New Casino Bonuses

Online casinos are constantly rolling out new bonus offers to attract players, often attached to specific promotional packages and ranging in type from free spins to deposit match bonuses and many others.

Online Casino Gems the latest list of new casino bonuses! Find free spins no deposits and other valuable offers as we answer all your questions about casino bonuses and offer a list of new online casinos that have the biggest rewards. Keep reading for more!


Everything you need to know about New Casino Bonuses

New Casino Bonuses

New casino bonuses refer to the latest gifts casinos offer to their loyal gamblers and new players. They can be free spins, no deposit bonuses, deposit match up bonuses, and more. Note that casinos generally offer bonuses as part of a particular promotion or welcome package.

Bonuses are mostly important to gamblers because they give players more cash. With more money, players can wager for longer and increase their chances of winning.

The casino industry is at a fever pitch, and gamblers have a wide range of choices when it comes to casino games offered, as well as the free extras. This is where casino bonuses come in.

Where online gambling is concerned, new casino bonuses entice and keep both casual and pro players—it makes them repeatedly go to their preferred site .

To compete with land casinos, online casinos offer cash bonuses to both new and regular gamers so they can play more at their sites. In a progressively competitive world of online gambling, with each casino operator wanting to stand out, perks and more perks are offered everywhere.

Casino bonuses include the incentives a player gets in return for performing a particular action such as signing up, depositing some amount, wagering regularly, or spending a specific amount.  

Some players who decide to register with an online casino, end up realizing that the big bonuses and exciting offers (that attracted them) had strings attached—many strings. No matter whether it’s a free spin, a welcome gift, bonus code or lucrative VIP club membership, watch out!

When checking out new casino bonuses, look carefully at the type of bonus offered, the betting deposit needed, expiry date, and so on.

How much can a player receive? Where can you find the best casino bonuses? Why bother, anyway? We’ll answer all these in a bit, but first, let’s look at casino bonus codes and how they are used.

Casino Bonus Codes

A bonus code is entered either manually or automatically to trigger a bonus. As technology advances, casino bonuses are used less and less, mostly because they aren’t used as much as they used to be.

Many casinos automatically apply these new casino bonuses to your account once you’ve met all their requirements. Furthermore, most sites now require you to create an account with them or follow a link to earn the bonus. This means you won’t need to enter any codes, reducing the chance of making an error when doing so.

Most companies use bonus codes to ensure gamblers stay engaged with certain parts of a casino operation, such as their social media and email. Keep in mind that codes can come as part of a welcome bonus, daily or weekly deals.

How Much Bonus Can a Player Receive?

Humans naturally want free things.  Although casino sites offer perks and special offers, they require participation on your part as the player. Often, you’re required to place a minimum deposit amount in order to receive the offered new casino bonuses. 

Different casino sites feature different betting rules and guidelines; the same is true of their bonuses. Casinos are determined to make players return, and are thus trying to outdo each other in terms of bonuses offered. It’s upon you to search for incentive packages that possibly will take your wagering experience to the next level.

Where to Find Online Casino Bonuses

Most online betting sites lay bare their bonuses so, as an interested player, you won’t find it hard to locate them on a casino website.

Bonuses Available to Casino Gamblers

There are more than a thousand bonuses, and most of them allow gamers to retain their winnings once they’ve exhausted the bonus amount. Even so, terms and conditions that govern incentives differ from site to site. Below are some of the new casino bonuses.

Welcome Bonus or First Deposit Bonuses

Welcome casino bonuses are the most obvious and noticeable for the gamers. A welcome bonus is meant to create a positive relationship between a bettor and a casino right from the start.

Many online casinos furnish newly registered gamblers with a bonus. Sign-up bonuses are welcome bonuses that often get activated once a player registers on a casino website. And the bonus is automatically credited to their betting account once it’s verified.

In other cases, if you register and deposit the amount stipulated by the online casino, the site may deposit an equal amount to your betting account, thus doubling your betting total. A first deposit casino bonus is offered by casinos depending on the initial amount you place in your account.

