group said international experience has shown that a vast majority of people enjoy sports betting and gaming with no issues, but regulation helps to protect those potentially at risk.

Martin Lycka, Senior Vice President for American Regulatory Affairs & Responsible Gambling at Entain said: “We know from similar research in many markets in which we operate, including the United States, that regulators value research which supports an evidence-based approach to decision-making and effective regulation from a wide range of other international jurisdictions. Entain, which operates across five continents and over 20 countries, has unparalleled experience with different regulatory approaches taken around the world in the past 15 years.”

The research will focus on a sample of about 4,000 adult bettors and gamers who are aged 18 and older, who will provide comprehensive and up-to-date evidence into responsible online sports betting and gaming needs and interests. The work will also review other key international jurisdictions to assess regulatory approaches, using informant interviews to identify effective responsible betting and gaming practices.

Research work is expected to begin shortly with the full report due later in the year.

Shelley White, CEO of RGC, said their work with Entain will contribute to vital advancements in consumer safeguards.

“As a global leader in responsible gambling, RGC is committed to working with regulators, operators and the public to establish the development and implementation of a robust responsible gambling culture,” White said.

The Entain Foundation in February launched the new player protection initiative Advanced Protection and Care initiative to allow for quick identification and safeguarding of players at early stages of developing gambling addiction. This highlights Entain’s commitment to safe and responsible gambling.

The initiative uses advanced behavioural data and statistics to quickly identify players’ individual risk levels. This has two primary applications: safeguarding players at early or latent stages of gambling addiction, and providing a safer tailor-made player experience.


Focus on Canada’s gaming laws

Entain has previously expressed interest in applying for a license in Ontario. This came up after the federal government introduced a bill that could pave the way for the legalisation of single event sports betting.

Since then, a private member’s bill that seeks to also legalize single event sports betting has made steady progress in the House of Commons.The bill has support across the political divide and is expected to become law.

This of course unless Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to dissolve parliament and call for elections and all this effort would have gone to waste.

It’s also no surprise that Entain has chosen to fund the research in Ontario. Ontario is set to become the first province to allow for private players in the online gambling industry.

Other provinces are expected to follow the lead of Ontario, the country’s most populous province. 

iGaming is set for major take-off in Canada, as provinces seek to make up for revenues that have been decimated by the COVID-19 enforced closures of land-based casinos.

You can read more about how online casinos operate in Canada.

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