Games Portal Goes Live in Canada
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Slots lovers in Canada are celebrating the launch of, one of the most sought-after online video slot game portals in the country. Now that is live, Canadian punters now have access to comprehensive slot game listings and reviews that will help them make more informed choices. has been a popular website in the UK for slot lovers that are looking for comprehensive information on their favorite slot games. comes with an array of wonderful features including:

  1. Hundreds of comprehensive game reviews to help customers pick the best choices for their needs.
  2. The website contains up-to-date listings of all the licensed casinos that accept registrations from Canadian punters.
  3. The page also has an exclusive casinos page that shares information on the latest website launches to keep slot lovers in the know. This page is updated every month with fresh suggestions.
  4. also shares industry news, trends, and insights that keep punters and industry professionals informed throughout.
  5. The website also shares tips and practical advice on various gambling strategies that people can implement.
  6. Guides to help players understand the mechanics of slots and other important terminologies that they need to know in order to become proficient players.

The Canadian branch of will be in charge of supplying Canadian slot fans detailed information ensuring that they only select legal and licensed online casinos that will keep them safe. Like its UK counterpart, will operate on an affiliate business model whereby the operators will pay in exchange for listings on the website. rates casinos based on a few factors including:

  • The types of software it uses, as well as the caliber of games it provides its customers
  • The site also looks at the various bonuses and promotions on offer for punters.
  • The cashier options available to customers
  • The withdrawal options and times
  • Whether the casino is licensed and what its reputation is.

The point here is to give punters as much information as possible to allow them to make assessments of the suitability of each operator based on the ratings and reviews provided by experts. has been part of the UK gambling culture since 2019 where it has been providing hundreds of punters and slots lovers with detailed information to help them pick the best online casinos for their wants and needs.


The iGaming market in Canada is on track

Gambling has always been regarded, at best, as a necessary evil that is to be tolerated in most modern societies. In Canada specifically, the Criminal Code has had prohibitions on gambling since it first came into effect in 1892. However, through the years, gambling has gradually become a part and parcel of human society and is now regarded as inevitable and as a regulatory issue rather than a criminal one.

Despite the restrictions on gambling in the country and most parts of the world, international gambling revenue is expected to top $600 billion by the end of next year. Online gaming accounts for a considerable portion of the growing gambling market and it is easy to see why since we live in such digital times.

In 2014, the online gaming market in the world was estimated to be $35 billion. However, by 2020, the industry has climbed up to $70 billion and will keep climbing as time progresses and as technology continues to advance. The current gambling provisions in Canada had never sufficiently made room for iGaming in the country but this is all going to change in the coming months.

Just recently, the private members bill c-218 received Royal Assent thus paving way for single-event sports betting in Canada to be legalized. This seismic event has paved the way for a dramatic shift in the gambling industry in the country. Thanks to a legal single event betting environment, provincial government-operated sites such as PlayNow in BC and OLG in Ontario will soon add sports betting markets to its expansive product portfolios.

If these government-operated sites should choose to do so, they can also extend the invite to private betting firms such as DraftKings and FanDuel that will be kept on exploiting all the available opportunities in the new market. Before single event betting was implemented, Canadian punters could only wager on the outcome of individual games via offshore gambling sites.

Now that single event betting is permitted in Canada, the iGaming industry is on the verge of the biggest transformation yet. The federal, provincial, and territorial governments are working hand in hand and appear to be committed to growing this new market to great heights. 

As the regulation of the new market ultimately rests with the provinces and territories, governments such as the Ontario Government are keeping pace with the momentum and have already even taken steps to create the regulatory infrastructure needed to operate a successful iGaming mark in North America.

For instance, the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario has played an active role in providing the input needed to create policies and a preliminary framework that will create a safe and regulated gaming space. In addition to traditional offerings like single-event sports betting, Ontario is also considering expanding the scope of the online gaming model to include peer-to-peer games such as online poker and even Daily Fantasy and esports betting.

The body that will be charged with the responsibility of overseeing online gaming in Ontario will be a subsidiary of the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario- iGaming Ontario. It is iGaming Ontario that will supply players with the needed protections while ensuring that responsible gaming is upheld.


Final Thoughts

A safe and regulated gambling environment is crucial for the country as it looks for financial resources that will allow it to recover from the ongoing pandemic. Now that single-event sports wagering is legal in Canada, it has the potential to steer billions of dollars in wagers that were previously going to offshore operators so that the dollars needed for recovery can be circulated within Canada.

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