The casino may well offer a percentage of your deposit as a bonus. For instance, a casino may stipulate you deposit from $10 to $30, so they can give you 100% of your deposit amount as a bonus.

No Deposit Casino Bonuses

What if you get bonuses without making a deposit? Sounds good, right? Getting casino freebies is good news. However, in most cases, no deposit bonuses have special betting requirements. For instance, you might be required to bet a specific amount to withdraw your sums of money. The required amount could be a fixed amount or a multiple of the bonus. For instance, if a casino bonus is $10 and the betting requirement is 5x, then you must bet $50 to withdraw your earnings.

Nevertheless, no deposit bonuses come in different forms. For example, you might get free spins or virtual cash deposited in a gambler’s account that can be used to play a particular game, or for use across a casino site.

No deposit casino bonuses differ from free money casino bonuses in the sense that in the latter you get a bonus amount without spending a coin—no need to make a deposit. These bonuses are often given to long-term gamblers after the casino knows they wager again and again.

Reload Casino Bonuses

After making a few deposits in a casino, the successive bonuses you earn are known as reload bonuses. In most cases, these new casino bonuses are often lower than the first bonus you get for depositing cash into your account.

Depending on the casino you choose, you could get a reload bonus of up to 75% of your deposit or even more. Without a doubt, you stand to gain more reload bonuses and cash, if you stick to a particular casino.

Free Spins

Free spins casino bonuses are often attached to sign-up or deposit bonuses and are among the most typical gifts you’ll find. If you pick out your casino wisely, you may be eligible for tens if not hundreds of free spins before using real money. However, free spins are mostly attached to slot games.

In most cases, casinos offer free spins as part of a welcome bonus on top of its other free benefits. Although many casinos offer about 20 no deposit spins, others do it differently. For example, a casino may provide a match deposit bonus to its players as well as 50 free spins.

Meaning, players get 50 free spins in addition to the deposit bonus. Gamers may use the 50 spins on any game, a selection of games or a specific game, depending on the terms of the promotion. Note that several casinos offer free spins upon signing up. No deposit needed.

Loyalty Bonuses

Many casinos have loyalty schemes particularly curated for returning customers and are offered as free cashback, free matchup bonuses, free spins, and more. A player earns these perks after depositing money into their account. This kind of bonus is ordinarily a fraction of the amount you deposit.

Loyalty schemes usually provide bonus points for wagering certain amounts or playing particular games. As a frequent player you’ll notice that it’s easy to save up your points, and so is redeeming them at an online shop in the casino.

The continuous process of collecting points and redeeming them ensures you are in control of the perks you get. However, you must read the regulations linked to these bonuses.  Some loyalty points expire or can be redeemed only against a selection of games.

Referral Bonuses

All companies want everyone to know that they are open for business. For this reason, many industries focus on customer retention, networking, and interaction. The online gaming industry is no different.

If anything, when the voice of a company depresses, casinos want their loyal customers and guests alike to “shout out” their story. Hence the need for the friend referral bonus.

Online casinos stand to benefit more with every increase in the number of players; that’s why they include the friend referral bonus. It’s not rocket science; you tell a friend, the friend signs up with the site, and you receive your bonus, simple!

Bingo Bonuses

Do you like playing bingo? Bingo also offers bonuses to players. Bingo bonuses are primarily meant to enhance your wager. As an example, some casinos will give you an extra $20 to wager for every $20 spent. Plus, you stand a chance to win more free games and multiply winnings. Several casino sites feature bingo sections with loyalty schemes.

Exclusive Bonuses

As the name suggests, exclusive bonuses are some of the new casino bonuses offered solely on games created by a particular developer or a single game. Casinos link up with these developers and craft these partnered offers.

Matchup Casino Bonuses

The matching casino bonus is a regular players’ favorite.  It entices many, since there’s nothing you’re supposed to do upfront. All you need do is receive your free playing money, period!

As mentioned, most casinos give bonuses to keep players on the screen, no matter how long they’ve been away. So read a casino’s regulation before wagering, because most don’t allow players to cash out the bonuses. You can choose from quite a few matching bonuses, including double your deposit match, 200% match, 100% match and 50% match. Meaning, for each amount you deposit, you receive an additional 100%, or double your deposit, and so on.

