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Welcome to Online Casino Gems Canada! If you have been searching unsuccessfully for a reference site that is uniquely Canadian and focuses on all you need to know about online gambling in Canada, you have come to the right place. Regardless of your preferred gambling format or platform, you will find all you need on casino gaming and sports betting right here. Learn the ins-and-outs of all your favourite games with reviews and news from a Canadian perspective.  Here you will not find so much American or international news that has little or no bearing on the gambling laws in Canada. Find what you need and use it to hone your skills.

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How We Do It 

The editorial staff at Online Casino Gems Canada are Canadian. They have that unique understanding of the differences that exist between provinces and territories. They understand that the gaming industry in Canada is different from other parts of the world so you will also find a Canadian angle, Canadian flavour, and the Canadian perspective written by those who live and breathe it daily. Because Online Casino Gems Canada is uniquely Canadian, our editorial standards reflect that direction. Not only will you find top-quality content on this website, but you can rest assured that what you read has a “Made in Canada” filter applied to it.  


Our Editorial Policy 

At Online Casino Gems Canada we have adopted a simple, straightforward Editorial Policy that ensures everything you find on this website has been carefully screened. 


Our Advice Is Impartial 

One of the reasons Online Casino Gems Canada is such a reliable source for all information related to online gaming is that we are impartial. No one on our editorial staff is connected in any way to the casinos or online betting services we review here. Should a conflict of interest be discovered, it is reported directly to our Editor-In-Chiefensuring that all content published on this site is objective and unbiased. This guideline also applies to any articles published here that are used for reference, guidance, or advice. This means you can trust Online Casino Gems Canada to bring you fair news and information without industry influence. 


Our Information Is Accurate 

The game guides, reviews, and gaming information you find at Online Casino Gems Canada are all supported by data-driven research. It is imperative that all the details we publish are accurate and created with the assistance of independent sources. Our editorial process includes articles and reviews created by teams of staff members to provide an atmosphere of a collaboration of facts as seen from different perspectives. The result is a well-rounded piece containing consistently reliable facts, in-depth research, and details. Our goal is to put online players first.  With accurate information, we meet that goal with all of our published content. 


Our Information Is Understandable 

Nothing turns away website visitors like information that is too technical or difficult to understand. At Online Casino Gems Canada we focus on presenting content that teaches players more about the games they love and introduces them to new games. We do using language and terms to present the information that are clear and easy to follow. We don’t complicate the data, neither do we present it in a way that requires a degree in astrophysics to comprehend the concepts being discussed. Our approach is like a conversation of us chatting with players as if we are all in a room having a casual conversation. Our goal is to share helpful information with you. 


Our Sources Are Shared 

In addition to relying on the years of experience our staff members have, we also turn to reliable sources as part of our research process. This means that links you find embedded in some of the content published here are reputable sources that support our fact statementsWe use many sources to verify what we write.  These may include, but are not limited to social media feeds, press releases, mainstream news outlets, industry trade publications, direct and indirect contacts. Plus, any content we have taken from another website will be credited to the source to maintain transparency and provide you with correct references for review. 


Our Errors Are Corrected 

From time to time an error can occur. The odd one can slip past our editorial process regardless of the amount of research we put into all of our content. When this happens, the error is reported to our editorial staff, and the article or review is immediately put under a screening process. This review provides a means to check and correct any issue that may arise if the error is not corrected. The same reasoning applies to spelling and grammatical mistakes. When identified, our editorial staff at Online Casino Gems Canada will act as quickly as possible to remove the typo or mistake and replace it with a correction. 


Our Review Process 

Each of the casino games reviewed at Online Casino Gems Canada goes through the same strict guidelines as our editorial content. To assist our users in finding the best online games and casinos, we produce unbiased reviews.  



Online Casino Gems Canada is intended to help players learn more about sports betting and casino gaming to increase their enjoyment of these pastimes. We do not host real money casino games and are not affiliated with any online gaming sites. The reviews contained on this website were correct at the time of publication and changes that may have occurred to them since our reviews were conducted are not our responsibility. Online Casino Gems Canada is also not responsible for actions taken at third-party sites that may include features of Online Casino Gems Canada. It is assumed that users of this website will gamble responsibly and adhere to guidelines posted online for legal gambling in Canada at www.gamingcommission.ca. 

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