5 Popular Casino Games In Canada You Didn’t Know About
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5 Popular Casino Games In Canada You Didn’t Know About

5 Popular Casino Games In Canada You Didn’t Know About

Canadians are serious gamblers. They love to take a chance at just about any type of game of chance. In this article, we will take a closer look at the top casino games that Canadian gamblers have made the most popular in the Great White North.


The History of Gambling In Canada

Although gambling dates back to 1497 when explorer John Cabot came across a native tribe that engaged in games of chance, it wasn’t until 1892 when all forms of gambling were banned when the Canadian Criminal Code became law. However, by 1900, raffles and bingo were allowed. In 1910, betting on horse races was considered a legal form of gambling, and gambling events were permitted by 1925. Public lotteries were legalized in 1969 in an amendment to the Criminal Code and the federal government passed the control of gambling to provincial/territorial governments in 1985.

The Criminal Code has just four sections that deal with gambling and for some reason, there is a great deal of grey area that does not clearly define online gambling. It is the grey area that has caused concern related to offshore gambling sites promoting and encouraging Canadian players to sign up and become members at these sites not licensed to operate in Canada. With light enforcement, this situation may never change. And if you would like to know more about online casinos in 2023 you can easily find a lot of information’s online.


1 - Bingo

It should be no surprise that bingo tops this list. Almost every community across the country has a Legion or Seniors Centre that hosts a Tuesday night or Saturday afternoon bingo. It’s more than just a game of chance, too. In Canada, and mostly in the smaller communities, bingo night is a big deal. It is a social event that often is accompanied by a potluck or at least a snack bar. Friends get together on bingo nights, play a few games, visit and catch up on all the local gossip. Bingo in Canada is part of the rural lifestyle and it is serious business. Plus, these events are used to help generate funds for the non-profit organizations that host the games.

2 - Slots 

The second most popular casino game for Canadians is the slots. What seems to be the main attraction for Canucks is that slots require little, if any, skill to master. All you need to do is hit the “spin” button and as long as you have loaded the machine with credits, the reels will spin. This seems to fit right in with the social aspect of gambling that is such an important element in Canada. A group of friends can visit a casino, sit near each other along a row of slots, visit and still be able to hit “spin” without missing a beat during the conversation. Plus, there have been some big winners North of the 49th playing progressive slots like Mega Moolah.

3 - Baccarat

Card games are another popular pastime in Canada. Evidence of this comes from the number of bridge clubs that dot the frozen Canadian landscape. This is why baccarat is also another favorite casino game in Canada. Again, this is a game that does not require a lot of skill as it is rather light on strategy. We’re not saying Canadians can’t handle skill-based games. What we mean is that because casino games are such a big part of the Canadian social culture, a game like baccarat fits this type of evening out with the gang to a tee. The French Canadians in Quebec are probably the most active at baccarat, but it is played at casinos across the nation.

4 - Blackjack 

Speaking of card games, Canadians are very good at blackjack. The difference here is that players who get involved in this game are those seeking a slightly more challenging pastime that requires some skill and understanding about how the game works. Sure, the idea is simple, get as close to 21 as possible without going over with cards that are drawn for you. Offshore online blackjack sites have many Canadian players as members, just don’t let on you know this as gambling online outside of Canada with a site that does not have a Canadian gambling license is taboo. However, any land-based casino in the country with blackjack tables is usually busy.

5 - Craps 

This is a game that requires just two dice to play. It is fun, exciting and a lot easier to play than it looks. Again, considering the social aspect of Canadian gambling culture, craps just fits right in with the rest of the games on this list. The most challenging thing about this game is throwing the dice so that they hit the side of the table at the opposite end from the thrower. Other than that, this game is a great ice breaker for new friends getting together or the perfect way to fill an evening after dinner and a couple of drinks. Canadians are very fond of craps because of the fast pace and the way it is based purely on the luck of a toss of the dice.


Final Thoughts

Canada has a reputation for being a kind, gentle, and relaxed country. Canadians are viewed by other parts of the world as polite, friendly, and helpful people. For the most part, that is true. However, when it comes to getting out and having fun, the average Canadian likes to play as hard as they work. Often this means going out as a group and doing things that are most experience-based than anything else. Being social people by nature, Canadians tend to gravitate to activities that are fun but still have a lot of space for building and maintaining social connections. This means that bingo nights and trips to the casino are regular occurrences on the average Canadian social calendar. And why not? Everyone likes to spend time with friends doing something fun like gambling.

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