Despite all this, some online casinos require players to gamble for a while through the amount they deposit as well the awarded bonuses before releasing payout.

A player must read the rules and regulations of the preferred site. Remember to be cautious, especially when a bonus seems too good, and check casino site reviews (it’s a great way to start). Equally important, gamblers should know that not all casino games are eligible for a bonus.

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Bonuses

Many casinos award gamblers’ loyalty by providing bonuses almost daily. These new casino bonuses can be match up deposit bonuses, free spins, and so on, that allow you to wager without making a deposit.

Weekly or monthly bonuses are also a fan favorite. They work the same way as matching bonuses, in the sense that a player’s bonus is calculated as a percentage of their weekly or monthly deposits.

High Roller’s Bonuses

High rollers spend much time and money pursuing their gambling pleasures. Bonuses, as well as other exclusive perks, work miracles in keeping them coming. No wonder casinos create exclusive bonuses for big stake gamers!

High roller bonuses aren’t for the faint of heart.  They are designed for gamblers willing to credit enormous sums upon signing up. This bonus is a percentage of the amount deposited and varies from one casino to another. Bonuses are usually up to 50%; not many online casinos seem ready to match the amounts wagered by big stake players.

Mobile Casino Bonuses

Most casinos give bonuses for registering and verifying your mobile number. These new casino bonuses are usually given to attract players to try out an app or a site’s mobile version. For that matter, many online casinos nowadays also have an app or mobile version. Often, mobile-only casino apps provide sign up and deposit bonuses similar to their website versions.

If you’ve signed up with an online casino, then you probably can sign into their mobile version, too! Then you can gamble with your balance on both platforms. Most games offered by casinos are optimized for mobile or tablet screens and are as reliable as a computer. Meaning, players can gamble on-the-go. But don’t forget to check out the mobile app of your preferred casino, if any, to see the mobile casino bonuses they offer.

Casino Banking Bonuses

Casino banking bonuses are for those who use banking services to play on an online casino. When gamblers use this option, most casinos will offer not only a deposit but also casino banking bonuses.

When you deposit a particular sum, a casino may match the deposit, and if you decide to use an e-wallet system, the site will offer a bonus. The bonus is a fraction of your deposit, as explained by the casino of choice.

Cashback Casino Bonuses

A cashback bonus offers to return to you a percentage, mostly between 10 and 20%, of the amount you lost. Terms and conditions for cashback casino bonuses vary from site to site. For example, some casinos will give you a bonus at the end of a particular period, while others apply it after you’ve wagered over a specific time.

Feature Bonuses

Over the course of a year, many casinos promote various games and features of their online gambling site. They may offer promotional feature bonuses like time-restricted perks for slot gamers.

Taking into account that these are royalty bonuses, casinos are always throwing them up to retain their clients. The good thing is that such bonuses often run throughout the year, so if you miss one bonus, you can remain confident that another is coming.

How to Know a Trustworthy Online Casino

Due to changes in the market, and the impact of increasingly stringent laws controlling online wagering, finding quality bonuses and casinos continues to be tough.  Trustworthiness remains one of the most important factors to consider before deciding to gamble online. However, finding a reliable site for gambling might not be an easy task for new gamblers because the internet is filled with both good and bad casinos.

Check if a site is licensed. Owning an operating license from a reputable controller is a dependable indicator that the casino has been vetted rigorously and that it abides by the set rules safeguarding a player’s funds and data. The more licenses, the better.

The most massive bonuses aren’t always the best, so read the finer details attached to a casino bonus. Don’t pick out a betting site based only on the number of new casino bonuses offered. If you choose a casino based entirely on an advertised payout and bonuses, then you might be in for a rude shock. 

Some casinos attach stringent terms to their big bonuses that might make it hard for you to cash out winnings. What’s more, larger bonuses are often associated with amplified gambling requirements, and in many instances, maximum withdrawal limits.

An imposing customer service system will guarantee that your gambling sessions are hassle-free and provide the most fun possible. So make wise choices and delight in your gambling missions.

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